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Oatmeal Seeded Artisan Boule: Try this Scrumptious Artisan Bread

Oatmeal, seeded artisan bread.

Oatmeal, seeded artisan bread or boule.

This artisan bread is a huge hit in my family, especially with my oldest son and his dad.   Because it develops some naturally occurring yeast through the pre-fermentation and fermentation processes, it may be easier to digest for those who can’t eat store bought bread.

After this artisan bread is mixed it can sit in a warm place anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.  A little longer won’t hurt either.  The longer it rests, the more “sour” the dough will become.  If you like that sour taste, let it rest a bit longer.

Ingredients: Oatmeal, Seeded Artisan Bread

1/2 cup organic oatmeal flakes (anything from quick to steel-cut will do)

3 cups organic unbleached flour

3 Tbs organic chia seeds, sunflower seeds or a combination of seeds

2 tsp Himalayan salt or sea salt

1/2 tsp commercial yeast

1 1/2 cups warm, filtered water

This artisan boule is perfect for an everyday sandwich or on display for company.

This artisan boule is perfect for an everyday sandwich or on display for company to enjoy.

Combine the oatmeal, flour, seeds, salt, and yeast together in a large bowl and stir.  Add the water and stir until incorporated.

Cover with plastic wrap and let rest between 8-24 hours.

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.  Once at temperature, place a kettle into the oven to preheat for 30 minutes.

Kneed the dough, form into a boule (round shape) and place on parchment paper.  Cover with plastic wrap and let proof for approximately 30 minutes.

Bake by placing the boule in the kettle using the parchment paper.  Bake for 30 minutes with the top on the kettle.  Bake an additional 7 minutes with the top off for a nice, brown top.

Newly baked oatmeal, seeded artisan bread.

Newly baked oatmeal, seeded artisan bread.

Enjoy this tasty artisan bread with butter, or stacked with whatever sandwich pleasure you enjoy.  This oatmeal, seeded artisan bread is easy to consume.  Store in the fridge or freeze after three days for best taste, texture and softness.


Keto Diet: What’s the Big Deal?

So, what is the big deal with the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto Diet for short?  Truly I had no idea until I stumbled upon Leanne Vogel’s website.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  

I had been noticing that my low-carb approach to healthy weight was leaving me  tired, with low mood, wonky hormones and a barely-functioning brain.  Not a good combination for an emotional-wellness professional managing a staff of 27!  

Enter the new idea of healthy fats.  Really?  The very thing I’d been trained in my teens and early 20’s to avoid?

Click here to learn about the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan.

Well, what do you know?  Fat was exactly what this body and brain needed.  But I had to unlearn all kinds of habits associated with food.  Typically I had eaten grains as a main staple.  That had to change.  When grains exited stage left, my digestive troubles settled right down.  I didn’t feel like I was starving an hour after breakfast and I started to incorporate healthy protein that increased muscle and resulted in me feeling full and satisfied.

So that’s part of my story.  Leanne Vogel experienced a similar life-altering ah-ha moment when she incorporated good fats into her diet diligently and persistently.  So much so, that she began to research and write about the Ketogenic Diet.  She produced a website with awesome products to help the uninitiated learn how to change the way they eat.  This changing of food choices resulted in enhanced wellness for those she influenced.  Keto-eating produced  balanced hormones,  weight loss, mood balancing and muscle enhancing outcomes.  

Check out the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan here.

Pixabay Image 944495Leanne has written numerous articles and recipes that are fun, flavourful and easy to follow.  Her Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is fantastically user-friendly and reasonable.  Why do I say reasonable?  Because big changes like reducing carbs and increasing good fats cannot be overwhelming or daunting–if they are, change is unlikely to occur.  Diet alterations have to be reasonable and doable for the average person–like me!  So, thanks Leanne for thinking of us regular folks who are in need of solid plans that get us from total new-bes, to capable keto-eaters.

Life is busy and hectic.  Having a practical go-to guide that helps you develop healthy habits that result in weight loss, digestive rest, balanced hormones and increased energy can’t be overemphasized.  The Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan is exactly that–balanced, Keto and easy to use as a planning strategy for meals.  

Try it out today and experience healthful benefits for you and your family!

Lies Exposed: Half-way Through The FAT Summit

Healthy fats give me much joy.  A rich, spicy guacamole with raw, organic veggies for dipping, a pastured steak with free-range eggs, and my morning stable of creamy coconut oil, mixed with hemp and chia seeds with a side of banana.  Hmmm, hmmm.  I’m salivating just thinking about these delectables.

Notice there’s nothing fancy about the fare I described.  Just plain, good, fat-filled food that keeps me full and strong, with a fully-fueled brain designed for innovation and creativity.

My last post was about The Fat Summit 2, an exciting opportunity to learn about how your body works optimally so you can shed excess weight, enjoy natural energy, balance hormones and experience good brain-functioning.

The Fat Summit 2 is nearing the half-way point.  Take some time to check out the free talks.  Or, if you already know that you need to change some of your eating habits, click here to purchase.  You’ll hear  life-changing talks by experts who know how to help you overcome common health-pitfalls, and rebuild your life with good, healthy fats.

FAT16_banner_day-5Here’s what’s happening today:                      Want to learn how to be your own health detective?  Today, experts cover how to treat diabetes, the true causes of Hashimoto’s (and how to fix it), the harm of statins and how to use food as medicine. Let’s get to learning!  But don’t just stop with today, consider all the talks in order to build your very best self!


Have You Believed the Lies that FAT is Bad for You?

Have you been told lies about losing weight?Did you too fall for the lie that eating fat is horrible for you and causes you to gain excessive weight?  I’m with you!  In fact in my late teens and early twenties I ate virtually nothing and believed that eating fat was from the dark regions of the universe.

Sure, I was thin.  But I was also low-energy, irritable and had constant brain farts–all during the time I was going to University and Graduate School.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I started reading about the BENEFITS of fat.  “Are you serious?” I thought to myself.  All this time, I had starved myself, felt tired and had a low mood.

Because a low calorie diet was highly unpleasant for me, I decided to look further into high fat, low calorie eating possibilities.  And, Voila!  I knew I had found my new way forward with food.

Now I eat good fat all the time–creamy avocados, coconut and palm oils, eggs & bacon (sorry vegans), as well as other natural, healthy fats made just right for most of our bodies.

Enter the…Fat Summit 2, starting November 7, 2016


Why am I excited about the Fat Summit 2?  Because I believe there are still people out there that think they need to starve themselves on low calorie diets.  Not so, my friends.  Learning how to incorporate good, healthy, brain enhancing fat into your body will do wonders for you.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Attend The Fat Summit 2 starting the second week of November.

FAT16_banner_day-1-1Here’s a just a snippet of who to expect at the Summit.  These individuals are known for their expert knowledge and ability to connect with the audience.  I suggest you consider attending, especially if you want to learn what all the healthy-fuss is about in regard to FAT!


More to come on this.  See you there!

Bullet Proof Coffee Review: What Can Bullet Proof Do for You?

I adore coffee.  If I could drink it all day long I would.  Alas, I can only handle so much caffeine and then I’m unlikely to sleep at night; so, self-discipline is in order.  If I don’t get adequate rest, I’m as grumpy as a bear!

I’m also a bit particular about my coffee.  I like a good, dark roast.  Ideally the beans must be  freshly ground; a french press is my ideal coffee-making machine.  Drinking this utterly delicious beverage is an everyday occurrence for us.

Given my coffee snobbishness, when I first heard about the recipe for Bullet Proof coffee, I was skeptical.  Sure, maybe I could lose a few extra pounds (GOOD fats are GOOD for weight loss after all), but adding coconut oil and butter of all things to coffee was a little out there.  Nonetheless, because I’m a sucker for a new “thing”, I tried it.  Lo and behold, I really enjoyed it.

Bullet Proof Coffee BeansClick here for the real deal from Bullet Proof Coffee!

Since that time, a buzz has started around Bullet Proof coffee.  It genuinely has a lovely flavour, and it boasts weight loss potential when used in the way directed. Dave Asprey the developer indicates that it beats those morning cravings which often occur after a quick cup of joe and a piece of toast.

Like most successful franchise businesses, in the world of Bullet Proof, you can purchase more than coffee beans. They offer a coconut oil derivative that’s touted to be incredibly stable and effortless to add to your coffee.

As mentioned, Dave Asprey is the mastermind behind Bullet Proof Coffee.  He claims that his Bullet Proof beans are free of harmful mycotoxins; apparently these mycotoxins refer to fungi and mold (gross!).  The roasting process seems to be the key to overcoming these coffee-bugs.

XCT OilThe XCT Oil claims six times more power than regular coconut oil and promises high, efficient energy.  I don’t know about you, but that appeals to me in the morning!

Try XCT Oil. Click here.

So, how does one make a cup of this outstanding coffee?  First, excellent quality coffee beans, expertly ground (see an outstanding coffee mill below).  Make a hot cup of coffee, add grass-fed, salt-free butter and the aforementioned XCT Oil.  Throw it all in a blender until frothy.  Voila!  You have a fine, weight-loss-craving-management-beverage that will hold you till lunch (most days).


I’ve already said it, but I’ll do so again.  This is a tasty brew.  It feels decadent, and reportedly aids in weight loss as long as you use as directed.  There are some strong advocates of this rich beverage.  Those who like it, love it!

Bullet Proof coffee is simple to make and only requires three ingredients.  The healthy fats are great for your metabolism as well as your brain.  They have some protein, so keep you feeling satiated.  The caffeine keeps you alert and able to focus on the tasks in your day.


Ok, I admit, this product is a bit “hype-y”.  It falls within the realm of a new diet fad.  I’ll readily admit that.  But, the taste can’t be ignored.  Nor can the healthy fats that you’re intentionally putting into your body every single day.

There are mixed reviews about how well Bullet Proof coffee assists with hunger.  Some reviewers state they’re hungry by 9:00 a.m. and others say it keeps them feeling full for 5 or 6 hours.

Final Word

Despite the fact that there is the element of Bullet Proof being a fad, there’s some genuineness to it all. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate healthy fats into my diet.  That requires some thinking and planning on my part.  With Bullet Proof it’s simple and straight forward.

Diet Proof Diet BookI truly love the taste of Bullet Proof coffee and found the oil easy to incorporate.  Of course this post can’t possibly give you the essential details around this diet, so check out the book for more helpful advice.

Click here for the Bullet Proof Diet book.

As I mentioned, a great method for making coffee that tastes fabulous is using a French Press.  There are some fantastic French Press options out there if you’re tired of your old electrical coffee pot that continues to pump out subpar coffee.  Check below for recommended options that result in an exceptional brew.



Bodum Brazil 8-Cup Coffee Press makes flavourful coffee in 4 minutes. Beaker is made of ultra-light, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Boasts a polypropylene handle and base.

Bodum 1-2 Cup

New Kenya coffee press uses the preferred plunger method. It is heat-resistant, with borosilicate glass beaker with curved plastic frame. It has a stainless-steel 3-piece filter system. All parts dishwasher-safe. 12-ounce capacity makes 1 mug or 2 after-dinner cups of coffee


Cuisinox French Press 3-4 Cup

Cuisinox Double Walled French Press, 800ml. Double walled with 800ml/27-Ounce or 4 cup capacity. 18/10 Stainless Steel

Secura 8 Cup French Press

Secura 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker. 18/10 stainless steel interior and exterior, double-wall construction for superior thermal retention. 3-layered Stainless steel filter traps the smallest coffee grounds to produce an exceptional full-bodied flavor, filter is easy to dissemble and clean. Cool touch handle and knob for comfortable and safe pouring. BONUS Stainless Steel Screen. Dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart Conical Burr Mill

Cuisinart CBM-18C Programmable Conical Burr Mill by Cuisinart. Fully programmable 1/2 pound capacity hopper. 18 position grind selector from ultra-fine for espresso to extra coarse for French press. Removable grind chamber, heavy duty motor, cord storage. Conical burr grinder delivers a full-flavor, uniform grind without heating the beans.

Trim Healthy Mama Review: What Can a New Food-Lifestyle Do for You?

Trim Healthy MammaTrim Health Mama (THM) is a tested lifestyle approach that supports women, children, families, and yes, even men.  Authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett have done a masterful job of creating a way to eat and live in a truly healthy manner.  Not only to do they share their own stories, they also encourage people to take a real look at how they eat, what they eat, and how they address family matters in regard to food.

Trim Healthy Mamma has rave reviews from satisfied customers who have lost weight, reduced daily fatigue and developed a healthy-love-affair with good-for-you food.

To Learn more about Trim Healthy Mama, click here now.

The recipes that Trim Healthy Mamma endorse are family friendly, including Chili, Meatloaf and Pizza.  Of course, these are modified to fit with the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  One of the things that thrill me about Trim Healthy Mama is that there are three main offerings to assist you in your weight management and food-overhaul process. These are not not based on fads or trends but on solid research and a manageable life-style plan.

Trim Healthy Mama BookFirst, there is the book which describes the THM approach including how it came to be and how to begin developing a new perspective or framework about food and eating.  The book has been described as practical and humorous.  In addition, the authors were featured on Fox and Friends, sharing about the “Trim Healthy Mama” book and lifestyle plan.

Second, are the recipes.  So often great ideas abound about how to change one’s approach to food, but it’s difficult to actually take those ideas and create tasteful, satisfying meals.  THM helps you in that department as well by providing numerous recipes that meet the needs of all kinds of palates.

Finally (and this is my favourite) are products.  Yes, not just ideas and recipes, but actual products to help you accomplish THM eating goals.  I’m particularly excited about the sweetener option.

We’ve all heard about how dastardly processed sugar is for our health.  It has an addictive quality, producing unhealthy cravings.  It is a suspected contributor to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and others.  It has absolutely no nutritional value, and can leave us with major sugar spikes and rotten teeth.  Yet, we love the stuff.

Trim Healthy Mamma SugarTHM has a solution.  A natural way to address the sweet-tooth that so many of us have.  It’s a healthful sweeter combo that’s reportedly easy to use in all kinds of recipes.  Not only that, there’s a handy sugar-to-Trim- Healthy-Sweetener conversion table on the website so you’re not stuck guessing. The key ingredients of Erythritol and Stevia are endorsed by health experts like Kelley Herring, author of “Guilt-Free Desserts”.


Some people may not appreciate the faith-based approach to wellness, lifestyle and healthy eating.  A bible-based perspective is what Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett purport.  Even if their belief system isn’t where you’re at, their research based, thoughtful food-approach to wellness is worthwhile and clearly produces results for many who have tried it.


Trim Healthy Mama is a fun, healthful approach to developing a way of eating that helps lose weight.  Not only a weight loss approach, THM is also a maintenance approach to weight.  The THM perspective involves an overriding way of looking at food, helpful recipes and products that support the ultimate goal of being trim and healthy.

Final Word:

Testimonials abound about the huge life-benefits to be found within the perspective and practice of  Trim Healthy Mama.  Like this one for example, “It was NOT until I changed to your diet that my fatty liver, irritable bowel & Fibromyalgia improved out of sight. And the weight loss was nothing short of miraculous. After 15 YEARS of being VERY ill I now have a new lease on life. I praise God for your book and the insights it contains.” –Dianne.

Or this one, “I started Feb 22nd, 2013 and I have lost 60 lbs. I am BLOWN AWAY at how easy it is, and how much I like it. I never thought I would like a diet. I originally thought maybe I could suffer through it to lose weight and then try to maintain with exercise? Instead I would claw someones eyes out if they tried to take this away from me. I will be a THM for life.” –Brooke W.

And for those who have debilitating illnesses, this one, “I had a lot of issues that make losing weight very hard. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid 20′s and have struggled with my weight ALL my life. I also had hypothyroidism, was on medication for blood pressure and had a major case of insulin resistance. I literally had doctors tell me that with all of my issues it would be next to impossible for me to lose weight…THM has been the key for me that has unlocked the door that has held me captive for so long. While I’m not at my goal weight yet, I’ve gone from a size 1x to petite medium. I no longer need my blood pressure medication. “–Jennifer M.

To have a weight loss miracle story of your own, check out the book, the recipes and the products by clicking here now!


THM logo


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Food4Wealth 2015 Spring Review: Two-Green-Thumbs-Up On Organic Gardening

Voila_Capture 2015-03-14_04-12-50_PM

Simon Howden at

Technically, it’s almost spring.  In my part of the world there is still snow on the ground; nonetheless, the days are getting longer and our grass is peaking out from beneath crusty layers of  snow.  There is hope we will not endure more 40-below temperatures.

It’s clearly wishful thinking, but I have my organic seeds sitting close to the back patio door, and I’m waiting a few more weeks until I start my seedlings.  I realize that in some parts of the world, people are farther ahead than I.  Regardless, we will get to the point where the sun melts all the snow and we can safely walk out to our compost and start getting the ground ready to plant.

Click Here to learn more about organic gardening.

Food4Wealth is going to be our organic garden companion this summer.  We have a plot measured out, and are ready to start organizing the supplies we need to grow a passel full of healthy vegetables despite our relatively short growing season.

And, blessedly, the supplies are minimal: a patch of sectioned ground, a bunch of newspaper, compost, hay, and seeds. I even have my husband fully on board.  He’s been diligently reviewing the Food4Wealth program with much excitement.

It’s easy to get the kids on board.  They adore fresh produce—carrots, radishes, cucumbers and watermelon.  And dirt.  What kid doesn’t like dirt?

What makes Food4Wealth unique? In a word, simplicity.  Because the focus is on organic produce, a plan for minimizing and eliminating pests and weeds is at Food4Wealth’s core.  Additionally, the method is soundly ecological, so the vegetable garden is constructed differently that one built from rows.  It’s easy to plant, monitor and maintain.

If I had to be outside weeding a vegetable garden every few days I’d give up.  In fact, that’s what I’ve done in the past.  While I’ve almost always planted a garden with much gusto and great spring intentions, by end of July I am absolutely sick of those intrusive weeds and I’m ready to till the whole thing under.

What else makes Food4Wealth unique?  The reviews.  People are raving about this method.  And, there have been thousands of customers happily growing veg with glee.  Customers are getting results with home-grown, organic produce to nourish themselves and their families.  Both beginners and knowledgeable gardeners give this product and its result two-green-thumbs-up.

Click here to learn the health benefits of organic gardening.

Voila_Capture 2014-12-27_08-29-31_PMBenefits

The Food4Wealth plan provides a step-by-step instruction manual.  Not only are the instructions clear, the ebook offers illustrations that make it easy to follow.  In addition, you receive an audiobook so you can listen wherever you are—even in the garden.

The video tutorials are a wonderful addition, especially for the novice gardener.  And to be honest, since most people do not use this ecological gardening method,  the tutorials provide visuals to those veteran gardeners as well.

For stress-free garden creation, you receive an easy to follow sequential project plan that outlines what to do and how to do it.  You also receive support around maintenance and next year’s storing of seeds and planting preparation.


The Food4Wealth process, while boasting time-limited preparation (around 8 hours), still requires some organization and work.  Additionally, this preparation requires home-grown compost. Without your own compost, you’ll have to find some for your usage, which may take some ingenuity and/or money.

Final Word… 

Food4Wealth is an inexpensive program, based on sound ecological methods that produce health-filled veggies regardless of where you live.

In a world of genetically modified vegetables and fruit, pesticides and other chemicals, it is a wonderful option to be able to develop self-sufficient practices where food is concerned.

Click here now to learn the Food4Wealth method of sustainably growing your own organic vegetables.

For additional information, check this out on Youtube:

Voila_Capture 2014-12-31_01-15-03_PM

Jonathon White, producer of Food4Wealth.

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100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats Review: Who Knew Snacking Could be So Good?

Learn more about wholesome, raw, nourishing snacks and treats.

I adore snacking.  And, with two highly energetic boys, snacking keeps us going throughout the day.  When we plan to be out of the house for more than an hour, I’m packing up Ziploc containers full of healthy snacks.  The moment my boys see me pull those out those snack-packs they ask, “Where we goin’?”

Healthy, sugar-free snacks made with natural ingredients are not always easy to come by.  Isn’t that the understatement of the century?  Certainly there are lots of highly processed options, but that’s not what I want for my kids or myself.  While an apple is a nutritious selection I use regularly, it doesn’t have the protein required to keep our momentum and balance our blood-sugar over the longer-haul.

Click here now to learn more about 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats.

Fundamentally, the requirement for my family are snack varieties, and lots of them. Not only is a lack of variation boring, eating the same snack again and again means my family and I are not benefitting from a range of nutrients to be found in healthy choices.

The developer of 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats is a former National Champion Bodybuilder named Carolyn Hansen.  Complimenting that illustrious credit, she is a noted health and fitness author, as well as the co-owner of two health clubs in New Zealand.

Despite these facts, there was a time when Carolyn was anything but healthy—she was too busy working in the health industry to pay much mind to her own health.  Ironic, isn’t it?  She wrote, “I rub shoulders with people who live, breathe and eat fitness. Sadly, despite my background, I was often tempted to eat things that I knew I shouldn’t.”

At some point, the light came on for Carolyn and she decided she needed to begin to alter her relationship with food.  This necessitated a plan to invite nutritional excellence into her life. One part of her strategy was targeting an area of eating that is easy to blunder in—the area of snacking.

What is unique and enticing about 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats is the raw aspect of the ingredients.  I don’t have anything against cooking and baking, but I do appreciate diversity in my life and food.  Adding raw snacks, other than the infamous apple, allows me to provide a broader range of nutritionally viable foods to my family.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_06-45-07_PM

What recipes will you find in 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats?

  • Berry Maca Pie
  • Carob Fudge
  • Chocolate Avocado Pie
  • Date Nut Torte
  • Chocolate Creme Cheesecake
  • Rawsome Chewy Caramels
  • White Chocolate Goji Fudge…to name a few

Go here now to check out 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and treats!


An obvious question for some will be, “If I change the rest of my eating habits, why can’t I leave my snacking alone?  I love my snacks.”  While it may feel like tackling snacks is a small matter in the big scheme of things, poor nutrition choices add up.

If you’re not a snack-er, then this is not for you.  Although, if desserts are your thing you may want to take a gander, as this collection seems to have an affinity for the sweet tooth.


What can I say?  Natural ingredients.  Raw ingredients.  Low-glycemic ingredients.  All are supportive of overall good health.

The price of 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats is more than sensible–it’s cheap.  For a busy, on-the-go family, having an array of wholesome snack food to dig into is essential.  Teaching your kids that diving into something nutritionally worthwhile will have a longer-term impact as they come to know the value of superior food.  One of the ways this is possible is to have healthy, raw snacks and treats on hand.

The Final Word…

It takes work to be diligent and focused on healthy living. Having a multitude of tried and tested recipes at your finger-tips helps to maintain that focus.  100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats gives you the tools to address where good health may be compromised—daily snacking.

Healthy raw snacks and treats.

Enjoy healthy raw snacks and treats today!


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Alkaline Cookbooks and Recipes Review: What Would it Feel Like to be Truly Healthy ?  

Alkaline recipes

Learn more about tantalizing, alkalinizing recipes.


In the last 9 years, Emma Deangela has been on a quest to design a perfectly balanced alkaline diet package for the health-savvy consumer.  Our fast-pace, convenience-focused culture frequently depends on highly processed foods full of chemicals and fillers.  Our diet-default-plan often results in extremely acidic bodies that are more susceptible to disease.  Bodies that are alkaline, with a good pH balance are more able to resist disease and maintain good immune systems across time.

If you’ve read other posts of mine, it will come as no surprise that I’m concerned about our overweight, unhealthy and fatigued populace.  I’ve been studying nutrition and fitness for years. The fact is many of us consume too many foods with acidic properties. This results in our internal systems having to work harder to manage healthy pH levels. And yes, it leaves us open to disease.

Click here now to learn more about alkalizing your diet!

The Alkaline Cookbooks and Recipes compliment presents a natural and wholesome approach to building healthful resilience, encouraging foods without pesticides, chemicals, fillers and the like. Eating a diet high in alkaline ingredients is a significant factor in losing weight and improving health naturally.

The Alkaline Gourmet Package boasts some impressive bundles:

Alkaline Cook Salads

Alkaline Salads for robust health!

Firstly, Alkaline Recipes provides 50 alkaline recipes with a full 14 Day Meal Plan designed to boost your alkalinity and energy. Within this recipe book,

enticing variety exists including recipes for breakfast and lunch. In addition there are recipes for juices, soups, salads and desserts.

Secondly, Alkaline Salad Gourmet, details extraordinarily flavourful and simple salads that excite your taste-buds. Of course, salad recipes are only as good as the salad dressings that accompany them. Included are more than 10 mouthwatering and wholesome salad dressings to add spice and enjoyment to your salads.

 Thirdly, the  Alkaline Delights recipe e-book  outlines various ways to use the versatile avocado. Who would have thought that the humble and bland avocado could produce such delightful sounding fare like, Quinoa Avocado Skillet, dreamy Pistachio Almond Avocado Tartlets, Avocado Topping Shepherds Pie, and Raw Chocolate Avocado Truffles?

Fourthly, the Alkaline Green Smoothies collection delineates 50 green smoothies for boosting your energy while alkalizing your pH. Leafy green vegetables are nutritional dynamos, packed with a remarkable list of nutrients that can give you a boost in energy and deliver a profusion of essential minerals and vitamins to your body.

To add healthy alkalizing food to your diet today, click here now!

If purchasing now, there are three bonus specials:

  • Alkaline Italian Delights
  • Gourmet Fruit Ice Creams
  • Natural Juicing Recipes


When Emma Deangela calls this a package, it really is a package. With the bonuses, there are seven electronic documents to peruse. For someone just exploring the world of alkalizing, this may feel overwhelming.  My suggestion is to start slow, paying most attention to the main e-book, simply called Alkaline Recipes. This e-volume outlines the basics of shifting to alkaline recipes and includes a “few extras” to start.


If you’re considering a wellness life-style change, this recipe collection has much to ponder. For those starting a new phase in their eating habits, a meal plan can be very helpful; the Alkaline Recipes offers such a thing with it’s 14 day meal plan. Knowing explicitly how to initiate a diet shift reduces feelings of frustration and overwhelm for the beginner.

For someone who is already pursuing an alkalizing diet, this collection broadens your recipe repertoire, inviting you to maintain the lifestyle with new, exciting and appetizing recipes. The compilation really does have something that will appeal to everyone in the family.

For the number of recipes in this broad accumulation, the price is reasonable. As with all ClickBank products, it comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

The Final Word…

Taking steps to build a healthier body through an alkalizing diet is a noble objective, and will make you feel gratified by your choice. The benefits of weight loss, reduced fatigue and equalizing pH levels routinely has a positive effect on one’s psychological well-being. Body and emotions are intrinsically connected; developing good physical health will benefit every part of your being.

Alkaline Cook Series.

Alkaline your diet and thrive with the Alkaline Cook series.

Click here now and enjoy life-altering nutrition and good health with alkaline recipes today!

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Guilt Free Desserts Review: Great Tasting Desserts and Good for You Too?

Guilt Free Cupcake

Guilt Free Desserts taste great and boost your health too!


I’ve been following Kelley Herring for some time now, admiring her discipline and unwavering commitment to natural, gluten-free, low glycemic deliciousness. I stumbled upon Ms. Herring after having my second baby when my digestion went out of whack and I was investigating a gluten-free diet.

I must say, her tasty treats are truly scrumptious and use anything but what I’m used to for my typical baking—no more white flour, pastry flour, corn starch, brown sugar (or heaven forbid, white sugar). Rather, nutritionally rich almonds, cocoanut, range free eggs, palm sugar and mmm…mmm butter.

Kelley Herring has a science background, as well as a strong desire to see people thrive in good health, using nature’s best nutrients in order to stay strong, fit, and healthy. She says, “Thanks to the latest in nutritional science, it can be downright easy to create desserts that are so sinfully moist, sweet and delicious… you’ll swear they’re bad for you.” Kelley is also the Editor in Chief of the four-book series, Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility, published by McGraw-Hill.

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What does the Guilt Free Desserts recipe book entail?

  • 50 all-natural, gluten-free, low glycemic, fail proof desserts using ingredients that are easy to come by including:
    • Lemon-Ricotta Soufflés
    •  Flourless Chocolate Cake
    •  Gingerbread Cookies…to name a few
  • Free bonus 1: Awesome Appetizers including yummy fare such as:
    • Smoked Salmon Canapés
    •  Spinach Artichoke dip
    •  Chevre Scallion Cheese balls
  • Free bonus 2: Copycat Girl Scout Cookies–all-natural alternatives to the most loved Girl Scout cookies, including:
    • Thin Mints
    • Caramel Samoas
    • Chocolate Tagalongs

pound cake

Learn more about how to enjoy dessert in the guilt-free way!


Guilt-Free Desserts requires a whole new way of looking at food, particularly sweet food. It’s like a complete re-education in baking and cooking.

It took awhile to get my mind around it, as well as purchase the necessary ingredients to begin preparing Guilt-Free Desserts. While Kelley Herring states that many of the ingredients can be found in your pantry, that wasn’t the case for me. I did have to shop differently, usually at an organic market. The ingredients are expectedly pricier than the so-called equivalent one would find at typical grocery stores.


One of the significant benefits of Guilt-Free Desserts is the elimination of processed sugars. A low-glycemic lifestyle has all kinds of benefits, especially for those who are pre-diabetic, or diabetic. I use alternate sugars for my family all the time, and find they’re just as tasty, and with the right guidance versatile.

These desserts fill you up. While the ingredients are more expensive than typical baking ingredients, you feel full quicker without the spike in blood sugar, and the heaviness in the pit of your stomach.

This is quality food. You can have a piece of carrot cake for breakfast, and feel the energy throughout the morning. I love the fact that I’m feeding my kids something nutritionally dense, without a bunch of chemicals or processed ingredients. I can honestly tell the difference in them when they have conventional baking, and when they eat something with low-glycemic, all-natural ingredients. Their moods are better and their energy is more consistent, longer.

espresso chocolate mousseThe Final Word…

Guilt Free Desserts is a steal at the current price of $24.95. Even if you aren’t gluten-free, these recipes will add balance to your diet, positively impacting blood-sugar and energy levels. You’ll also learn about the advantages of using alternate ingredients to benefit your health.  The information provided in this e-book is both illuminating and motivating, and will encourage you on a path to optimal health.


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