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Food4Wealth Review: Can You Actually Grow Organic and Make Money too?

Organic, home-grown food at a fraction of the cost.


I am absolutely in love with the idea of gardening. I even have a little plot in the backyard along with a couple of garden boxes. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love organic produce, so it makes sense I’d be a great gardener. Well, I’m not. Every year I start out well, and every year I fizzle out shortly before harvest comes around. Why? Because I’ve done all the digging and weeding I can stomach for the season.

So, this year I found a solution. My family bought into an organic garden farm, where we were to get 100 lbs. of vegetables for $300.00. OK, maybe a little steep, but I thought we’d give it a try.  Bad move.

Not only did we not acquire the 100 lbs of produce, it turns out the growers weren’t that interested in customer concerns. Our last pick-up included potatoes. I love fresh potatoes with butter and dill. What a treat. Alas, the potatoes came in a gunnysack that had clearly been snuggled up near petroleum products resulting in a contaminated bag.

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Naively, we thought we’d give those potatoes a whirl anyway, but it turned out they tasted like gas. When I contacted the growers, they didn’t give me so much as a, “sorry, we’ll do better next year—thanks for the useful information about our sacks.” Nope, not a word. I guess they won’t be getting my business next year.

Voila_Capture 2015-03-14_07-23-27_PMThe Food4Weatlh process has really gotten me curious. Especially because it reports requiring as few as eight hours a year. I’m trying to wrap my head around that one, but even if it’s only 28 hours a year, I might be in.

Mr. Jonathon White is an environmental scientist and horticulturalist concentrating his techniques on ecological practices that produce results. He claims, “The study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food”.  Jonathan White’s system is explained as much simpler than current gardening methods used in Western cultures. In fact, for those who embrace this counter-garden-culture, food production will become a natural and almost intrinsic way of gaining food.

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One of the limitations of this process is the mental mountain that requires scaling. It’s hard to believe that all this time I could really have been producing good quality, organic food with minimal amounts of effort. My entire life I have watched my parents garden the Western way, and it’s a whole heck of a lot of work. I’ve tried to follow their example, but I just poop out by the end.


Learning a system to produce an organic crop, rather than a few veggies from a garden plot is a 180-degree shift for me. The possibility of saving money on produce from the grocery store sounds absolutely marvellous.

For those who want to go whole steps farther than I do, diving into this system in order to sell your produce is an exciting option. Just be more ethical than my little friends down the road who sold me tainted potatoes.

The Final Word…

In a world where chemicals pretend to be food, and grocery produce sections hawk “fresh”, when the apples have been sitting for 6 months, personal organic gardening could be a satisfying, wholesome panacea. Imagine showing off your “farm” to your friends and family, nourishing yourself and those near you.

Learn about how to develop your own organic garden using the simple, effective and healthful approach designed by Food4Wealth!

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

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Kitchen Chatters Ultimate Juicing Guide: How Can Juicing Bring Healthy Advantage?

Kitchen Chatters Ultimate Juicing Guide

Learn more about the health benefits of juicing!

I have to admit that I love the idea of juicing. And, I do it about once a week, regular as clockwork. I can always get greens into my kids that way (bananas hide the taste or organic spinach very well).

Typically, juicing once a week is as far as it goes. I might be really inspired and add a couple pieces of pineapple and a wedge of ginger to spice it up, but I haven’t yet found a way to make juicing more than a once a week event.

And why should it be? You’re asking. Good question. For me, I’m very conscious about what I feed my family. My kids know the term, “Greens are good”. Over the years, I have studied the benefits of juicing. Studies present it to have very good health and wellness outcomes for those who are consistent.

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But, juicing takes thought and effort. Because I always have spinach and bananas on hand (frozen or raw) I can quickly throw them together with some ice. As you might imagine, that recipe gets boring after awhile.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide, by Talisha Roos provides 50 + health promoting juicing recipes to address your needs and tastes. Yes, it addresses health needs, from serious illness, to detoxification, to immune support to weight management.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide claims to have it all, or at least a little of everything. What is appealing for me are the actual recipes.  However, for newbies there is manualized information about the benefits of juicing. This will also reach those who are on-the-fence, but definitely curious about this lifestyle enhancement.

A key piece of advice that shows up on the landing page is how juicing can positively impact your bank account. Well sure, that makes sense to me. When I’m not buying processed foods, but rather lots of fruits and veggies (as well as meat and dairy–sorry vegans), my bill is less. This principle is called the “shop the perimeter” principle and it sure wasn’t coined by Talisha Roos. Nonetheless, she uses it strategically, and she’s probably right. Not only are processed foods pricey, they are full of all kinds of fillers, MSG and other chemicals which health experts say are not good for our bodies.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide boasts almost “100 pages of thorough and meticulously organized content” which inform you about array of unexpected juicing benefits, as well as how to modify to meet your tastes—if you have children, then you know this is a must. Broccoli must be hidden!!!  In addition, some necessary help around how to choose appropriate foods for juicing and how to store and prepare them is available in this guide.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-06-06_PM

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While juicing is a wonderful addition to my family’s regular weekly fare, it takes planning. Maybe if I juiced everyday (and I truly wish I did), it would require less planning. You see, you need to have the right foods on hand, and you need to have them in the right quantities so that they don’t go bad before the next batch of juicing.

Truly, you can probably find actual juicing recipes on the Internet if you just need some variety in your juicing diet (although Talisha Roos recommends the opposite).


There are so many benefits to juicing. I could go on and on…immune support, detoxification, natural vitamins and minerals, weight loss (if used in conjunction with a reasonable plan). What is valuable about this resource is that it gives you the 101 facts that help to get started and maintain the practice with helpful hints over time. It even addresses misconceptions about prices of juicers and how to begin on a limited budget.

The price of this e-book is fantastic. You can go back to it again and again. When you fall off the juicing wagon, it’s there to remind you about the benefits, and help you stay on track with variety and interest.

This e-book comes with a bonus guide for healthy weight-loss using nutritionally dense foods through the practice of juicing.


Kitchen Chatters Banner for the Ultimate Juicing Guide.

Juicing benefits for the whole family!

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The Venus Factor Review: How Can I Loose Weight Without Starvation and Diet Pills?

Reduce weight and keep it off for good with the Venus Factor.

Reduce weight and keep it off for good with the Venus Factor.


It started after I had my second child–the dreaded weight gain–grrr. I didn’t gain much.  In fact all my clothes still fit. But they were a wee bit snug around my waist and that drove me bonkers.

The developer of the Venus Factor, John Barban has a Master’s Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has studied weight loss extensively. It is told that he became very curious and concerned about his sister who was unable to lose weight, resulting in dangerous obesity. This propelled him to research specific methods for women in particular to lose weight.

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What John stumbled upon, was one master hormone called Leptin that speeds up your metabolism so you don’t store fat. Astonishingly, women have twice as much of this fat burning hormone Letpin than men. So the obvious question is, why is it easier for my husband to trim down his waistline than me?

Despite this additional Leptin, women can be less responsive to burn fat than men. This is called Leptin resistance. Sadly, this Leptin resistance can be observed in the worrisome cellulite found in problem areas. Interestingly, when women diet, Leptin levels drop twice as much as men. Girls, our metabolism slows right down.

What we then experience is the ugly phenomenon of rebound weight gain. Diets actually set our metabolism dials to “off”.

While John says it’s “not your fault”, it makes me wonder about the weight loss industry that pushes diet product after diet product. Who’s fault is it really?

Because we have more fat burning potential than men, we can actually reset the Leptin levels in our bodies. When this master fat burning hormone works for our benefit, we end up being in much better “shape”.

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Voila_Capture 2015-01-10_02-38-15_PM

John Barban shares about Leptin resistance.

What the Venus Factor does:

  • This program put women’s bodies into metabolic override
  • It unleashes our full-fat-burning potential particularly in the problem areas of the stomach, backside and hips
  • It offers researched and practiced techniques by using a fat loss blueprint
  • It provides information about foods that interfere with fat burning
  • It supplies information about one vital nutrient that women are deficient in resulting in weight gain
  • It provides information about one unusual herb that assists with significant weight loss

What the Venus Factor is:

  • A 12 week non-restrictive meal plan that is comprehensive and varied
  • A work out routine that you commit to 3 times a week for 45 minutes, where there is no daytime fatigue or damage to your metabolism. It includes workout video and a nutrition app
  • A program resulting in NO food cravings or plateaus
  • A program to develop eating habits that reduce your weight while ensuring you eat enough calories to maintain your weight loss goals
  • A 180 page weight loss manual

What the Venus Factor isn’t:

  • Diet pills
  • Pre-packaged meals
  • Extensive amounts of calorie restriction
  • 4 or 5 foods to “miraculously” loose weight
  • Hours at the gym or on the treadmill


There is a lot of stuff included in this program–a manual, an app, an online forum, video posts to assist with exercises and more. While this is great, for those who want a simple and unassuming diet plan, the Venus Factor is not it. Reviewers indicate it’s extremely comprehensive and requires some time to put into the learning as well as the exercise in order to digest the content and make it your own. One reviewer indicated the content is a little boring—at 180 pages, that’s understandable.


The Venus Factor is reported to be a complete life-style, habit and fitness renovation machine. It gets to the heart of nutrition and exercise making it comprehensible and doable.

The fact that nutrition and exercise are addressed in the Venus Factor make it more likely to tackle overall health needs, and not simply help someone get “skinny”.

The Venus Factor is a lifetime resource, not simply a manual with a few bonuses. Even if you’re not a 100% motivated to take action on weight loss, you will benefit from scrolling through it’s pages. You can start incorporating a few tips to make small, subtle changes over time.

The Final Word…

The Venus Factor is a comprehensive guide  for those who wish to lose weight, develop healthful habits and feel good about themselves.  Developing skills that you can use across the lifespan to ensure a healthy weight is important for your and for your family!

Don’t wait!  Get the Venus Factor and start losing weight today!

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Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals Review: How Can I Make Healthy Meals for my Family Everyday?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-07_03-02-59_PM

Image courtesy of KEKO64 at

Oh, how hard I try to fill my family with healthy food.  And oh, how difficult it is as a full-time working mom.  I try to have a “green smoothie” twice a week, and avocado chocolate pudding at least once per week in my family’s menu. Organic carrot, celery and pepper slices are served at almost every evening meal. Still, I feel like I need to get more fruit, more veggies and less processed food into my family’s diets. Pressure! Have you ever felt that way?

Diana Keuilian, mother of two and creator of Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals realized just how hard it would be to ensure her children received the proper nutrition required to develop into healthy adults. Fulfilling that mandate became her pursuit when she first began developing

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The recipes found in Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined-sugar free and tasty.  That is quite a feat.  Diana Keuilian notes how high the rates of obesity are for children in North America. Obesity is linked to all kinds of health problems. While no body is designed to carry extra pounds, for children this is especially precarious. Children need to be physically active in order to develop good thinking abilities; obese children have a hard time being active. Keeping physically healthy allows children to participate in activities that build social skills and engage them with positive pursuits across the life-span.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals address the complexity of building health through food on a daily basis for families. In a world that is full of business and shortcuts, it’s easy to become dependent on pre-packaged food, fast food and same-old, boring recipes. Tips, tricks and pertinent information about healthy foods is provided in this collection.


According to reviews, not every recipe is as quick and easy as the endorsement states. Furthermore, being a digital download means one must work between an electronic device and the stove rather, than plopping a weather-worn recipe book on the counter. As I’m a recipe-book-lover, this is a downside for me.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-42-42_PMBenefits

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals is touted to be practical and easy to use. It is reported to have comprehensive descriptions for the recipes and discussion about why each recipe assists with weight loss. Reports state that the recipes are legitimately good tasting, which is a must if enticing young children to eat.

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Family Friendly and Fat Burning Meals provides a number of bonuses. These enhance a family’s ability to develop a lifestyle of good, healthful eating. While not everyone wishes to go gluten, grain and dairy free, having the ability to reduce these sometimes-allergens is considered beneficial for many. As gluten, grain and dairy are typically associated with food intolerances and sensitivities, it’s helpful to have a recipe repertoire that allows families to eliminate these things from their diets if they so desire.

This is a relatively inexpensive product ($37.00). With the added bonuses, the quality is enhanced. The ability to access a refund if not found suitable is also considered a benefit.

The Final Word

Keeping children healthy, active, happy and productive is a valuable pursuit for all parents. Keeping parents healthy and able to function at their peak is also worthy of effort.

Finding recipes that reduce foods associated with allergies, eliminate the use of refined sugar and invite children to enjoy nutritious fare is beneficial.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-42-12_PMTo enhance your ability to share the love of good food while reducing the potential of obesity in your family, CLICK HERE! 

Your family will thank you!

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