Needak Rebounder Review: Needak Rebounding and the Anti-Aging Craze

Voila_Capture 2015-04-18_02-44-07_PMHave you wondered how you can develop better health at the very core of your being?  Never really thought about it?  Well read further and I’ll share what I’ve learned about cellular health through rebounding.

Between my first and second degree, I became seriously interested in exercise and fitness.  I enrolled in a distance fitness and exercise certificate course.  I loved the biology and anatomy sections, and really got a lot out of the training around specific exercises to build muscle and cardiovascular health.  What wasn’t covered in depth was the lymphatic system, although I’m sure it was mentioned to some degree.

Check out the Needak Rebounder for cellular health and enhanced strength.

Skip a few years forward.  I now have three degrees, one of which is a graduate degree, a licence to practice in my field, and two babies.  My body feels a mess.  Is it the stress?  Is it the postpartum or something insidiously unnamed?

Without clarity on my medical status, I toddled off to a Doctor of Natural Medicine.  While I wouldn’t say she rocked my world as far as addressing my initial health concerns, she did introduce me to rebounding, and I am truly grateful.  She also talked to me about the lymphatic system, a part of human anatomy that I’ve studied since her original introduction.

Very simply, a top quality rebounder is like a “lymph pump”.  Why the need for a lymph pump, you ask?  Well, you have more lymph in your body than you do blood.  However, lymph only flows one way, and requires physical movement to move.  Lymph provides nutrients to your cells and removes toxins and waste from those same cells.  Different than your blood, lymph is not pumped by your heart.   Hence the need to keep moving in order to cleanse your cells on a regular basis.

When you use a rebounder, waste from your cells are drawn into your lymph veins and pumped toward your heart entering the subclavian vein.   As an exit strategy, that waste flows from your heart to your liver and then kidneys in order to be eliminated.

Interestingly, N.A.S.A. determined in a study that rebounding was 68% more efficient than “jogging”.  The reason the study found, was because rebounding stimulates the cells of your muscles, veins, arteries, bones and organs more comprehensively.  As with most exercise, rebounding improves circulation as well.

As far as unit specifics, the Needak Rebounder has detailed stitching and a reinforced mat covering the springs.  It has  spring loaded legs for quick and easy fold-up.  The leg tips are moulded to protect your floor surface.  It is professional grade, and extremely well-made.


The Needak Rebounder has been thoroughly researched.  It is personally endorsed by Linda Brooks, a Certified Reboundologist–yes, there is  such a thing.  And truly, I owe my growing knowledge about rebounding to the expert Linda Brooks.

According to the research, rebounding has enormous health benefits.  You can only imagine how effective cleaning your body at a cellular level can be!  A Linda Brooks-ism, based on the huge body of research she has reviewed is the “two-minute health bounce”.   This is a simple little rebound strategy that can be done many times throughout the day (best every hour, on the hour).  It is literally a minimal-movement-bounce that doesn’t even require your feet to leave the rebounder.  This movement is your “lymph pump” which moves waste, increases circulation and helps your body push against the gravity that is forcing your ligaments, bones and muscles toward the ground.  Rebounding is a marvelous anti-aging strategy which counteracts that gravitational pull forcing our bodies to lose inches as we age.


The Needak Rebounder is consistently pricier than “mini-trampolines” frequently placed in the same category.  While not the same from a quality perspective, it nonetheless stands out because of price, often resulting in people choosing another, cheaper product.

The Final Word

The Needak Rebounder is a wonderful soft-bounce unit.  You’ll never experience the jarring impact of a mini-trampoline.  It’s perfect for every person in the family from child to senior member.  In fact, with the stabilizing bar, seniors have been noted to benefit even from light bouncing.  Balance, weight control, improved mood, and core strength training can all be accomplished with the simple Needak Rebounder.  If you include a stabilizing bar, an important safety feature is added for those who start out with balance difficulties.

ClVoila_Capture 2015-04-18_02-54-18_PMick here to experience profoundly better health regardless of your weight, age or fitness level using the Needak Rebounder.

          ADD the stabilizing bar for additional balance and advanced fitness opportunities using your own body weight.

Voila_Capture 2015-04-18_03-03-53_PM


Brooks, Linda (2008). “Rebounding to Better Health” . USA.

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