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Extra income is always appreciated with growing families. Small-business-option reviews help families make decisions about how to increase their wealth.

Paper Template Review: Build a Successful Website Fast with Masterful Templates and Copy

Gorgeous Lake ScenePart of enjoying your family is having adequate income to keep financial stress at a minimum, be able to purchase nutritious food and enjoy leisure and recreation activities that build positive memories and bring enjoyment to life!

Full-family-wellness is the focus of this site, and I believe having satisfactory finances is a part of family-wellness.

Life in the 21st century has so many benefits; we can generate additional finances through small on-line businesses that can be accomplished a few nights a week or a few hours on the weekend.  The online world is ripe for small business to build, grow and thrive.

The Paper Template is one of many tools that can help you build and grow a successful online business.  It has been well-tested in the marketplace with top-notch results.

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Have you ever toyed with the idea of building your own business?  Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to design your own website in order to develop an online home business?  Perhaps you’ve pushed the idea aside, thinking you don’t know where to start.  That’s certainly where I began; however, I was determined to find tools and supports to build and grow my own business.  It’s been a wonderful ride.

Perhaps you have been hoping that someone would drop in your lap a simple, clean process for building a website without having to learn HTML, Java Script or trying to figure out the best Word Press theme.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Perhaps a few years ago, but not anymore.  You too can build a successful website using already created templates that WORK!

Paper Template is a brilliant template plug-in that will take you from beginner web-designer to  master in just a few days.

For established web-site owners,  Paper Template will release you from trying to figure out how to maintain the best theme and will give you additional skills for enhancing your copy!

Paper Template claims and delivers for consumers. It’s  ridiculous how fast YOU can click around the plug-in and suddenly have for yourself:

  • Your own high converting email optin form giving away a free gift
  • A free gift page thanking new subscribers, delivering that gift, and sending them to
    your sales letter
  • An exciting sales letter (point and click) that rakes in buyers
  • 60 effective headlines and 70 bullet points included, plus you can edit your own swipe file
    within the plugin
  • Your own download page to deliver your product (yet another built in template you
    can just click and it’s there)
  • Plus… multiple products for sales, multiple variants of your optin pages for extra
    keyword SEO traffic, multiple sales letters to cater to different audiences

Wow!  If you have a product you’ve been hoping to market–either a digital one or a physical one but didn’t know where to start, Paper Template will take you from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks.

Paper Template Copywriting Software Does It For You (Swipe, copy, graphics, legal forms), etc.  CLICK HERE NOW.

You are going to be SHOCKED when you see that one of your biggest hurdles is now taken care of.  Paper Template has the technical aspect already designed (set up a complete funnel in minutes), the layout organized (done for you, click), and headlines (built in and customizable) all available as soon as you purchase the plug-in.

The publishers of Paper Template have spent 4 years testing and perfecting the only sales letter template that you will need.  The publishers are highly accomplished online publishers and marketers with a great reputation in the business.


While Paper Template is inexpensive, can be used on multiple websites and has great versatility, you need a product to sell.  If you haven’t figured that out quite yet, don’t give up hope.  Do some research on Amazon, JVZoo, Alibaba, Clickbank or Shopify if you’re just starting out.  Any of these sites can move you towards building your own profitable on-line home business.

But, before you invest in Paper Template find a product to sell and then go great guns!


If you have an existing website, you can fire your webmaster and copywriter.  Paper Template will teach you everything you need so you can benefit from getting real conversions (sales).  Paper Template is great for beginners who simply want a sure-fire way of generating income without all the guess-work of website creation.

If you have an existing website, you can cancel your theme subscriptions.  Paper Template becomes your theme and it won’t bung-up half-way through because it’s already been field-tested for consistency and sales conversions.

Paper Template will show you the reason Google, eBay, Apple, CraigsList and every other SUCCESSFUL website uses a simple and clean design (hint:  goofy graphics don’t sell or convert and everyone knows it).

Final Word

Paper Template is a simple, dependable and tested plug-in and copywriting software that will meet your need for a high converting website to sell your products, be they digital or physical.  The fact that Paper Template takes the guess-work out of designing a website and coming up with effective copy is a boon!  People will be asking you how you managed to go from nothing online, to an effective site in the matter of months, if not weeks.

Be good to your family and yourself; build a home business that delivers a few extra hundred dollars into your account every few months.  As you learn more, you’ll be able to increase your revenue.

Invest in Paper Template and begin using a highly effective plug-in that will eliminate usual web-site-owner woes in a matter of weeks!

Click here to own Paper Template today!

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Food4Wealth 2015 Spring Review: Two-Green-Thumbs-Up On Organic Gardening

Voila_Capture 2015-03-14_04-12-50_PM

Simon Howden at

Technically, it’s almost spring.  In my part of the world there is still snow on the ground; nonetheless, the days are getting longer and our grass is peaking out from beneath crusty layers of  snow.  There is hope we will not endure more 40-below temperatures.

It’s clearly wishful thinking, but I have my organic seeds sitting close to the back patio door, and I’m waiting a few more weeks until I start my seedlings.  I realize that in some parts of the world, people are farther ahead than I.  Regardless, we will get to the point where the sun melts all the snow and we can safely walk out to our compost and start getting the ground ready to plant.

Click Here to learn more about organic gardening.

Food4Wealth is going to be our organic garden companion this summer.  We have a plot measured out, and are ready to start organizing the supplies we need to grow a passel full of healthy vegetables despite our relatively short growing season.

And, blessedly, the supplies are minimal: a patch of sectioned ground, a bunch of newspaper, compost, hay, and seeds. I even have my husband fully on board.  He’s been diligently reviewing the Food4Wealth program with much excitement.

It’s easy to get the kids on board.  They adore fresh produce—carrots, radishes, cucumbers and watermelon.  And dirt.  What kid doesn’t like dirt?

What makes Food4Wealth unique? In a word, simplicity.  Because the focus is on organic produce, a plan for minimizing and eliminating pests and weeds is at Food4Wealth’s core.  Additionally, the method is soundly ecological, so the vegetable garden is constructed differently that one built from rows.  It’s easy to plant, monitor and maintain.

If I had to be outside weeding a vegetable garden every few days I’d give up.  In fact, that’s what I’ve done in the past.  While I’ve almost always planted a garden with much gusto and great spring intentions, by end of July I am absolutely sick of those intrusive weeds and I’m ready to till the whole thing under.

What else makes Food4Wealth unique?  The reviews.  People are raving about this method.  And, there have been thousands of customers happily growing veg with glee.  Customers are getting results with home-grown, organic produce to nourish themselves and their families.  Both beginners and knowledgeable gardeners give this product and its result two-green-thumbs-up.

Click here to learn the health benefits of organic gardening.

Voila_Capture 2014-12-27_08-29-31_PMBenefits

The Food4Wealth plan provides a step-by-step instruction manual.  Not only are the instructions clear, the ebook offers illustrations that make it easy to follow.  In addition, you receive an audiobook so you can listen wherever you are—even in the garden.

The video tutorials are a wonderful addition, especially for the novice gardener.  And to be honest, since most people do not use this ecological gardening method,  the tutorials provide visuals to those veteran gardeners as well.

For stress-free garden creation, you receive an easy to follow sequential project plan that outlines what to do and how to do it.  You also receive support around maintenance and next year’s storing of seeds and planting preparation.


The Food4Wealth process, while boasting time-limited preparation (around 8 hours), still requires some organization and work.  Additionally, this preparation requires home-grown compost. Without your own compost, you’ll have to find some for your usage, which may take some ingenuity and/or money.

Final Word… 

Food4Wealth is an inexpensive program, based on sound ecological methods that produce health-filled veggies regardless of where you live.

In a world of genetically modified vegetables and fruit, pesticides and other chemicals, it is a wonderful option to be able to develop self-sufficient practices where food is concerned.

Click here now to learn the Food4Wealth method of sustainably growing your own organic vegetables.

For additional information, check this out on Youtube:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_01-15-03_PM

Jonathon White, producer of Food4Wealth.

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Food4Wealth Review: Can You Actually Grow Organic and Make Money too?

Organic, home-grown food at a fraction of the cost.


I am absolutely in love with the idea of gardening. I even have a little plot in the backyard along with a couple of garden boxes. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love organic produce, so it makes sense I’d be a great gardener. Well, I’m not. Every year I start out well, and every year I fizzle out shortly before harvest comes around. Why? Because I’ve done all the digging and weeding I can stomach for the season.

So, this year I found a solution. My family bought into an organic garden farm, where we were to get 100 lbs. of vegetables for $300.00. OK, maybe a little steep, but I thought we’d give it a try.  Bad move.

Not only did we not acquire the 100 lbs of produce, it turns out the growers weren’t that interested in customer concerns. Our last pick-up included potatoes. I love fresh potatoes with butter and dill. What a treat. Alas, the potatoes came in a gunnysack that had clearly been snuggled up near petroleum products resulting in a contaminated bag.

Check out the innovative gardening method, Food4Wealth.

Naively, we thought we’d give those potatoes a whirl anyway, but it turned out they tasted like gas. When I contacted the growers, they didn’t give me so much as a, “sorry, we’ll do better next year—thanks for the useful information about our sacks.” Nope, not a word. I guess they won’t be getting my business next year.

Voila_Capture 2015-03-14_07-23-27_PMThe Food4Weatlh process has really gotten me curious. Especially because it reports requiring as few as eight hours a year. I’m trying to wrap my head around that one, but even if it’s only 28 hours a year, I might be in.

Mr. Jonathon White is an environmental scientist and horticulturalist concentrating his techniques on ecological practices that produce results. He claims, “The study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food”.  Jonathan White’s system is explained as much simpler than current gardening methods used in Western cultures. In fact, for those who embrace this counter-garden-culture, food production will become a natural and almost intrinsic way of gaining food.

Click here to learn more about Food4Wealth to enhance your gardening capacity and nutrition.


One of the limitations of this process is the mental mountain that requires scaling. It’s hard to believe that all this time I could really have been producing good quality, organic food with minimal amounts of effort. My entire life I have watched my parents garden the Western way, and it’s a whole heck of a lot of work. I’ve tried to follow their example, but I just poop out by the end.


Learning a system to produce an organic crop, rather than a few veggies from a garden plot is a 180-degree shift for me. The possibility of saving money on produce from the grocery store sounds absolutely marvellous.

For those who want to go whole steps farther than I do, diving into this system in order to sell your produce is an exciting option. Just be more ethical than my little friends down the road who sold me tainted potatoes.

The Final Word…

In a world where chemicals pretend to be food, and grocery produce sections hawk “fresh”, when the apples have been sitting for 6 months, personal organic gardening could be a satisfying, wholesome panacea. Imagine showing off your “farm” to your friends and family, nourishing yourself and those near you.

Learn about how to develop your own organic garden using the simple, effective and healthful approach designed by Food4Wealth!

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

Please accept this free download-gift now, complements of  and

Leap into Your Life!

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Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program Review: How Can You Help Children’s Esteem Flourish?

Positive Self Esteem for Children.

Learn the power of positive self-esteem for children.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program by Dr. Joe Robino provides a unique opportunity for parents. The most important aspect is being able to influence your own child’s emotional and mental development through teaching life-long skills for efficacy and esteem. The second is to become certified so you can offer coaching to others as a form of service while gaining income.

My experience working with children and families in youth custody facilities, mental health agencies and schools has shown me how much children are hurting in our North American culture. The face they show is not typically hurt, however. It’s anger, fear, intolerance, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Click here now to gain access to this comprehensive series to support your child’s self-esteem.

In the city where I live, the highest reported rates of anxiety and depression for children is found in middle class, suburban areas. This week I met with one of my staff in order to create a safety plan for a boy in grade six who had a detailed plan about how to take his own life. This is my day-to-day. I’m hopeful if you’re reading this post, it isn’t your everyday. Still, you’re reading because you’re interested in inoculating your child from some of the mental and emotional ravages of our culture. Good for you!

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program trains adults to support children around feelings of insecurity. Certified coaches intervene when children engage in defeating procrastination or become stuck in frustration, leading to cycles of failure. The program also addresses how to reduce feelings of fear, worry, anger, depression and oppressing others through bullying behaviours in children.

When children’s feelings take charge of their lives, they don’t have mature enough brains to override emotion with reason or make more logical choices. That is why having trained, knowledgeable adults able to guide and protect using a valuable resource is advantageous.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is a perfect opportunity for those looking for a career in children to start building the skills to work with them effectively. Further, for those who already work with children—teachers, sports-coaches, clinicians and others can benefit from this skill-building prospect.

Being a certified coach may allow you to be able to work from home while setting your own fees and hours. In addition, a certified coach can gain fulfillment by making an impact in the lives of children and those who care about them. Unavoidably you will also impact your own perspectives of self by learning the material and applying it to your life, modeling healthy changes for all to see.

Learn how to be a powerful and effective self-esteem coach for children today!

Learn how to be a powerful and effective self-esteem coach for children today!

How do the services of a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children help children?

You learn the foundation, strategies and techniques to help children been competent and attain goals. You help children instill a feeling of being authentically significant, accepted and loved, even if the circumstances aren’t the best in their lives. Feeling worthy of love and imparting a positive mindset resulting in a belief that good will come to them is grounding for children. One of my favorite aspects of childhood emotional development is the area of genuine empathy. This coaching program states that it will assist children develop empathy, which is considered an absolute essential in my books when discussing emotional and mental development for children. Empathy is a world changer.

Learn the skills to bring your child’s self-esteem to a new level by clicking here now.

What is included in the Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program?

30 Audio MP3 recordings to guide you to learn the many different ways to champion children to elevate their self-esteem and live their best lives.
• A 170 page highly acclaimed E-book entitled “31 Ways to Champion Children to Elevate their Self-Esteem” by Dr. Joe Rubino
• A 77 page highly acclaimed E-workbook containing exercises and lesson plans entitled “31 Ways to Champion Children to Elevate their Self-Esteem Workbook” by Dr. Joe Rubino
• 5 videos on such topics as “The Origins of Low Self-Esteem” and “How to Support Children to Create Soaring Self-Esteem”
• A 50 Question multiple choice test required to achieve certification (optional at no extra cost)
• A Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation Certificate suitable for framing (optional at no extra cost)


The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is not inexpensive at $147.00. It is clearly an investment you’re making—either for the sake of your own children and those you love, or to develop yourself.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is a true system for personal and professional development. It requires study and re-visiting of the material in order to become proficient. It will require time to meet the certification requirements.


Having a structured, tested and well-tuned program to develop personal efficacy and esteem in children is always valuable. Even if you don’t go on to become a coach, the material will benefit your parenting and your perspective on children in our culture.

Even parents of your children’s friends might benefit. That over-the-fence kind of talk that gives other adults insightful perspectives in the wake of parenting challenges is constructive. Becoming a homespun “expert” about how to develop a confident and capable child in the wake of so much cultural shift is powerful.

Coaching is more than advice giving. It’s more than good, solid suggestions. There’s method and strategy with coaching. The very best way to learn how to coach is from a master coach. Dr. Robino has that reputation, with impressive accolades from celebrities and those who understand esteem development in children.

The Final Word…

Children are our most treasured human resource. They flow with potential. Potential can be stunted if the adults in their worlds do not care for them in the way they need. Building efficacy and esteem is a sure-fire way to help them overcome life’s predictable challenges, as well as develop confidence and competence so that they can achieve their true potential.  For those who want to go one step further, becoming a certified coach for children may take you places you never dreamed of!

Click here now to develop a  skill-set that benefits children’s self-esteem and makes an impact across a lifespan! 

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