Lies Exposed: Half-way Through The FAT Summit

Healthy fats give me much joy.  A rich, spicy guacamole with raw, organic veggies for dipping, a pastured steak with free-range eggs, and my morning stable of creamy coconut oil, mixed with hemp and chia seeds with a side of banana.  Hmmm, hmmm.  I’m salivating just thinking about these delectables.

Notice there’s nothing fancy about the fare I described.  Just plain, good, fat-filled food that keeps me full and strong, with a fully-fueled brain designed for innovation and creativity.

My last post was about The Fat Summit 2, an exciting opportunity to learn about how your body works optimally so you can shed excess weight, enjoy natural energy, balance hormones and experience good brain-functioning.

The Fat Summit 2 is nearing the half-way point.  Take some time to check out the free talks.  Or, if you already know that you need to change some of your eating habits, click here to purchase.  You’ll hear  life-changing talks by experts who know how to help you overcome common health-pitfalls, and rebuild your life with good, healthy fats.

FAT16_banner_day-5Here’s what’s happening today:                      Want to learn how to be your own health detective?  Today, experts cover how to treat diabetes, the true causes of Hashimoto’s (and how to fix it), the harm of statins and how to use food as medicine. Let’s get to learning!  But don’t just stop with today, consider all the talks in order to build your very best self!


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