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Have You Believed the Lies that FAT is Bad for You?

Have you been told lies about losing weight?Did you too fall for the lie that eating fat is horrible for you and causes you to gain excessive weight?  I’m with you!  In fact in my late teens and early twenties I ate virtually nothing and believed that eating fat was from the dark regions of the universe.

Sure, I was thin.  But I was also low-energy, irritable and had constant brain farts–all during the time I was going to University and Graduate School.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I started reading about the BENEFITS of fat.  “Are you serious?” I thought to myself.  All this time, I had starved myself, felt tired and had a low mood.

Because a low calorie diet was highly unpleasant for me, I decided to look further into high fat, low calorie eating possibilities.  And, Voila!  I knew I had found my new way forward with food.

Now I eat good fat all the time–creamy avocados, coconut and palm oils, eggs & bacon (sorry vegans), as well as other natural, healthy fats made just right for most of our bodies.

Enter the…Fat Summit 2, starting November 7, 2016


Why am I excited about the Fat Summit 2?  Because I believe there are still people out there that think they need to starve themselves on low calorie diets.  Not so, my friends.  Learning how to incorporate good, healthy, brain enhancing fat into your body will do wonders for you.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Attend The Fat Summit 2 starting the second week of November.

FAT16_banner_day-1-1Here’s a just a snippet of who to expect at the Summit.  These individuals are known for their expert knowledge and ability to connect with the audience.  I suggest you consider attending, especially if you want to learn what all the healthy-fuss is about in regard to FAT!


More to come on this.  See you there!