Children Learning Reading Reviews: Reading Success for Youngsters

childre-readingI am absolutely passionate about helping little-brains grow into healthy, productive and successful mature-brains. I have worked in the education and mental health fields for almost 15 years, and know the power of good reading skills for children and adolescents. I have assessed numerous children and youth over my career; when I discover their reading ability is significantly below same age peers, my heart goes out to them. I know life will be more difficult for them without successful reading skills.

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When kids feel limited in their academic ability, it has a significant impact on their feeling of self-efficacy. When they struggle with things that their peers seem to achieve almost effortlessly, it takes a toll on their little hearts. Parents who observe their children struggling to read may feel powerless and even start to blame themselves for their child’s inability.

Our western world emphasizes the necessity of reading. We all know that success in the classroom requires the sequentially developed ability to read–phonemic awareness, letter and word identification, understanding context and more. Success in the real world is no different–reading is essential. Everything from reading menus and newspapers, to understanding bills for services, to comprehending sub-titles on media presentations require reading skills.

Children Learning Reading is reportedly designed by parents, for parents. The developers, a couple named Jim and Elena who have 3 children used this method with their own kids when they were teaching them to read. Thus, Children Learning Reading is a system that parents can use at home in order to assist their children develop the life-long skill of reading fluently and with understanding. According to reviews, parents absolutely love this reading program because it’s simple, practical and effective.


This program does not appear to be designed for children who have neurological impairments like learning disabilities. While it likely still has beneficial components such as sequential learning (letters explicitly linked to sounds), phonemic awareness and other reading essentials, children who have learning disabilities will benefit from specialized assessments with targeted interventions to meet their unique learning profiles.


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This program is designed for parents who want to teach their children to read with success early in life (prior to 3 years). The testimonials speak for themselves, and parents report that even young children are building reading skills, enjoying the open world of early literature.

The program purports that a daily dose of 10-15 minutes while using this system enhances the child’s ability to read in a relatively short period of time.

Clearly, the developers of Children Learning Reading have put some time and effort into the study of reading success. They cite articles that support early reading ability and successful academic outcomes later in life. Based on my graduate level training, I am familiar with similar literature, and can confirm that early reading success indicates strong academic outcomes for children.

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While some product sites I’ve reviewed describe exceptional results, very few have research articles to support their system, perspective or product. Children Learning Reading provides a brief bibliography for parents to review on their own. This is considered a significant benefit.

Children Learning Reading is inexpensive compared to hiring a reading tutor or sending your child to a reading enrichment class. Not only is the product inexpensive, it allows parents to connect with their children in a healthy, productive activity that enhances good attachment relationships, which are known to heighten psychological outcomes for children.

The Final Word

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-20-56_PMIf you are a parent interested in accelerating early reading skills in your child, enhancing their ability for academic success, and building good parent-child attachment, then Children Learning Reading will be an excellent addition to your parenting arsenal.

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