Start Potty Training Review: How Can I Potty Train my Child?

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the concept of potty training when I had my first beautiful baby boy. I knew I’d have to do it, and I actually assumed I’d do very well at it. I am a licensed helping professional, after all, and had worked with children and youth for eight years prior to having my own children. I’d even worked clinically with kids prior to completing graduate training, so surely potty training would be a snap—at least that’s what I told myself.

WRONG! What a humbling experience!  Potty training did not come easy or natural to me and my two boys. In fact, the second son was even more challenging than the first. You’d think I’d have learned a few strategies from my oldest, but not so.

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We used the pull-up method, a staunch “no-no” according to Carol Cline the Start Potty Training developer. Who’d have thought? I just assumed I could convince my kids with my stellar logic and charm to pee and poo on the potty rather than in their diaper.

We read books about going to the potty and “being a big boy”. They loved the books; it didn’t change their potty-outcome. We rewarded; we gave consequences. Just thinking about those days increases my blood pressure.

Well, who is Carol Cline and how does she have the nerve to say she has a “proven method” of potty training that can reap success in three short days? Sounds pretty far fetched to me. OK, so my reaction may be because my blood is still boiling from the memories, and I’m feeling the less-than-positive-emotions of our not-so-long-ago potty training days.

Start Potty Training grew out of Carol Cline’s experience as a mom of four, and day care provider. Alright, so maybe she has some “potty training street cred”; I’ll give her that. With Carol’s first child, she started noticing the huge market for pull-ups. She also noticed that kids who used pull-ups potty trained less quickly than those who did not. Oops.

With Carol’s vast experience she shares about a method that takes three days to instill in a toddler. She’s humble enough to state that there will still be accidents and other “bumps in the road”, but that ultimately by using her method the main foundation of potty training is built.


For some parents, a significant limit is their ability to dedicate 3 full and complete daytime hours to potty training. This plan is for those who are committed to learning and practicing with their child. It also requires a level-headed parent who will give this program a genuine chance. If you don’t qualify, this program’s not for you.

One reviewer indicated that the potty training methods outlined in Start Potty Training are not actually new, and that Carol Cline has re-packaged already valid approaches. Fair enough. An ancient philosopher once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I’d wager a few successful tricks have been honed over the millennia of babies needing to be trained.

Another comment was that after purchasing the program, the reviewer could not get their money back despite the guarantee of eight weeks. Since this is a ClickBank product, there should be no problem with a full refund if you are within the time frame. Just make sure to request a refund from ClickBank rather than the Start Potty Training website itself.


The Start Potty Training program is reported to be thoughtful and easy to follow. Consistency is the Children's Pottyname of the game, and that is a necessary quality for any kind of parenting challenge. Start Potty Training is open about the need to have a no pressure stance in regard to night-time training. This will be a big relief to those who are already starting to squirm when considering the need for nighttime diapers despite the “three day” magic.

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Start Potty Training overviews the differences between training girls and boys. In addition, there is a section on training children with special needs such as those with specific disabilities as well as training multiples (i.e., twins). Travelling with a child is also covered, from going to the mall, to plane travel. Furthermore, Start Potty Training addresses typical fears such as potty training regression and tantrums. There is also the option of a help line. So, if you’re stuck, you can actually contact Carol herself for assistance.

The Final Word…

Maybe Freud was right. Maybe potty training is a critical point in every child’s development. If that’s the case, then my poor children! Actually, my boys aren’t any worse for the wear. Or, maybe it will all come out in their early 20’s while in therapy. Seriously though, I would caution that if your little ones are starting to feel the sting of your frustration, consider learning potty training lessons from an experienced master. Or, if you’re just starting this journey, let this teacher of children and parents lead you to a more fruitful, less unsatisfying journey through Start Potty Training.

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