Coleman Company Signature Hyper Flame Gladiator Stove, Black Review: Reliable Camp Stove

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Being outdoors and enjoying nature is a true blessing, and something that the research says is genuinely beneficial to overall health.

As a licensed helping professional, I know that being out-of-doors is exceptional for mental well-being as well.

Furthermore  camping with your family can benefit relationships because the stresses of life seem to fall right off of you simply by being out of the rat-race.  Beautiful vistas and serene settings bring families into new places of enjoyment with each other.  Memories are born that can assist with challenges that arise once you’re back in civilization.

Now, I’m a camper, but I’m a camper who enjoys a few amenities as well.  For example, I like a tent or some kind of water-proof structure over me.  And, while I enjoy a good campfire, it is very important to me that I’m only cooking hotdogs and marshmallows on it, rather than a full meal.  That is why a solid and practical stove is helpful when enjoying the camping season.

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Coleman Stove

Coleman Signature Gladiator Stove

Stove Specifics:

  • Bulk tank hose hook up for increased runtime
  • Independent, easily adjustable burner controls provide wide range temperature management from simmer to boil
  • Modular accessory line for the option of building a complete outdoor kitchen
  • Steel construction
  • Fits 2 x crab pots side by side
  • Carry handle
  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Shipping Weight:  9 Kg
  • Dimensions:  67.9 X 16.8 X 37.8 cm
  • Black
  • Batteries not included

The Coleman Company Signature Hyper Flame Gladiator Stove uses propane, which is an easily accessible fuel source.  Propane provides a consistent burn as well as the ability to have some variability in your cooking.


The Coleman Signature Gladiator Stove is practical for a family with its two burner construction. Because is uses propane you can do anything from boil water, to fry the fish you caught during the early morning hours.  One reviewer stated that the the Coleman Signature Gladiator Stove is attractive and offers a good amount of space in which to cook.  Furthermore, it is reported to have excellent heat.

If you’re camping at a camp sight, purchase a 1-gallon canister of propane and store it under your picnic table.  This will provide much more cooking time the the 16 oz green bottles.  The ability to connect a larger propane tank to your stove means it is unlikely you’ll worry about running out of fuel.


This is not a stove to take with you if you are hiking a long distance.  It is too bulky and heavy.

One reviewer stated that the control knobs were somewhat difficult to regulate when trying to simmer.

The Final Word…

The Coleman Signature Gladiator Stove is attractive, practical and provides consistent heat when used with a propane tank.  It has a carry-handle which makes it easy to haul from location to location.  The Coleman Signature Gladiator Stove is solidly built with a steel construction, meaning you’ll have this stove for years to come.

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Propane TankThe Worthington 281149 1-Gallon Steel Propane Cylinder With Type 1 With Overflow Prevention Device Valve is an ideal accompaniment to the Coleman Signature Gladiator stove.

Overall, it received 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon. One benefit a reviewer noticed was that it can house a propane distribution tree which means it can manage a lantern mounted on top as well as hoses to stoves attached to the side.

The Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder has been sited as both stable and portable.  It’s considered a far better choice that the small cylinders because it holds more propane and doesn’t freeze up like the small cylinders are prone to do.

The down side is that it is pricer than a 20 lb. tank.  That being said, reviewers stated they didn’t mind paying the extra price because of the benefits of the Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder.  It fits nicely underneath or on top of a picnic table.

One reviewer stated, “I’ve only purchased this one tank, but if all the Worthington tanks are made the same way, they are definitely worth consideration if you refill your tanks instead of swapping them at one of the many tank swap locations. All in all, a very nice product.”

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