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Keto Diet: What’s the Big Deal?

So, what is the big deal with the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto Diet for short?  Truly I had no idea until I stumbled upon Leanne Vogel’s website.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  

I had been noticing that my low-carb approach to healthy weight was leaving me  tired, with low mood, wonky hormones and a barely-functioning brain.  Not a good combination for an emotional-wellness professional managing a staff of 27!  

Enter the new idea of healthy fats.  Really?  The very thing I’d been trained in my teens and early 20’s to avoid?

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Well, what do you know?  Fat was exactly what this body and brain needed.  But I had to unlearn all kinds of habits associated with food.  Typically I had eaten grains as a main staple.  That had to change.  When grains exited stage left, my digestive troubles settled right down.  I didn’t feel like I was starving an hour after breakfast and I started to incorporate healthy protein that increased muscle and resulted in me feeling full and satisfied.

So that’s part of my story.  Leanne Vogel experienced a similar life-altering ah-ha moment when she incorporated good fats into her diet diligently and persistently.  So much so, that she began to research and write about the Ketogenic Diet.  She produced a website with awesome products to help the uninitiated learn how to change the way they eat.  This changing of food choices resulted in enhanced wellness for those she influenced.  Keto-eating produced  balanced hormones,  weight loss, mood balancing and muscle enhancing outcomes.  

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Pixabay Image 944495Leanne has written numerous articles and recipes that are fun, flavourful and easy to follow.  Her Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is fantastically user-friendly and reasonable.  Why do I say reasonable?  Because big changes like reducing carbs and increasing good fats cannot be overwhelming or daunting–if they are, change is unlikely to occur.  Diet alterations have to be reasonable and doable for the average person–like me!  So, thanks Leanne for thinking of us regular folks who are in need of solid plans that get us from total new-bes, to capable keto-eaters.

Life is busy and hectic.  Having a practical go-to guide that helps you develop healthy habits that result in weight loss, digestive rest, balanced hormones and increased energy can’t be overemphasized.  The Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is exactly that–balanced, Keto and easy to use as a planning strategy for meals.  

Try it out today and experience healthful benefits for you and your family!

The Getting Pregnant Plan Review: Real Solutions for Infertility?

Conception assistance for those who are struggling to get pregnant.

Conceive naturally by following this pregnancy plan!

Many women across the globe struggle with infertility. In my own circle of friends, family and colleagues, it seems like more than half have struggled to get pregnant. Some never do, while others use fertility measures, adoption or the desperate wait until something “unexplained” occurs and they finally get pregnant.

Waiting to conceive can be an enormously worrisome time for women (and their spouses and partners). From antiquity on, babies have resulted in tribes and people groups being able to endure. Tribe expansion meant survival.

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Even today we have an instinctual desire to pro-create. When it doesn’t happen quickly enough, desperation can start to set in.

Michelle Adams, the developer of The Getting Pregnant Plan struggled to conceive. She was frustrated with the information that her doctor gave her, as it didn’t help her find a solution to her “unexplained infertility”.  She started frantically searching for assistance, and after uncovering some very surprising discoveries she became pregnant at the age of 39!

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-17-30_PM

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Michelle now offers the Getting Pregnant Plan to other women who are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about their inability to get pregnant.

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What’s included in the Getting Pregnant Plan?

  • The one simple yet very powerful fertility remedy
  • The one type of specialist you must consult
  • How foods you might be ingesting could be destroying your chances of having a happy, healthy baby
  • Which vitamins you must be caution about and never take too much before pregnancy
  • The reason some women’s fertility is two times greater than other women’s
  • Discover how to pinpoint ovulation with 100% accuracy
  • The hidden truth behind everyday activities and their impact on your fertilityHow to detect early signs of pregnancy, avoiding false positives and negatives result
  • Your secret weapon for combating a daily fertility foe–turning ‘no-chance’ cycles into cycles that give you a real chance to get pregnant can get pregnant faster
  • The cause, symptoms, and how to treat miscarriages
  • Learn how to avoid repeated miscarriages
  • Also 10 proven steps to conceive

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The Getting Pregnant Plan reviewers cite few limitations with this product. That being said, while Michelle Adams has spent a great deal of time researching efficacious methods for becoming pregnant, nothing is 100% foolproof.  Keep meeting with your doctor, and balancing their opinion with what you learn in this program.


 A step-by-step guide outlining common misunderstandings about vitamins, ovulation and staying healthy naturally are covered in this comprehensive guide. The author claims to have actually used the strategies, methods and knowledge to pro-create at the age of 39. As women age, it is typically even more difficult to get pregnant, so that alone is testament to some beneficial content in this program. Other women have apparently also achieved success in conceiving, having babies of their own to love and hold by following Michelle Adams sound advice.

This guide focuses on natural ways to achieve pregnancy, which is always something I always look for in various products and services. Adding to that, the systematic nature of the content results in a process that is doable and manageable.

The Final Word…

The Getting Pregnant Plan is a methodical approach that helps cover all your pre-pregnancy bases. Using tested and researched methods that are touted as being effective and efficient for getting pregnant is valuable. Furthermore, because every woman is unique, looking at different reasons that women are having difficulty conceiving allows for interventions that meet the specific need rather than a one size fits all approach.

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Pregnancy Without Pounds Review: How Can You Maintain a Health Pregnancy Weight?

Healthy weight gain and no more during pregnancy.            Find out how.


Having a baby is the one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in a woman’s life. A new little life developing inside–full of hope, promise and unending human potential.

And then there’s the small voice that sadly repeats over in some womens’ minds…

“I’ll never get my youthful body back.”

“I’m so exhausted, I can’t even do a short walk.”

“I’m hungry all the time. Is this normal, natural and healthy? Am I going to balloon to enormous proportions and never get back to size?”

I wish I could say I never thought this way, but I did.  Thankfully my pregnancy weight gain was just baby, and I lost it all quickly afterward. However, I watched friends and colleagues put on additional pounds during that period, and many have kept it on over the years.

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So, what are you to do with worries and negative thoughts about weight gain?

From an emotional health perspective, keeping your focus on the positive, and centering on the joy to come is much more productive than worrying about weight gain. In the full scheme of things what matters is a happy, healthy infant.

Pregnancy without Pounds by Michelle Moss boasts some impressive results for women who are concerned about the changes pregnancy will bring to their bodies.

Changes like:

  • Needless weight gain and unappealing cellulite
  • Thick waistline and a “belly pouch”
  • Irreversible stretch marks and loose skin
  • Sagging breasts

I had terrible morning sickness for the first six months of my pregnancies. Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t gain to much weight. Many women like me, have difficult pregnancies and stop taking care of themselves. Sometimes this causes unnecessary weight gain, in addition to other problems often leading to low self-esteem, intimacy challenges and relationship strain.

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Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-43-19_PMPregnancy without Pounds is designed to assist women with some of the most problematic aspects of pregnancy.


  • Morning sickness and low energy
  • Unnecessary fat storage and poor body image
  • Post-partum depression and recovery time after birth
  • Urinary incontinence and an overstretched vagina

What’s included in the Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds Kits?

The Pregnancy Without Pounds Program (to be used prior to and during pregnancy) contains 5 downloadable files.

  • Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls or .pdf)
  • Weight Gain Chart (.xls or .pdf)

The Mommy Without Pounds Program (to be used after pregnancy) contains 6 downloadable files.

  • Mommy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls)
  • Eating Plan Calculator and Meal Planner (.xls)
  • Goal Tracker and Weight Loss Chart (.xls)


This set of programs preys on a woman’s insecurities and vanity. It claims to be built on what celebrities have done in order to shed pounds following pregnancy, making that the mark for women to meet.

While keeping a healthy weight is important in order to maintain wellness, and reducing morning sickness and post partum depression is extremely valuable, these benefits should be considered as they are, rather than meeting some arbitrary societal standard.

An observation by a customer indicates that while Michelle Moss claims the exercise routines take only 27 minutes. A more realistic timeframe is between 30 and 40 minutes.


Finding ways to maintain excellent health throughout pregnancy and post partum is extremely valuable. Feeling strong, emotionally stable and vibrant is helpful when caring for an infant. Taking care of a new baby can be very difficult. Using a program that supports health (physical and emotional) is good for momma and baby.

It is reported that even pregnancy related acne is overviewed, with some effective interventions that reduce unsightly pimples.

One reviewer stated that she found the program shortly after gaining 15 pounds into her first few months of pregnancy, shocking family and friends. Pregnancy without Pounds helped her develop a systematic approach to stay fit, strong and ready to deliver a healthy baby. She also claims that Mommy without Pounds helped her lose her baby-weight-gain in one month’s time.

The Final Word…

Michelle Moss, the developer of Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds is a fitness expert among other notable qualifications.  There are impressive reviews about these programs with women reporting actual benefit from weight loss after baby to acne reduction. For me, seeking to stay as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy is a noble goal. Having the result of feeling better, stronger and more emotionally stable is a solid place to be when brining a newborn into the world.

 Enjoy a healthy weight during pregnancy and afterwards with Pregnancy without Pounds!

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Plan My Baby–Prince or Princess Review: How Can I Ensure the Gender of my Baby?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-21-32_PM

The Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess guide has been developed for couples who want to have an almost certain way of ensuring they conceive the gender of child they desire. While many couples are simply grateful that they have given birth to healthy and happy children, there are some who desire a child of a particular gender. If that is where you’re at, then this e-book is for you.

Alicia Pennington is the author of Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess. She is reportedly a midwife of over 20 years, and has consulted physicians and interviewed couples who have practiced the art of gender selection methods for their children. Information reveals that the content of this book is rooted in science, while at the same time being very practical. While some reviewers identify repetition in the content, this really isn’t a negative aspect. Repetition means the reader will likely retain the concept as it has been introduced more than once.

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Available information indicates that Alicia invited her patients to try her methods. It appears she even had an initial sample of 117 couples, where the outcome was a 94% success rate, indicating statistical significance if her methodology was sound. Reportedly, this guide has helped over 8,000 people to date.

Today, Alicia Pennington works as a consultant rather than a mere midwife knowledgeable about gender selection methods. It appears she had such an overwhelming response to her success with gender selection with individual patients, that she decided to broaden her scope to help meet the needs of a wider audience. Hence the guide, Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess.


While there does not appear to be a great deal of negative reports, it is clear that the   94% success rate is less than ideal. How does a couple ensure they are not in the 6% unable to deliver the gender of child they have hoped and worked for?

Midwifery is an ancient art. While a number of women in the western world choose a midwife to assist in delivering their children, it should be noted that some practices are contrary to a typical physician assisted birth. Thus, if you are skeptical, going over the guide with your physician, while pointing out the high degree of success may make you more comfortable.

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Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-23-40_PM


A significant benefit to this guide is that the processes described are completely natural and will not harm the mother or pre-planned baby.   Not only are natural procedures described, it is reported that Alicia Pennington actually used the methods herself when she was trying to get pregnant, experiencing success.

Another benefit to this guide is that it is a teaching tool for couples. It discusses fertility, natural foods and healthy alternatives to the modern diet that benefit a developing fetus and his/her mother. Creating a healthy environment in the mother is critically important no matter the desired gender of the child. Good, sound, prenatal council accompanied by regular doctor visits is beneficial for strong pregnancy outcomes.

The Final Word…

If planning the gender of your baby is near and dear to your heart, then this is a book that will provide rich information about how to increase your likelihood of success. Available information suggests that even couples who are open to either gender, will find good, useful information from a seasoned midwife about delivering a healthy baby into this world.

May your hard work and dreams come true. Discover how to increase your success of delivering a baby with the gender of your choice.  CLICK HERE NOW!


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Pregnancy Miracle Review: Is There Hope for Me to Have a Baby?

A Review of Pregnancy MiracleOne of the most powerful and life-changing realities in a woman’s life is her ability to procreate, bringing a new life into the earth. From antiquity on, societies have survived because of the cycle of birth.

For women who desire children, but can’t get pregnant, there is a significant emotional void. I remember when my husband and I decided it was time to really “try”. While we got pregnant right away, we lost babies, and this was devastating.

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I was in graduate school, working multiple jobs, and trying to recover from miscarriage. At the same time, I was getting older and felt a desperation to become pregnant. I went through feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness, helplessness and embarrassment. Despite trying, I had a period of time when I wasn’t conceiving. I was referred to an Obstetrician, who did all the typical tests. She stated that although I had uterine fibroids I should be able to get pregnant as I was in my early 30’s.

I know how it feels to see my friends becoming pregnant, delivering babies, yet having an empty womb myself. I know how it feels to start looking at international adoption and other options simply to experience the most natural thing in life for a woman–her own baby.

An then a miracle happened. I conceived, gave birth to a healthy, robust baby boy. The second came along almost 3 years later. What blessings; what joys! I am forever grateful for my wonderful, rambunctious children!

The Pregnancy Miracle, written by Lisa Olson, offers hope to women who are in a similar situation to the one I just described–those who feel they have tried “everything”.  Those who’s hearts are close to breaking with loss because they don’t have their own little bundle of joy to hold in their arms.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-28-56_PMAbout Pregnancy Miracle

The Pregnancy Miracle is not really magic. You won’t instantly conceive with some kind of esoteric secret that most of us don’t know about. Instead, it is a holistic pattern of living gleaned from scientific and common sense techniques used for centuries by women in the Orient. If you can sustain the program, it will help reduce stress and other deficiencies that can contribute to fertility concerns in women.


While this appears to be a very comprehensive program based on current scientific research, it clearly requires the purchaser to invest in products beyond the cost of the book. Supplements and specific food that you may not currently be using may be a significant part of your success in using the Pregnancy Miracle. Thus, additional cost must be expected.


The Pregnancy Miracle claims that over 137,000 women have been helped using little known tips and natural methods that positively impact fertility despite potentially challenging conditions, like uterine fibroids.

The program outlined in this electronic book invites women to follow and understand what might be getting in the way of pregnancy and what might help overcome the inability to conceive and carry a baby to term. There are numerous endorsements from happy customers who have achieved success by using this program.

Satisfied customers talk about the comprehensive nature of the material. There are holistic components, discussions about food that promote fertility, and information about modern fertility treatments that may or may not be as beneficial as physicians purport. Further, there is information about supplements that support hormone balancing as well as practical strategies such as breathing that further enhance physiological wellness in order to enhance fertility potential.

The Final Word

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-28-38_PMClearly, information is power. For women who seek to bear healthy, happy and productive children, using a well-researched fertility program is of great benefit. Children are precious gifts–gifts that I know well because of my own challenge conceiving.

Consider that you will likely need to purchase additional components, such as supplements in order to complete this program. That being said, knowing you have a solid, well-research plan with many good reported outcomes will provide you a sense of hope.

All the very best to you as you seek to enhance your life by using the Pregnancy Miracle.  CLICK HERE and learn how to experience reproductive hope!

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