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Instant Baby Sleep MP3 and E-Book System Review: How Can I Get my Baby to Sleep?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-00-53_PMIf you have read my other reviews, you might recall I had  two babies who didn’t sleep.  “Colic,” was the label for my  children. “Lonely, frantic and depressed,” was my label for me.

If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia, you know how debilitating lack of sleep is. However, by having an infant who doesn’t sleep, the anti is upped considerably. Not only are you deprived of REM, you’re trying to care for a little bundle you can’t calm, soothe, or lull into a dreamful state of slumber—something you both desperately need.

During that harrowing time of sleeplessness, we tried various strategies from popular baby books. We tried naturopathy and chiropractic care, we tried old-wives tales and white noise tactics until we were blue in the face. NOTHING worked. Our babies still didn’t sleep at night. In fact, it wasn’t just that we were up a couple times for a feed and a cuddle, we were up for hours, trying to mollify a frenzied infant. The more our babies were awake, the worse it got. As the Instant Baby Sleep (TM) System states, “Over stimulated babies don’t want to sleep!” You got that right!

Had I known about Instant Baby Sleep back then, you can guarantee I would have purchased it on the spot. No matter the price, it would have become my personal property as quickly as possible!  If are in a similar situation to the one I was in, or simply want extra sleep tools in your parenting tool box.

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I’m now in a different state of mind. While my youngest is still just a so-so sleeper, he does have nights where he sleeps right through the night (blessed relief). He’s certainly not crying for hours on end like he was those first three years (thanks be!).

The reviews for Infant Baby Sleep System indicate a comprehensive intervention utilizing an effective MP3 soundtrack for baby. In addition, clear written information and strategies are provided using a downloadable guide book addressing various aspects of baby’s sleep-wake cycle.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-01-15_PMThe system provides:

  • A 60 minute Instant Baby Sleep (TM) MP3 sound track
  • An implementation guide e-book
  • 11 steps to sleep success

Reviewers state the Instant Baby Sleep System works. Not only that, one reviewer indicated he had done his own research on the product indicating valid outcomes. He also stated he had used the product with success.


While there appear to be few limitations cited about the Infant Baby Sleep System, the fact that it cannot be purchased in stores may concern some people. Some individuals are not comfortable downloading MP3’s from unknown sources. Furthermore, some people prefer to have a tangible product with clear product information printed on the case of the CD.

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The no-risk, 30 Day guarantee is clearly a benefit. While the Infant Baby Sleep is inexpensive (approximately $20.00), customers are likely looking for something that will work in the present. If they don’t achieve success, getting a refund will not be a problem.

The MP3 is a professionally recorded soundtrack which you can copy onto CDs rather than store it solely on your computer or other electronic devise. Professional quality is a must when seeking to settle an infant into sleep. Quality enhances outcomes; for tired parents, good sleep outcomes are what they want!


If your baby has a serious medical concern, obviously that needs to be attended to first.  Instant Baby Sleep  is for babies whose sleep-wake cycles are disrupted, so those with medical concerns should consult a physician.

The Final Word…

The phrase “sleep like a baby” is simply not true for many infants. Babies truly are precious gifts to be treasured and loved. But, when everyone in the household is in need of rest, it’s sometimes difficult to give them all the positive attention they need. Finding helpful and inexpensive ways to sleep an infant provides everyone the stamina to get through those “baby years” with joy, peace and healthful rest.

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