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Fat Summit 2: Free Stuff

I know I’ve written a few times about the Fat Summit.  But I want to make sure you don’t miss out!  
There’s still time to register for free sessions.  Also, if you would like to own these live-changing sessions, please see how to purchase below.  For those who purchase, there is the opportunity for fantastic, free stuff.
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In this 21-day, step-by-step program you’ll learn how we got into this “big fat mess” and how to incorporate healthy fats back into our lives to feel better and more energetic than ever.

  • Re-program your genes for weight loss
  • Stop your fat storage hormone
  • Cool inflammation
  • Shut down cravings
  • Feel satisfied after every meal


Enjoy all the benefits of the Fat Summit 2 opportunities. Take advantage of their great free gifts when you purchase now.

Keto Diet: What’s the Big Deal?

So, what is the big deal with the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto Diet for short?  Truly I had no idea until I stumbled upon Leanne Vogel’s website.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  

I had been noticing that my low-carb approach to healthy weight was leaving me  tired, with low mood, wonky hormones and a barely-functioning brain.  Not a good combination for an emotional-wellness professional managing a staff of 27!  

Enter the new idea of healthy fats.  Really?  The very thing I’d been trained in my teens and early 20’s to avoid?

Click here to learn about the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan.

Well, what do you know?  Fat was exactly what this body and brain needed.  But I had to unlearn all kinds of habits associated with food.  Typically I had eaten grains as a main staple.  That had to change.  When grains exited stage left, my digestive troubles settled right down.  I didn’t feel like I was starving an hour after breakfast and I started to incorporate healthy protein that increased muscle and resulted in me feeling full and satisfied.

So that’s part of my story.  Leanne Vogel experienced a similar life-altering ah-ha moment when she incorporated good fats into her diet diligently and persistently.  So much so, that she began to research and write about the Ketogenic Diet.  She produced a website with awesome products to help the uninitiated learn how to change the way they eat.  This changing of food choices resulted in enhanced wellness for those she influenced.  Keto-eating produced  balanced hormones,  weight loss, mood balancing and muscle enhancing outcomes.  

Check out the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan here.

Pixabay Image 944495Leanne has written numerous articles and recipes that are fun, flavourful and easy to follow.  Her Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is fantastically user-friendly and reasonable.  Why do I say reasonable?  Because big changes like reducing carbs and increasing good fats cannot be overwhelming or daunting–if they are, change is unlikely to occur.  Diet alterations have to be reasonable and doable for the average person–like me!  So, thanks Leanne for thinking of us regular folks who are in need of solid plans that get us from total new-bes, to capable keto-eaters.

Life is busy and hectic.  Having a practical go-to guide that helps you develop healthy habits that result in weight loss, digestive rest, balanced hormones and increased energy can’t be overemphasized.  The Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is exactly that–balanced, Keto and easy to use as a planning strategy for meals.  

Try it out today and experience healthful benefits for you and your family!

Have You Believed the Lies that FAT is Bad for You?

Have you been told lies about losing weight?Did you too fall for the lie that eating fat is horrible for you and causes you to gain excessive weight?  I’m with you!  In fact in my late teens and early twenties I ate virtually nothing and believed that eating fat was from the dark regions of the universe.

Sure, I was thin.  But I was also low-energy, irritable and had constant brain farts–all during the time I was going to University and Graduate School.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I started reading about the BENEFITS of fat.  “Are you serious?” I thought to myself.  All this time, I had starved myself, felt tired and had a low mood.

Because a low calorie diet was highly unpleasant for me, I decided to look further into high fat, low calorie eating possibilities.  And, Voila!  I knew I had found my new way forward with food.

Now I eat good fat all the time–creamy avocados, coconut and palm oils, eggs & bacon (sorry vegans), as well as other natural, healthy fats made just right for most of our bodies.

Enter the…Fat Summit 2, starting November 7, 2016


Why am I excited about the Fat Summit 2?  Because I believe there are still people out there that think they need to starve themselves on low calorie diets.  Not so, my friends.  Learning how to incorporate good, healthy, brain enhancing fat into your body will do wonders for you.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Attend The Fat Summit 2 starting the second week of November.

FAT16_banner_day-1-1Here’s a just a snippet of who to expect at the Summit.  These individuals are known for their expert knowledge and ability to connect with the audience.  I suggest you consider attending, especially if you want to learn what all the healthy-fuss is about in regard to FAT!


More to come on this.  See you there!

LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill Fold-N-Stor (2012 Model) Review: How the Whole Family Can Stay Healthy and Fit

LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill Wellness experts in the Western Hemisphere discuss the importance of spending at least 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week engaging in moderate levels of exercise.

I like this advice, because it feels doable to me.  You see, I’m a big subscriber to health, wellness and fitness newsletters. So much so, that at times I become a little obsessed. Because I like to learn, I sometimes spend more time at my computer reading about health, than actually engaging in healthy pursuits like walking.

Treadmills are ideal for a family who has diverse fitness interests, and different levels of motivation regarding exercise pursuits. One may be a walker, another a jogger and still another a runner. One may be interested in a 15 minute walk, 3 times a week, while another wants an hour run, 6 days a week.  Having the flexibility to do these activities in the comfort of one’s own home is beneficial.

To take advantage of a reasonably priced, space-efficient top-sellar treadmill, click here now.

Some specs about the LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill:

  • No set-up required
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Portable
  • Collapsable and easy to store in small spaces like under a bed
  • Pre-programmed exercise options to vary your routine
  • Built-in speakers and headphone port
  • Heart rate grips
  • Usable controls from the start button for speed and incline controlsLifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill Fold-N-Stor (2012 Model)


Because the LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill folds up and can be stored in small places, it won’t feel quite as sturdy as something like the LifeSpan TR 1200 Folding Treadmill. That being said, the LifeSpan Fitness TR200 is still reported to be somewhat heavy and solid, so weight needs to be considered if you’re wanting to locate it up or down stairs.

One reviewer indicated that when purchased, the key didn’t arrive with the treadmill; thus they weren’t able to begin using it at the outset. While this would be annoying to any customer, it’s unlikely that will occur with every purchase.


This is a relatively inexpensive treadmill as far as they go—under $1000!  The LifeSpan Fitness TR200 is considered a good quality product by reviewers.  It has a lifetime frame warranty, which for a product that will be pounded upon with feet for the duration of it’s existence is a significant benefit.

I like the fact that it can fold and be stored away. It’s likely a good “first treadmill” for those who want to spend less than a $1000.00 on the actual product.  While there are less expensive ones, experiencing the feel of a solid running space because it is weighty is advantageous.

The option for MP3 or IPod plug in is a great option.  Because treadmills tend to be loud, it’s often difficult to hear a TV, and blasting the sound system in your house, apartment or condo may not be an option.

The Final Say

LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill Fold-N-Stor (2012 Model)Portability is a significant feature of this model.  If that’s what you’re in the market for, then the LifeSpan Fitness TR200 is a good choice. The price is reasonable, given the range one can pay for a treadmill—all the way up to $5,000.00 or more. Having the ability to walk, run or jog one minute, and quickly fold up the model to tuck under your bed the next, allows flexibility in your living space.

This product has been given almost all 5 stars by customers and reviewers.  In a world of many, many treadmills, this is quite an accomplishment!

Enjoy the benefits of a portable, well-made treadmill to meet your family’s fitness needs.  CLICK HERE now.

Activation Products Review: How Can You Develop Vibrant Health?

I was first introduced to Activation Products during a “midnight of the soul” experience with my youngest son. I told myself I was searching out help for my colic-ridden baby; truth be told I wanted help for myself.  I was horribly sleep-deprived and had a bad case of post partum depression.

I had read that magnesium deficiency is sometimes a contributor to sleep disturbance–let me tell you, my baby had sleep disturbance!!!  Consequently, so did I.  But I knew I couldn’t shove a horse-pill-sized magnesium tablet down my son’s throat to see if it made a difference.  That’s where this novel concept (to me) of spray-on-magnesuim arrested my attention and I immediately purchased it from the company Activation Products.

I wish I could report that the spray magnesium made all the difference in the world, but I wasn’t consistent enough to see a difference.  Five years later, however, I tried the second generation, and “Wow”, have I seen an impact.

What our family has experienced is better sleep for our kids;  easing of sore muscles, and blessedly an easing of intense and uptight emotions in our youngest child.  Yes, there is a discernible difference when we douse him in magnesium spray; he’s calmer and less irritable–“Yay!”

So what’s the deal with magnesium?  Good question!  It’s been reported that with the seriously reduced mineral content in our soil, this master-mineral magnesium is sadly missing from our foods, leaving most of us bereft of it’s vital life-source.

Magnesium Ease is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for relaxing sore muscles, Magnesium Ease, Activation Productscramps, spasms, and restless legs syndrome.  Interestingly, magnesium is reported to be responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in our bodies and it regulates serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to be involved in the onset of migraine headaches. Magnesium is calming for the nervous system.  For my youngest child, the calming of the nervous system is most assuredly a relief.

Magnesium Ease is indicated in helping people relax in the evening, falling asleep faster, and sleeping better throughout the night because it improves your blood circulation.  This spray-on product does not leave a sticky residue  and supplies the magnesium our bodies need.

Magnesium Ease is one of the purest natural magnesium chlorides available.  It is made in Canada and is 100% pure.  There are no chemicals, no fillers and no animal testing. 

To experience better sleep, better mood, and a calmer nervous system check out Ease Magnesium spray!

My next foray into the world of Activation Products was Marine Phytoplanton.  Let me tell you, it really is as horrible tasting as it sounds.  I need to say that right off the hop.  Nonetheless, I’ve been so impressed with the stuff, that the taste is a moot point.

I love to try new and innovative health products.  I’m always on the lookout for the newest and best in green products.  And I’ve tried my fair-share.  I have been using a great organic multi-superfood product for about 2 years.  I saw my nails get stronger, my bones increase in density among other benefits.  THEN, I tried Ocean’s Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton!

Activation Products Ocean's Alive 2.0Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton far surpassed the previous green product I had used.  My nails have gotten so strong, they’re hard to cut–finger and toe nail health are indicators of overall health.  My skin is better and my energy is good.  Despite the taste, I’ll be choosing Marine Phytoplankton over my previous green product for the foreseeable future.

Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton is a plant-based premium superfood and the source of all marine based nutrition. It has been said that this is the food that powers the planet.  If you’re into biology or ecology, this will make total sense to you.

Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton is a concentrated solution that fortifies the electrolytic fluid system with 90+ ionic, trace and organic minerals that are fully bioavailable to the body.  That is probably one of the reasons my nails have become super-strong!  Furthermore, Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton’s new advanced formula powerfully addresses oxidative stress, DNA damage and cellular impairment to optimize your health.

Oceans Alive 2.0 requires no refrigeration.  The product comes packaged in 1 oz. dark amber glass bottles with high-end food grade droppers for easy dispensing.  And, I am not the only one who is loving Ocean’s Alive 2.0! People that consume Ocean’s Alive 2.0 express enhanced brain function, improved immune function, improved cellular repair, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, and a residual “grounding energy”. 

To increase your wellness in virtually every area, try Ocean’s Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton today.

Activation Product Black Cumin OilAnd there’s more from Activation Products.  Two stellar seed oil combinations that boost immune health, reduce inflammation and benefit digestion.  The first is Panaseeda Black Cumin Oil which  enhances immunity during flu season.  As mentioned, Panaseeda Black Cumin Oil aids in digestion as it helps various conditions such as gas, diarrhea, and constipation.  This oil is loaded with thymoquinone, Vitamin B1, B2, and B3 which provide the body with powerful anti-oxidants, reducing inflammation, a significant healthy-destroyer.

Black Cumin Seed Oil BenefitsPanaseeda Black Cumin Oil is certified organic black cumin (nigella sativa) seed oil (non-GMO, organic & raw).  Like all Activation Products there are no chemicals, no fillers and no animal testing.

It has been processed using the  Zero Press Technology method which is delicate yet powerful so the precious nutrient qualities of the seeds are left undamaged. Panaseeda Black Cumin Oil contains zero damage or oxidation.  The oil is stored in a high quality miron glass bottle; it is so stable that no refrigeration is needed. 

To give this superior product a try, click here now.

5 Seed Oil Blend from Activation ProductsTo round out this exceptional line of health products, the Five Seed Blend is loaded with Vitamin E, a primary antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in your cells, and increases skin softness and suppleness.  It is also an anti-inflammatory that empowers your cells to glow with genuine health.

The Five Seed Blend contains all natural and certified organic ingredients – organic sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil, black sesame seed oil, coriander seed oil, and pumpkin seed oil.  Again, there are no chemicals, fillers, or animal testing.

The Five Seed Blend uses the Zero Press Technology to ensure the seeds are left undamaged. The oil is also stored in a high quality miron glass bottle.

To benefit from the Five Seed Blend, click here now and enjoy!

Activation Products are a dynamo combination for your health. These products support energy levels, your thinking, function as antioxidants, provide some pain relief, and promote better sleep to name just a few benefits.  They are utterly pure and of the highest quality for health and supplement products.

 Click below and head toward the best health you’ve had in a long while!

 Activation Products Ocean's Alive 2.0Magnesium Ease, Activation Products

5 Seed Oil Blend from Activation ProductsActivation Product Black Cumin Oil


The Beauty of Food Review: Simple Foods For Lasting Beauty?

Have you ever wondered at all the creams, lotions and potions that exist in your local drug store?  When look at the container to read the ingredients, are you able to pronounce some of those words?  Do you question what in the world Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride is?  Yeah, me too.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you are aware that I have been on a quest to find alternatives to the chemical-laden must-haves that the food and beauty industries thrust people.

A while back, I became interested in the work of Hanan, a Middle-Eastern born girl who suffered gravely at the hands of war and fled to America as a lonely refuge.

Sadly, Hanan’s mother was killed, but not before she passed along treasured beauty secrets from her royal Persian heritage.

To learn how to incorporate essential beautifying foods found in your own home, click here.

Hanan did not understand much English when she arrived in America.  Furthermore, she was faced with all the other difficulties refuges encounter when they flee their home countries–financial pressures, the need for shelter, community and a positive future.  However, those things did not stand in Hanan’s way.  With a few fortuitous encounters and whole lot of courage, she created  the ebook “The Beauty of Food” shortly after arriving on our shores.

“The Beauty of Food”  is remarkable for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it showcases the resilient human spirit despite overwhelming obstacles like Hanan faced with the lost of her family and country.  Secondly, it delivers on it’s promise to provide natural food combinations that work as targeted beauty treatments.

When I first reviewed the guide, I expected it to be like so many others.  You know the ones I mean; guides that tell you what to ingest in order to develop healthier skin and hair.  That’s all fine and well, but I’ve read so many of them now, I know exactly what they’ll tell me.  Eat avocados, gelatine and unprocessed oils, maintain good hydration, drink green tea and the like.  Same old, same old.

In “The Beauty of Food” Hanan provides beauty regime recipes that you use on your skin and nails.  Foods such as tomatoes, bananas, honey, apple cider vinegar, tea, milk, sugar, etc.   I have every one of those staples in my kitchen right now.  What fun I had when I was first introduced to this book!  

Enjoy beautiful skin just like Persian Princesses, using essential nutrients found in your kitchen.  Click here now.


In my opinion, this book has few drawbacks.  However, I did notice that some of the grammar and sentence structure were a little weak.  And a few recipe descriptions could have had more detail.  I chalk that up to a non-English speaker creating an English ebook; an extremely minor inconvenience.

A couple of the beauty “recipes” are a bit messy.  But hey, you’re playing with your food.  What can you expect?


This beauty guide is simple and straight forward.  It is inexpensive and practical.  It provides time-tested beauty strategies that have apparently lasted centuries.

“The Beauty of Food”  is a money-saver if you are looking for beauty strategies that are inexpensive and easy to find.  This beauty guide provides tips for common concerns like split ends, and less common concerns such as hair loss in women.

Hanan will teach you about how to address oily skin, dry skin or wrinkles.  You will learn how certain foods benefit your hands and feet, depending on the concern.  Hanan will instruct you on natural hair solutions as well as facial masks you can create in a matter of minutes.

The Final Word

“The Beauty of Food” is a must-have for women (and men) who are looking to reduce the amount of chemical they use on their skin on a daily basis.  The beauty “recipes” are simple and easy to incorporate; best of all, they work.  The ebook targets skin and hair problems.  It also provides care-tips for overall skin and hair health.

The Beauty of FoodTo nourish your skin using all-natural Persian Royalty beauty secrets, click here now!  


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The Best of Organic Tea Review: Tea and Mood

Tea RitualTea is a marvellous choice for all kinds of conditions. Tea has been used for millennia to assist with ailments from common cold symptoms, to joint pain, to detoxification, to headaches, to mood.

For the world I live in—the Western world—where life is fast paced, stress-filled and at times overwhelming, tea is most assuredly a balm. Conditions related to stress such as anxiety, low mood (low levels of depression), burn-out, and chronic insomnia plague our communities.

As a licensed helping professional, I have observed that it’s not only clients that suffer from emotional and cognitive ailments as delineated above. These occur in the lives of psychologists, teachers, therapists, social workers and counselors as well.

How do I know this? I’ve supervised and worked with individuals in these professions throughout my career.  In fact, graduate studies alone (even in the social sciences) can contribute to overwhelming stress that has debilitating impacts on immune health, emotional and cognitive wellbeing as well as relational health.

If the very people who are tasked with supporting vulnerable and emotionally needy members of our community are struggling, whatever are we to do?

While I have many suggestions for those suffering from anxiety, low mood and burnout, I’d like to suggest an enormously simple strategy. Tea.

That is, the ritual of intelligent tea drinking. Before you roll your eyes, and move on to another page, please read further. You may be surprised how much support, and some evidence, there is about tea drinking in research.

While tea drinking won’t solve all of life’s irritants, problems, negative patterns of thinking and relational challenges, it does have amazing calming, peace-giving and grounding potential.

Chamomile Tea

Camomille FlowersTake the humble chamomile flower for instance. It can grow almost anywhere, and found wild, may appear more like a weed. The flower looks very close to a daisy, and both German and Roman chamomile are popular for gardeners.

Both German and Roman chamomile can be used for tea, although the German chamomile isn’t quite as bitter as the Roman. These specifics are only relevant if you wish to produce your own chamomile.  In my world, I prefer to depend on tea distributers as it saves on time in my admittedly hurried world.

There is one noted clinical trial that supports chamomile as an anti-anxiety aid, particularly for the condition called Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). This evidence-based study indicated that individuals diagnosed with GAD experienced a reduction in anxiety symptoms that helped them cope better with life.

Dried CamomilleWhile we like to depend on clinical trials, there in also anecdotal evidence that chamomile reduces stress related symptoms as well as insomnia. Going back centuries, natural healers have successfully used chamomile to treat numerous conditions, in addition to sleep disturbances and symptoms of anxiety.  Not to mention, that a lovely cup of tea at the end of the day feels comforting in your hands, can bring you into the present, and calm your soul simply because of it’s soothing warmth.

English Tea StoreTo enjoy a peaceful camomile for relaxation and rest, check this tea out.

Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

I’ve been a tea lover for years. However, I always assumed that black tea contributed to heightened arousal in my nervous system because of its caffeine. While there is caffeine in black tea, it is approximately 30% less than a brewed cup of coffee (depending on how strong you like your coffee).
Dried Black TeaI’ve recently come across reports about a few studies that indicate black tea contains a unique anxiety reducing amino acid called L-Theanine. This lovely substance assists in creating a calming sensation. L-Theanine has been purported to increase dopamine levels, which support a good mood, while having no known side effects.

The dosing seems to be the tricky bit. I’ve read that anywhere from 1-3 cups per day produces a sense of calm. Another study stated 6 cups reduced moderate levels of anxiety (physiological symptoms) substantially. While it appears more research is in orNumi Organic Teader to deterAdamo Teamine dosage, I can speak from my own experience.

To try a lovely black, check out this Adamo.

Or an equally satisfying variety of black from

I began serious black tea drinking a number of months ago following a review of an article that indicated six cups of tea per day would alter an anxious state for the better.  I was in a highly stressful place in my life and experienced uncomfortable symptoms such as “butterflies in my tummy”, whirrin
g, worried thoughts, insomnia, increased heart rate and the like.  I knew the psychological remedies for anxiety reduction, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance to name a few, but I really struggled to reduce the aggravating symptoms in my body.

While I never got up to six cups of black tea a day, consistent tea drinking (approximately 2 strong cups a day) significantly improved my mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety in my body. Then, I used the cognitive strategies to assist with the negative ruminating thoughts that were also maintaining anxiety in me.

I know that you science-oriented people out there might still be suspicious.  An “n” of one (me), isn’t exactly rock solid evidence.  Regardless, what’s the cost of a box of tea to conduct your own “n” of one trial and see how it contributes to a better mood and a calmer manner in which you engage your day?

The Ritual of Tea

The ritual of tea is an imprecise practice of regular tea drinking.  Of course, tea rituals have ancient roots, and still occur throughout the globe.  India, China, the UK and other continents and countries boast from simple to elaborate tea rituals.

What I’m talking about is an intentional ritual you introduce into your life that is consistent and  produces calm through the mindful enjoyment of your brew.  My teatime is after lunch. I  brew some water, and make a cup. Even if I’m heading out to meet a staff member or chair a meeting, I try to have a cup of tea in the sanctuary of my office prior to departure.

I look forward to it.

I savor it.

I’ve started to treasure it.

The benefits come from the tea itself, because I enjoy the flavour. But it’s also the intentionality of reducing my pace, and focusing on something other than work for a few minutes.

I’d love to tell you I always take five minutes to reflect and breathe deeply.  Not always.  Regardless, the ritual of tea is an important part of stress-reduction throughout my day.  Even as I write today, I have cup of the rich brown brew steaming beside me.


Stove Top Safe Infuser Tea Pot

For a stove-top safe Tea Pot with infuser, check out this best Grosche Glasgow seller!

Like many practices, there are accessories attached to tea. Teapots, teacups, teacup saucers, tea strainers, tea balls, and the list goes on. In the end, you can use a pottery mug to brew a cup of tea if you wish. You don’t require anything special, except for good quality tea and water. But for many, the accouterments actually enhance the experience of the tea ritual.

Loose Leaf Tea
The true tea connoisseur will tell you that there is nothing like loose leaf tea, as purportedly, the tea is of better quality. Good quality loose-leaf tea tends to include handpicked whole tealeaves, large pieces of the leaf, handpicked buds or a combination of these. The tea collection method, and in particular the larger pieces, contribute to a fuller flavour.

Loose-leaf tea is typically best when used with a tea ball or tea strainer. If it remains in the cup or pot too long, it can become bitter tasting. Tea balls can be used for cups of tea, although they are most often in pots of tea.

Tea strainers are especially handy to place atop your cup of choice. Spoon in the preferred amount of loose tea and pour in recently boiled filtered water. Let the tea steep for as long as you desire, depending on how strong you enjoy your tea.

Tip: If you have more than one tea strainer, let your tea air dry in the strainer over night and it will easily drop out when turned over. Wet tea is more difficult to remove.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are about convenience. While the hard-core, loose-leaf advocates will say they lack in the same degree of antioxidant, calming, and other health promoting advantages, good quality bagged tea is still available and beneficial. Tea from tea bags can promote peace and health.

Finally, why Organic?

Why organic tea? Tea is readily available almost everywhere. You can spend considerable money on a purchase of tea, or less than $3.00 a box. We know that genetic modification, pesticides and other nasty chemical-practices are depleting our soil and water sources, plaguing the earth. Tealeaves and their consumers can be markedly vulnerable to these realities.

As I’ve discussed, tea is necessarily steeped. Chemicals found in tealeaves can leach into the water you’ve brewed it in, resulting in you ingesting chemicals
that are not good for you and may in fact be toxic.

Tea is a lovely, ancient, and life-giving benefit this earth has granted us. While we fight to stay grounded and attuned to the present amidst the chaos of our modern world, don’t forget the benefits of tea. Practice the goodness tea rituals. Tea and its many advantages can enhance your life regardless of where you live, how you live, your particular taste or style.

Numi Organic Tea

English Tea Store


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A Tribute to Linda Brooks: Rebounding for Better Health Review

Linda BrooksI was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of rebounding superstar Linda Brooks in May of 2014.  Linda was tireless in spreading the word about the benefits of rebounding exercise; a fitness strategy that has had a huge impact on my life and my health!

When I first heard the term “reboundologist”, it brought on a fit of giggles.  We seem to have “ologists” for everything.  But there really is such an animal, and Linda Brooks was a certified reboundologist.

Not only did Linda take the exercise of rebounding seriously, incorporating it into her own life and teaching her students, she became a passionate advocate and writer about how rebounding can have a positive affect on all kinds of health issues.  She wrote on everything from cancer, to incontinence to, optical health to the lympathic system–all areas that rebounding can help.

Needak Rebounders offer a life-changing exercise routine right down to the cellular level!

I had an illuminating experience about a month ago. My massage therapist, who I’ve known for almost 15  years commented on how strong I had gotten–remember, she’s known me for 15 years. She kept remarking on my amazing core strength.  I was surprised by the number of statements she made about this, and when she asked me what I was doing differently, I had to think for a minute.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been rebounding on a soft-bounce rebounder–2 minutes at a time, five or six times a day,” I told her.

“Well, whatever you’re doing, it’s having an amazing impact on your core strength,” she responded.

I have to tell you that I was thrilled by her assessment. If 10 minutes a day (remember, 2 minutes X 5 times) could make such an impression, this was definitely a fitness plan to continue with.

I shared this story over lunch with a friend of mine who is an aerobic instructor as well as a boot camp instructor.  She was intrigued.  She told me she has started to incorporate jumping into many of her routines, and has noticed a difference in her strength as well.  This is a gorgeous woman who is already built like professional body builder;  I was fascinated with how simple jumping magnified her strength.

Linda Brooks and her techniques brought me from a place of being quite weak in my core, to having noticeable strength.  I have to say I’m thankful for her instructive wisdom, and the simplicity of her rebounding processes that clearly enhanced my health.
Needack RebounderNeedak Bar


To benefit from Linda’s approach to rebounding, make sure you use a soft-bounce rebounder like the a Needak Rebounder.  It is professional grade and has a good warranty.  For extra stabilization, consider purchasing the rebounder bar.

Click here for more information about the Needak Rebounder and the Needak Rebounder Bar.

I have gained so much knowledge from Linda’s books, especially “Rebounding for Better Health”.  For a look at Linda’s book, check out this out.

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Thank You Silver Review: How Can Structured Silver Solve Women’s Health Concerns?

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The use of silver has been around for centuries, and it’s been used for more than just monetary purposes.  For example, prior to modern refrigeration, silver coins were thrown into milk jugs in order to keep milk fresh longer.

My mom first introduced me to silver.  I’d never heard of silver that you could drink to help cure a cold, or silver gel to put on cuts, bruises, sores or acne.

Because I hadn’t been around for the ionic  and colloidal silvers promoted prior to my birth, the idea of consuming a precious metal was bizarre to me.  Those who have heard of colloidal and ionic silver  know that while they had some health benefits, the silver and possible contaminents stayed in the body, eventually creating a toxic condition.

Thankfully modern science has reradiated negative side-affects from silver through a structured silver process that is a remarkably simple solution in terms of its ingredients: water (99.999%) and silver (0.001%).

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In fact, the structured silver in Thank You Silver looks, smells and tastes like plain-old water. That’s because it is 99.999% pure water with pure metallic silver as a solute.  The silver has been specially combined with the water molecules to form a new silver solution.  Thank You Silver provides amazing access to silver’s health benefits.

But why would anyone ingest silver?  It sounds a bit strange to many people.  Because we think of silver as a precious metal, we  don’t consider the medicinal purposes that have been used for many years.  Pure silver is known as an anti-fungal, anti-baterial, and anti-viral.  Of course, the term “pure” is the key in all of this.  You don’t want to be sucking on a coin, hoping to kill off the virus you caught last week at the fair!

Health Canada is the Canadian Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health. Thank You Silver is Quality Approved & Licensed: NPN 80046255

Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) reports that Thank You Structured Silver meets the rigorous licensing criteria. Thank You Silver’s Natural Product Number (NPN) is DIN-HM 80046255.  People who choose Thank You Silver can be confident that rigorous quality standards are built into every bottle (

 Silver for Women’s Health

As women, we often care for ourselves last.  We serve our families, our communities, our colleagues and our friends before we start looking after ourselves.  While this is in no way wrong, it may leave us open to becoming run down, tired and worn out.  Thank You Silver has anti-microbial properties that help ward off colds and flus caused by bacteria and viruses–colds and flus that are easy to catch when we’re exhausted.

Sometimes we get so busy that we can’t fit in exercise, plan healthy meals, take time for leisure and recreation or consistently get the recommended 7-8 hours of snooze-time a night.  While we know these things contribute to overall wellness, juggling our responsibilities is complicated.

Many women have special health needs that silver can assist in addressing.  Expert Dr. Gordon Pedersen has taken an interest in women’s health  through his study and research.  He provides common-sense solutions through the use and application of structured silver. Dr. Gordon Pedersen has expertise in the application and research of silver for healing, health and wellbeing.  He has a Ph.D. in Toxicology, and is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  Not only has he formulated numerous nutritional products, he is board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and is an international best-selling author.

Dr. Pedersen recently authored the book, “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness”.  In that book he discusses how to combat concerns such as vaginal yeast infections, vaginosis, sexually transmitted diseases, contamination from sex, blemishes and scars, and urinary tract infections to name a few.

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As a case in point, the structured silver in Thank You Silver has been demonstrated to be effective with certain pathogens.  Thank You Silver is considered a “broad-spectrum microbial” that destroys pathogenic bacteria, inhibits viral replication,  yeasts and protozoa, destroys many fungi, and has been shown to even destroy the malaria parasite.  Furthermore, structured silver such as Thank You Silver, destroys antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA.

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Use the coupon code “5offthankyou” each and every time you purchase.

MRSA is a significant concern in hospitals and nursing homes because our traditional antibiotics cannot address MRSA.  The good news is that structured silver destroys bacteria in a different manner than the antibiotics we’ve typically used.  Thankfully it destroys both resistant and non-resistant bacteria.  Of equal importance is that Thank You Silver, a researched and sanctioned natural health product is cost effective as well as safe.

Thank You Silver is simplicity at it’s core.  It comes in a 16 oz bottle of liquid, and a 2.0 oz gel.  I have used Thank You Silver for everything from a careless burn from my oven (it takes away the burning sensation in minutes), to pimples, to ear and eye infections (yes, you can put it in any orifice of your body safely), to some of the minor women’s issues named above.  When there is a cold or flu in our house, we take Thank You Silver.  When we have food poisoning (I will spare you the details of a
certain caesar salad I consumed at a local restaurant), we take Thank You Silver.

The bottom line for our family is that Thank You Silver works for us.  It  has been a solution for so many ailments and concerns–including those “women’s things”.

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For a copy of Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book, “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness”, click here now.

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For more information about how to use silver to benefit your health, click here for Dr. Pedersen’s new paperback, “A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution: A Quantum Leap in Silver Technology”.  Or, the Kindle version. 

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For additional knowledge about the incredible value of silver for health, click here to purchase,  “The Most Precious Metal: Why Silver is More Valuable than Gold, Platinum or Money” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen.

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Acknowledgements:  Information about structured silver comes from: and

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Veeva Stress Formula Review: How Can I Reduce my Stress Without Pharmaceuticals?

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Life can hit us hard sometimes.  We’re sailing along just fine when all of a sudden we feel as though we’ve been hit by a Mac truck.  For other people, they always seem to be in a state of anxiety.  I can’t tell you how many people in my world suffer from varying degrees of worry, anxiety, fear or stress.  The irony is, although I’m a licensed helping professional, I’m not talking about clients.  I’m talking about friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

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The truth is, I have found myself in periodic states of acute stress and anxiety as well.  There have been times in my life when I’ve been overwhelmed with concerns and pressures that seemed to suck me under, resulting in worry, anxiety and even low grade depressive symptoms.  The most recent was a work situation where I realized I was under the leadership of someone who had “lost their way”.  The person had become increasingly negative, unkind, judgemental and accusatory–not to me, but to my staff.  It had a huge impact on me, and contributed to me feeling hopeless and helpless.  Thankfully, I found a way through and was able to shift the focus of negativity.

Now, stress is a normal part of life.  When we are functioning with “adaptive stress”, like presenting to a group of colleagues, playing in a tournament, or performing with a choir, we are given a little boost of the hormone adrenaline that allows us to do our best.  It keeps us alert, and focussed on the task at hand.  I don’t mind this kind of stress at all.  I know I “perform” better with it.  After the event, adrenaline is no longer being secreted by the adrenal glands, and we go back to a normal, functional state.

Veeva 60 caps

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However, for those people who are in a chronic state of stress, the body begins to be negatively impacted.  You see, chronic stress results in the body remaining in the fight, flight or freeze mode, where adrenaline is pumping even though real threat is not near.  Because bodies are not designed to live in a constant state of stress, they begin to wear down.  Because adrenaline physiologically can’t pump forever, it tapers off, and cortisol, another hormone is released.  Cortisol contributes to feeling down or having a low mood after the rush of adrenaline.

When I was experiencing difficulty at work , I noticed a 10 pack of Veeva at the health store I frequent.  I passed it numerous times, read the back, and thought about how good it would feel to actually return to my place of joy.  It took quite a few visits to the health food store for me to actually pick up the sample pack.

I tried my first dose that very night.  One of the benefits of Veeva’s synergistic blend of nutrients is that it contributes to a good night’s sleep.  Like many people with high levels of prolonged stress, I wasn’t sleeping well.  But, that night I slept much better.  In the morning, I took the next capsule, and realized by about 10:00 a.m. that I didn’t have the butterflies in my stomach, and my mood was more elevated.  I wasn’t having to work so hard to keep negative thoughts at bay.  Positivity seemed to flood me more naturally.

I went on to purchase the 60 capsule box a few times.  Slowly but surely, adding other mood boosting nutrients to my diet (namely nuts, seeds, and greens), as well as being consistent with exercise and other mood modulating activities, my mood difficulties and stress response levelled off.  What a relief.

Interestingly, I told many people about Veeva.  Only one person took me up on it–my office coordinator, who was chronically stressed.  It was amazing to see the difference in her.  A few months after she had been taking it, I noticed she had returned to her negative pattern of thinking.  I said, “Mary (not her real name), have you been taking your Veeva?”  She sheepishly shook her head and told me that she’d run out.  Over lunch, I  dashed to my trusty health food store and bought her another box.  To say she was grateful, was an understatement.

Veeva incorporates an impressive recipe of ingredients known to reduce mental and physical stress and their associated symptoms and promote healthy mood balance. Veeva ingredients include: Cyracos® Lemon Balm Extract, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Theanine, 5-HTP, Choline and Inositol, Bioperine® Black Pepper, Allspice, Cloves and Cinnamon.  These in combination have the potential to shift your days from cloudy, uptight and gloomy to genuinely sunny and peaceful!

If you want to change your stress level, try Veeva TODAY! 

Veeva 60 caps

Try Veeva 60 capsules today!

Try the Veeva Trial Package--10 capsules.

Try–Veeva Trial– 10 capsule package.


*Please note that Veeva Stress Formula has not been evaluated by the FDA.  If you are suicidal or have been diagnosed with an anxiety or depressive disorder, consult your physician before using.  If you have a medical condition, consult your physical before using.  The information contained in this post does not replace solid medical advice provided by your trained physician who is knowledgable about your care.

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