Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt Review: Reduce Waist Size Through Walking

At the writing of this post, I am watching the colourful leaves fall from the trees–yellow, gold, crimson and purple.  This tells me that autumn is definitely here, and winter is on it’s blustery way.

Where I live, fall is a short season, and winter is dreadfully long–six months or so.  Thus, being prepared for winter takes on a whole new meaning.  Not only do I have to prepare myself emotionally  for the short, sunless mornings and early evenings, but I also need to make sure I have options in my work-out toolkit to make sure my waistline doesn’t become overwhelmingly pronounced.

I love to walk–especially in the fall, but I know my walking days are numbered.  While today I may be able to tramp through newly fallen leaves, within the month I will likely be tramping through white piles of snow.  Because snow and I don’t get along too well, I do my walking indoors.

Check out the Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt here.Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt

The Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt is an excellent choice for someone looking for a solidly built, dependable, and top reviewed treadmill.

The Exerpeutic 1020 440 XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill has:

  • A 1.5 horse power high torque motor that utilizes “Quiet Drive” which reduces any noise when walking
  • A belt that has been widened to a fitness club size of 20″ for safety and security
  • Extra long safety handles that are 18-Inch long, more than 2 X the length of other typical treadmill handles
  • The ability to Fold up easily and then can be moved to different locations via transportation wheels
  • Been tested up to 400 pounds of user weight

This particular treadmill is 54 Kg, with product dimensions of 130 X 81.3 X 160 cm.  It is 13 inches tall, approximately 60 inches in length and 37 inches in width, meaning you have to be certain it’s going to fit in your designated spot prior to purchase.  When they use the term “heavy duty”, they mean heavy duty!  Steel is used as part of it’s construction.


The downside to this machine is definitely the size and weight of it.  It’s probably not the best treadmill for a small condo or apartment.  And, unless you have some help, don’t be carting it up or downstairs by yourself. Even if you’re seriously muscle-bound, you need someone to help you move this puppy!


One reviewer stated that this is a “good piece of equipment!”   The individual went on to say that, “the treadmill itself was a gift for a person with degenerative disk disease in the lower spine region and it works great in helping to rebuild strength. Longer handles are durable and hold the weight well for support. Options are sufficient and good for the price you pay.”  I couldn’t say it better myself!  Wow, to have someone comment that this has been used as a rehabilitative tool is impressive.

Walking is a good first step for individuals who are significantly struggling with weight issues and want to ease into an exercise routine.  The fact that this treadmill holds weight up to 400 lbs is not an impediment for those looking for a durable machine.  I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with that weight capacity.

For weight loss, check out the Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt now!

Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill with Wide Belt FoldThe Final Word

This treadmill is definitely for you if you need a machine that can hold a heavier individual.  The long arms aid in feeling secure, so if you’re just starting out, you’ll feel more comfortable and steady.

While it’s not a true fold-up treadmill, it does have some capacity to fold-down, and can be stored in an upright position if space is needed.

The Exerpeutic 10220 440XL is a model that’s received high commendation from reviewers, noting durability, strength and function as main features.  Walk into wellness by using the Exerpeutic 1020 today!

To purchase the Exerpeutic 1020 440XL Super Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill, click here now!

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