Plan My Baby–Prince or Princess Review: How Can I Ensure the Gender of my Baby?

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The Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess guide has been developed for couples who want to have an almost certain way of ensuring they conceive the gender of child they desire. While many couples are simply grateful that they have given birth to healthy and happy children, there are some who desire a child of a particular gender. If that is where you’re at, then this e-book is for you.

Alicia Pennington is the author of Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess. She is reportedly a midwife of over 20 years, and has consulted physicians and interviewed couples who have practiced the art of gender selection methods for their children. Information reveals that the content of this book is rooted in science, while at the same time being very practical. While some reviewers identify repetition in the content, this really isn’t a negative aspect. Repetition means the reader will likely retain the concept as it has been introduced more than once.

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Available information indicates that Alicia invited her patients to try her methods. It appears she even had an initial sample of 117 couples, where the outcome was a 94% success rate, indicating statistical significance if her methodology was sound. Reportedly, this guide has helped over 8,000 people to date.

Today, Alicia Pennington works as a consultant rather than a mere midwife knowledgeable about gender selection methods. It appears she had such an overwhelming response to her success with gender selection with individual patients, that she decided to broaden her scope to help meet the needs of a wider audience. Hence the guide, Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess.


While there does not appear to be a great deal of negative reports, it is clear that the   94% success rate is less than ideal. How does a couple ensure they are not in the 6% unable to deliver the gender of child they have hoped and worked for?

Midwifery is an ancient art. While a number of women in the western world choose a midwife to assist in delivering their children, it should be noted that some practices are contrary to a typical physician assisted birth. Thus, if you are skeptical, going over the guide with your physician, while pointing out the high degree of success may make you more comfortable.

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A significant benefit to this guide is that the processes described are completely natural and will not harm the mother or pre-planned baby.   Not only are natural procedures described, it is reported that Alicia Pennington actually used the methods herself when she was trying to get pregnant, experiencing success.

Another benefit to this guide is that it is a teaching tool for couples. It discusses fertility, natural foods and healthy alternatives to the modern diet that benefit a developing fetus and his/her mother. Creating a healthy environment in the mother is critically important no matter the desired gender of the child. Good, sound, prenatal council accompanied by regular doctor visits is beneficial for strong pregnancy outcomes.

The Final Word…

If planning the gender of your baby is near and dear to your heart, then this is a book that will provide rich information about how to increase your likelihood of success. Available information suggests that even couples who are open to either gender, will find good, useful information from a seasoned midwife about delivering a healthy baby into this world.

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