The Anxiety Free Child Program Review: How Can my Child Overcome Anxiety?




For most of my professional career I’ve worked with children and adolescents. I’ve worked in schools, youth custody facilities (jails), and mental health facilities assisting young people find their way through sometimes-terrible difficulties, including anxiety.

What I know from my own work is that anxiety doesn’t have to take control and dominate a child’s life. However, that’s how it feels when kids are in the midst of it. And I know from talking to parents that they become very worried when they can’t convince their child out of the panicked state they’re in. This is completely unsettling and soon it feels like a noose has constrained the whole family.

The Anxiety Free Child Program is an award-winning program (Mom’s Choice Award and winner of Parent Tested-Parent Proved). It has been developed by Rich Preston who struggled horribly with anxiety as a child, and Dr. Cheryl Lane a certified clinical psychologist.

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While the Diagnostic Standards Manual-5 (DSM-5) outlines a list of anxiety disorders that a licensed practitioner can diagnose, I like the term the Anxiety Free Child Program uses to explain the difficulty—a “mental misunderstanding”. While it doesn’t mean that childhood anxiety is “all in their heads”, it does mean that the brain can help overcome the challenge.

The phrase “mental misunderstanding” is instructive and can reduce parents’ fears. Parents understand misunderstandings. What they often don’t understand is anxiety.

One of the standard treatments for anxiety concerns is called, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT. Very simply, CBT teaches people that worries and anxiety can be managed and overcome by understanding the problem, challenging worrisome thoughts, practicing new behaviors, and maintaining the change. That seems pretty simplistic on the surface. However, when programs use CBT, mindfulness, relaxation and other techniques developed at a child’s level, there is a high likelihood of success if used appropriately.

What I like about the Anxiety Free Child Program is that it invites parents into the process of helping their own child. While there is a time and place for professionals, helping parents understand anxiety, learn about the various symptoms, including physical symptoms (stomach and head aches, fluttery tummy, aches and pains, etc.) is powerful. Especially because so often parents feel power-less in the face of debilitating anxiety in their child’s life.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_01-39-42_PMEven the landing page for this program has helpful and accurate information about childhood anxiety. Although it won’t teach the strategies and skills needed for helping your child overcome anxiety, it will give you a good overview and help you determine if it is actually anxiety that is getting in the way of your child having a happy, peaceful and productive childhood, or something else you need to explore.

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Ultimately that’s what we want for our kids, don’t we? We seek to provide healthy food, and a stable environment for them to grow up in. We help them achieve at school and in leisure pursuits. We also need to attend to their emotional mental health needs.

While there are a lot of great workbooks, manuals and journal articles about helping children overcome anxiety, this e-book and subsequent components are quickly accessible and less expensive than other options out there. Not only do you acquire the manual, but an audio version, the Child Anxiety Relaxation and Imagery System (C.A.R.I.S), which supports a child’s ability to mentally and physiologically relax, which can be an important component in mastering anxiety. Additionally, the Anxiety Free Masterminds Audio Series, which has recordings from top professionals is available along with additional bonuses.


This is a comprehensive program that will require parents to take ownership and leadership in helping their children overcome anxiety. Parents will have to invest a significant amount of time in learning the content as they are the teachers for their children. This program will definitely be more work than taking your child to a therapist. Commitment and compassion will be required in order to see success.


When children are anxious, the people they typically desire the most are their parents. Even if there’s a measure of conflict in the home, my professional experience has shown that anxious kids still want mom or dad. Because this program intrinsically involves the parents, it is likely to “stick” if mom and/or dad pursue it doggedly. It teaches a language in the home that keeps the learning alive. Anxiety can sometimes sneak back into kids’ lives, so being able to revisit pertinent content and help your kids return to a balanced state is valuable.

Having a manual as well as an audio of the manual is a great aspect of this product. Having access to age-appropriate relaxation exercises and recording of top clinicians who assist children with anxiety are beneficial.

Reviewers express that this product is sound, and solid, giving it “two thumbs up” and “100%”. One reviewer saw her niece as well as other children overcome anxiety, giving validity to the efficacy of the content.

The Final Word…

Children who struggle with anxiety need a child-focused program to meet their needs. Adapting adult resources for children is not developmentally responsible, and you’re less likely to see results.

If your child is struggling with anxiety then download the Anxiety Free Child Program in order to lift the suffering your child is enduring. A program rather than a few tips from various sites or resources is much more useful because it’s comprehensive.

Once you’ve purchased, keep at it as anxiety reduction takes time. But have heart. By pursuing action, you will see results.

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