Pregnancy Without Pounds Review: How Can You Maintain a Health Pregnancy Weight?

Healthy weight gain and no more during pregnancy.            Find out how.


Having a baby is the one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in a woman’s life. A new little life developing inside–full of hope, promise and unending human potential.

And then there’s the small voice that sadly repeats over in some womens’ minds…

“I’ll never get my youthful body back.”

“I’m so exhausted, I can’t even do a short walk.”

“I’m hungry all the time. Is this normal, natural and healthy? Am I going to balloon to enormous proportions and never get back to size?”

I wish I could say I never thought this way, but I did.  Thankfully my pregnancy weight gain was just baby, and I lost it all quickly afterward. However, I watched friends and colleagues put on additional pounds during that period, and many have kept it on over the years.

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So, what are you to do with worries and negative thoughts about weight gain?

From an emotional health perspective, keeping your focus on the positive, and centering on the joy to come is much more productive than worrying about weight gain. In the full scheme of things what matters is a happy, healthy infant.

Pregnancy without Pounds by Michelle Moss boasts some impressive results for women who are concerned about the changes pregnancy will bring to their bodies.

Changes like:

  • Needless weight gain and unappealing cellulite
  • Thick waistline and a “belly pouch”
  • Irreversible stretch marks and loose skin
  • Sagging breasts

I had terrible morning sickness for the first six months of my pregnancies. Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t gain to much weight. Many women like me, have difficult pregnancies and stop taking care of themselves. Sometimes this causes unnecessary weight gain, in addition to other problems often leading to low self-esteem, intimacy challenges and relationship strain.

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Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-43-19_PMPregnancy without Pounds is designed to assist women with some of the most problematic aspects of pregnancy.


  • Morning sickness and low energy
  • Unnecessary fat storage and poor body image
  • Post-partum depression and recovery time after birth
  • Urinary incontinence and an overstretched vagina

What’s included in the Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds Kits?

The Pregnancy Without Pounds Program (to be used prior to and during pregnancy) contains 5 downloadable files.

  • Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls or .pdf)
  • Weight Gain Chart (.xls or .pdf)

The Mommy Without Pounds Program (to be used after pregnancy) contains 6 downloadable files.

  • Mommy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls)
  • Eating Plan Calculator and Meal Planner (.xls)
  • Goal Tracker and Weight Loss Chart (.xls)


This set of programs preys on a woman’s insecurities and vanity. It claims to be built on what celebrities have done in order to shed pounds following pregnancy, making that the mark for women to meet.

While keeping a healthy weight is important in order to maintain wellness, and reducing morning sickness and post partum depression is extremely valuable, these benefits should be considered as they are, rather than meeting some arbitrary societal standard.

An observation by a customer indicates that while Michelle Moss claims the exercise routines take only 27 minutes. A more realistic timeframe is between 30 and 40 minutes.


Finding ways to maintain excellent health throughout pregnancy and post partum is extremely valuable. Feeling strong, emotionally stable and vibrant is helpful when caring for an infant. Taking care of a new baby can be very difficult. Using a program that supports health (physical and emotional) is good for momma and baby.

It is reported that even pregnancy related acne is overviewed, with some effective interventions that reduce unsightly pimples.

One reviewer stated that she found the program shortly after gaining 15 pounds into her first few months of pregnancy, shocking family and friends. Pregnancy without Pounds helped her develop a systematic approach to stay fit, strong and ready to deliver a healthy baby. She also claims that Mommy without Pounds helped her lose her baby-weight-gain in one month’s time.

The Final Word…

Michelle Moss, the developer of Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds is a fitness expert among other notable qualifications.  There are impressive reviews about these programs with women reporting actual benefit from weight loss after baby to acne reduction. For me, seeking to stay as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy is a noble goal. Having the result of feeling better, stronger and more emotionally stable is a solid place to be when brining a newborn into the world.

 Enjoy a healthy weight during pregnancy and afterwards with Pregnancy without Pounds!

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