The Beauty of Food Review: Simple Foods For Lasting Beauty?

Have you ever wondered at all the creams, lotions and potions that exist in your local drug store?  When look at the container to read the ingredients, are you able to pronounce some of those words?  Do you question what in the world Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride is?  Yeah, me too.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you are aware that I have been on a quest to find alternatives to the chemical-laden must-haves that the food and beauty industries thrust people.

A while back, I became interested in the work of Hanan, a Middle-Eastern born girl who suffered gravely at the hands of war and fled to America as a lonely refuge.

Sadly, Hanan’s mother was killed, but not before she passed along treasured beauty secrets from her royal Persian heritage.

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Hanan did not understand much English when she arrived in America.  Furthermore, she was faced with all the other difficulties refuges encounter when they flee their home countries–financial pressures, the need for shelter, community and a positive future.  However, those things did not stand in Hanan’s way.  With a few fortuitous encounters and whole lot of courage, she created  the ebook “The Beauty of Food” shortly after arriving on our shores.

“The Beauty of Food”  is remarkable for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it showcases the resilient human spirit despite overwhelming obstacles like Hanan faced with the lost of her family and country.  Secondly, it delivers on it’s promise to provide natural food combinations that work as targeted beauty treatments.

When I first reviewed the guide, I expected it to be like so many others.  You know the ones I mean; guides that tell you what to ingest in order to develop healthier skin and hair.  That’s all fine and well, but I’ve read so many of them now, I know exactly what they’ll tell me.  Eat avocados, gelatine and unprocessed oils, maintain good hydration, drink green tea and the like.  Same old, same old.

In “The Beauty of Food” Hanan provides beauty regime recipes that you use on your skin and nails.  Foods such as tomatoes, bananas, honey, apple cider vinegar, tea, milk, sugar, etc.   I have every one of those staples in my kitchen right now.  What fun I had when I was first introduced to this book!  

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In my opinion, this book has few drawbacks.  However, I did notice that some of the grammar and sentence structure were a little weak.  And a few recipe descriptions could have had more detail.  I chalk that up to a non-English speaker creating an English ebook; an extremely minor inconvenience.

A couple of the beauty “recipes” are a bit messy.  But hey, you’re playing with your food.  What can you expect?


This beauty guide is simple and straight forward.  It is inexpensive and practical.  It provides time-tested beauty strategies that have apparently lasted centuries.

“The Beauty of Food”  is a money-saver if you are looking for beauty strategies that are inexpensive and easy to find.  This beauty guide provides tips for common concerns like split ends, and less common concerns such as hair loss in women.

Hanan will teach you about how to address oily skin, dry skin or wrinkles.  You will learn how certain foods benefit your hands and feet, depending on the concern.  Hanan will instruct you on natural hair solutions as well as facial masks you can create in a matter of minutes.

The Final Word

“The Beauty of Food” is a must-have for women (and men) who are looking to reduce the amount of chemical they use on their skin on a daily basis.  The beauty “recipes” are simple and easy to incorporate; best of all, they work.  The ebook targets skin and hair problems.  It also provides care-tips for overall skin and hair health.

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