Talking to Toddlers Review: How Can I Get my Toddler to Stop Tantrumming?

Crying-Boy---300-x-250---Inline-Rectangle (1)I birthed two babies with such extreme “colic” that I thought I would surely go mad. Between the two of them, we didn’t sleep for five years. The first child didn’t sleep through the night until he was 18 months. The second, not until after 3 years of age. Both children would be up for hours at night, screaming at the top of their tiny little lungs.

Although this review is about Talking to Toddlers, and not about colic, the lack of sleep for my children resulted in frequent tantrums and mood regulation challenges that significantly impacted our household. Not only that, my husband and I were so sleep-deprived we could hardly manage at the best of times, let alone when our little ones were tantrum-ing.

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Because I am a licensed helping professional, my inability to tame my children’s temper during the “terrible twos (and threes)” was supremely discouraging. I knew I’d been effective helping other parents with parenting challenges, but I was clearly failing at times with my own children What a humbling experience!

The developer of Talking to Toddlers, Chris Thompson is touted to be an expert in parenting, certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as a noted author. His methods are reported to result in a solid rationale for his intervention strategies which are effective in calming young children’s outbursts. Based on my own knowledge of early childhood development, it appears that Mr. Thomson genuinely understands the basic premises of children struggling to communicate their wants needs prior to their ability to effectively use words.


Reviews of Talking to Toddlers indicate that there is a fair degree of psychological information that builds a foundation for this program. Psychological concepts, while appealing to some, may be unappealing to others. It may take some time to sift through the content in order to get to the meat of the intervention strategies. One reviewer indicated she felt natural “mother instincts” were ignored in the material, resulting in a less complete model for her.

For those families who have children with developmental disabilities or conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, this model will be lacking. Families who have children with neurological concerns would be better off consulting experts who treat particular disabilities.


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Maintaining good, productive relationships with our children is paramount. Children are created with the need to attach in a healthy manner with their parents. When this doesn’t happen, it is more difficult to gain compliance and build trust over time. When a child is particularly challenging, parents put much energy into punitive pursuits, rather than building on strengths. As Chris Thompson states, there is a single word that parents often over-use with toddlers, resulting in temper tantrums– “NO!” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find an alternative to the easy-out “NO!” directive when we’re frustrated with childhood behavior?

Talking to Toddlers may well provide many of the tools needed to help parents feel a sense of control when it appears their child is out of control. The tools and tips outlined are noted to provide insight into reasons for tantrums and develop a plan to overcome angry outbursts based on science and the experience of the developer, Chris Thompson.

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Because the material is presented in an MP3 format, it can be listened to whenever, instead of finding a quiet few minutes to open a book.

One testimonial indicates that not only do the strategies work with her three year old, they also work with the adults in her life. Helpful communication strategies, when combined with developmental knowledge can give parents the power to feel like they are working with their child rather than against them.

The Final Word…

While no system or program can be a magic wand that miraculously creates compliance in young ones, tools such as Talking to Toddlers may provide a solid basis in order to enhance parenting strategies, develop knowledge in the areas of early childhood and build lasting, positive interactions with one’s child.

If you are interested in developing your parenting potential as well as mitigating some of the tantrums in your house, this program will provide you with words of advice as well as strategies rooted in science that can assist you with your toddler.

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