Food4Wealth Review: Can You Actually Grow Organic and Make Money too?

Organic, home-grown food at a fraction of the cost.


I am absolutely in love with the idea of gardening. I even have a little plot in the backyard along with a couple of garden boxes. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love organic produce, so it makes sense I’d be a great gardener. Well, I’m not. Every year I start out well, and every year I fizzle out shortly before harvest comes around. Why? Because I’ve done all the digging and weeding I can stomach for the season.

So, this year I found a solution. My family bought into an organic garden farm, where we were to get 100 lbs. of vegetables for $300.00. OK, maybe a little steep, but I thought we’d give it a try.  Bad move.

Not only did we not acquire the 100 lbs of produce, it turns out the growers weren’t that interested in customer concerns. Our last pick-up included potatoes. I love fresh potatoes with butter and dill. What a treat. Alas, the potatoes came in a gunnysack that had clearly been snuggled up near petroleum products resulting in a contaminated bag.

Check out the innovative gardening method, Food4Wealth.

Naively, we thought we’d give those potatoes a whirl anyway, but it turned out they tasted like gas. When I contacted the growers, they didn’t give me so much as a, “sorry, we’ll do better next year—thanks for the useful information about our sacks.” Nope, not a word. I guess they won’t be getting my business next year.

Voila_Capture 2015-03-14_07-23-27_PMThe Food4Weatlh process has really gotten me curious. Especially because it reports requiring as few as eight hours a year. I’m trying to wrap my head around that one, but even if it’s only 28 hours a year, I might be in.

Mr. Jonathon White is an environmental scientist and horticulturalist concentrating his techniques on ecological practices that produce results. He claims, “The study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food”.  Jonathan White’s system is explained as much simpler than current gardening methods used in Western cultures. In fact, for those who embrace this counter-garden-culture, food production will become a natural and almost intrinsic way of gaining food.

Click here to learn more about Food4Wealth to enhance your gardening capacity and nutrition.


One of the limitations of this process is the mental mountain that requires scaling. It’s hard to believe that all this time I could really have been producing good quality, organic food with minimal amounts of effort. My entire life I have watched my parents garden the Western way, and it’s a whole heck of a lot of work. I’ve tried to follow their example, but I just poop out by the end.


Learning a system to produce an organic crop, rather than a few veggies from a garden plot is a 180-degree shift for me. The possibility of saving money on produce from the grocery store sounds absolutely marvellous.

For those who want to go whole steps farther than I do, diving into this system in order to sell your produce is an exciting option. Just be more ethical than my little friends down the road who sold me tainted potatoes.

The Final Word…

In a world where chemicals pretend to be food, and grocery produce sections hawk “fresh”, when the apples have been sitting for 6 months, personal organic gardening could be a satisfying, wholesome panacea. Imagine showing off your “farm” to your friends and family, nourishing yourself and those near you.

Learn about how to develop your own organic garden using the simple, effective and healthful approach designed by Food4Wealth!

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

Simple methods to build an organic garden full of wholesome vegetables.

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Leap into Your Life!

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Kitchen Chatters Ultimate Juicing Guide: How Can Juicing Bring Healthy Advantage?

Kitchen Chatters Ultimate Juicing Guide

Learn more about the health benefits of juicing!

I have to admit that I love the idea of juicing. And, I do it about once a week, regular as clockwork. I can always get greens into my kids that way (bananas hide the taste or organic spinach very well).

Typically, juicing once a week is as far as it goes. I might be really inspired and add a couple pieces of pineapple and a wedge of ginger to spice it up, but I haven’t yet found a way to make juicing more than a once a week event.

And why should it be? You’re asking. Good question. For me, I’m very conscious about what I feed my family. My kids know the term, “Greens are good”. Over the years, I have studied the benefits of juicing. Studies present it to have very good health and wellness outcomes for those who are consistent.

To learn how to make juicing a vital part of your everyday wellness, CLICK HERE NOW.

But, juicing takes thought and effort. Because I always have spinach and bananas on hand (frozen or raw) I can quickly throw them together with some ice. As you might imagine, that recipe gets boring after awhile.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide, by Talisha Roos provides 50 + health promoting juicing recipes to address your needs and tastes. Yes, it addresses health needs, from serious illness, to detoxification, to immune support to weight management.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide claims to have it all, or at least a little of everything. What is appealing for me are the actual recipes.  However, for newbies there is manualized information about the benefits of juicing. This will also reach those who are on-the-fence, but definitely curious about this lifestyle enhancement.

A key piece of advice that shows up on the landing page is how juicing can positively impact your bank account. Well sure, that makes sense to me. When I’m not buying processed foods, but rather lots of fruits and veggies (as well as meat and dairy–sorry vegans), my bill is less. This principle is called the “shop the perimeter” principle and it sure wasn’t coined by Talisha Roos. Nonetheless, she uses it strategically, and she’s probably right. Not only are processed foods pricey, they are full of all kinds of fillers, MSG and other chemicals which health experts say are not good for our bodies.

The Ultimate Juicing Guide boasts almost “100 pages of thorough and meticulously organized content” which inform you about array of unexpected juicing benefits, as well as how to modify to meet your tastes—if you have children, then you know this is a must. Broccoli must be hidden!!!  In addition, some necessary help around how to choose appropriate foods for juicing and how to store and prepare them is available in this guide.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-06-06_PM

  For great juicing benefits, click here now!


While juicing is a wonderful addition to my family’s regular weekly fare, it takes planning. Maybe if I juiced everyday (and I truly wish I did), it would require less planning. You see, you need to have the right foods on hand, and you need to have them in the right quantities so that they don’t go bad before the next batch of juicing.

Truly, you can probably find actual juicing recipes on the Internet if you just need some variety in your juicing diet (although Talisha Roos recommends the opposite).


There are so many benefits to juicing. I could go on and on…immune support, detoxification, natural vitamins and minerals, weight loss (if used in conjunction with a reasonable plan). What is valuable about this resource is that it gives you the 101 facts that help to get started and maintain the practice with helpful hints over time. It even addresses misconceptions about prices of juicers and how to begin on a limited budget.

The price of this e-book is fantastic. You can go back to it again and again. When you fall off the juicing wagon, it’s there to remind you about the benefits, and help you stay on track with variety and interest.

This e-book comes with a bonus guide for healthy weight-loss using nutritionally dense foods through the practice of juicing.


Kitchen Chatters Banner for the Ultimate Juicing Guide.

Juicing benefits for the whole family!

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The Getting Pregnant Plan Review: Real Solutions for Infertility?

Conception assistance for those who are struggling to get pregnant.

Conceive naturally by following this pregnancy plan!

Many women across the globe struggle with infertility. In my own circle of friends, family and colleagues, it seems like more than half have struggled to get pregnant. Some never do, while others use fertility measures, adoption or the desperate wait until something “unexplained” occurs and they finally get pregnant.

Waiting to conceive can be an enormously worrisome time for women (and their spouses and partners). From antiquity on, babies have resulted in tribes and people groups being able to endure. Tribe expansion meant survival.

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Even today we have an instinctual desire to pro-create. When it doesn’t happen quickly enough, desperation can start to set in.

Michelle Adams, the developer of The Getting Pregnant Plan struggled to conceive. She was frustrated with the information that her doctor gave her, as it didn’t help her find a solution to her “unexplained infertility”.  She started frantically searching for assistance, and after uncovering some very surprising discoveries she became pregnant at the age of 39!

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-17-30_PM

Image courtesy of niamwhan at

Michelle now offers the Getting Pregnant Plan to other women who are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about their inability to get pregnant.

Click here now to learn more.

What’s included in the Getting Pregnant Plan?

  • The one simple yet very powerful fertility remedy
  • The one type of specialist you must consult
  • How foods you might be ingesting could be destroying your chances of having a happy, healthy baby
  • Which vitamins you must be caution about and never take too much before pregnancy
  • The reason some women’s fertility is two times greater than other women’s
  • Discover how to pinpoint ovulation with 100% accuracy
  • The hidden truth behind everyday activities and their impact on your fertilityHow to detect early signs of pregnancy, avoiding false positives and negatives result
  • Your secret weapon for combating a daily fertility foe–turning ‘no-chance’ cycles into cycles that give you a real chance to get pregnant can get pregnant faster
  • The cause, symptoms, and how to treat miscarriages
  • Learn how to avoid repeated miscarriages
  • Also 10 proven steps to conceive

Click here to now to get the support you need to conceive naturally.


The Getting Pregnant Plan reviewers cite few limitations with this product. That being said, while Michelle Adams has spent a great deal of time researching efficacious methods for becoming pregnant, nothing is 100% foolproof.  Keep meeting with your doctor, and balancing their opinion with what you learn in this program.


 A step-by-step guide outlining common misunderstandings about vitamins, ovulation and staying healthy naturally are covered in this comprehensive guide. The author claims to have actually used the strategies, methods and knowledge to pro-create at the age of 39. As women age, it is typically even more difficult to get pregnant, so that alone is testament to some beneficial content in this program. Other women have apparently also achieved success in conceiving, having babies of their own to love and hold by following Michelle Adams sound advice.

This guide focuses on natural ways to achieve pregnancy, which is always something I always look for in various products and services. Adding to that, the systematic nature of the content results in a process that is doable and manageable.

The Final Word…

The Getting Pregnant Plan is a methodical approach that helps cover all your pre-pregnancy bases. Using tested and researched methods that are touted as being effective and efficient for getting pregnant is valuable. Furthermore, because every woman is unique, looking at different reasons that women are having difficulty conceiving allows for interventions that meet the specific need rather than a one size fits all approach.

Click here now and discover this pregnancy solution for yourself today!

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Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program Review: How Can You Help Children’s Esteem Flourish?

Positive Self Esteem for Children.

Learn the power of positive self-esteem for children.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program by Dr. Joe Robino provides a unique opportunity for parents. The most important aspect is being able to influence your own child’s emotional and mental development through teaching life-long skills for efficacy and esteem. The second is to become certified so you can offer coaching to others as a form of service while gaining income.

My experience working with children and families in youth custody facilities, mental health agencies and schools has shown me how much children are hurting in our North American culture. The face they show is not typically hurt, however. It’s anger, fear, intolerance, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Click here now to gain access to this comprehensive series to support your child’s self-esteem.

In the city where I live, the highest reported rates of anxiety and depression for children is found in middle class, suburban areas. This week I met with one of my staff in order to create a safety plan for a boy in grade six who had a detailed plan about how to take his own life. This is my day-to-day. I’m hopeful if you’re reading this post, it isn’t your everyday. Still, you’re reading because you’re interested in inoculating your child from some of the mental and emotional ravages of our culture. Good for you!

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program trains adults to support children around feelings of insecurity. Certified coaches intervene when children engage in defeating procrastination or become stuck in frustration, leading to cycles of failure. The program also addresses how to reduce feelings of fear, worry, anger, depression and oppressing others through bullying behaviours in children.

When children’s feelings take charge of their lives, they don’t have mature enough brains to override emotion with reason or make more logical choices. That is why having trained, knowledgeable adults able to guide and protect using a valuable resource is advantageous.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is a perfect opportunity for those looking for a career in children to start building the skills to work with them effectively. Further, for those who already work with children—teachers, sports-coaches, clinicians and others can benefit from this skill-building prospect.

Being a certified coach may allow you to be able to work from home while setting your own fees and hours. In addition, a certified coach can gain fulfillment by making an impact in the lives of children and those who care about them. Unavoidably you will also impact your own perspectives of self by learning the material and applying it to your life, modeling healthy changes for all to see.

Learn how to be a powerful and effective self-esteem coach for children today!

Learn how to be a powerful and effective self-esteem coach for children today!

How do the services of a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children help children?

You learn the foundation, strategies and techniques to help children been competent and attain goals. You help children instill a feeling of being authentically significant, accepted and loved, even if the circumstances aren’t the best in their lives. Feeling worthy of love and imparting a positive mindset resulting in a belief that good will come to them is grounding for children. One of my favorite aspects of childhood emotional development is the area of genuine empathy. This coaching program states that it will assist children develop empathy, which is considered an absolute essential in my books when discussing emotional and mental development for children. Empathy is a world changer.

Learn the skills to bring your child’s self-esteem to a new level by clicking here now.

What is included in the Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program?

30 Audio MP3 recordings to guide you to learn the many different ways to champion children to elevate their self-esteem and live their best lives.
• A 170 page highly acclaimed E-book entitled “31 Ways to Champion Children to Elevate their Self-Esteem” by Dr. Joe Rubino
• A 77 page highly acclaimed E-workbook containing exercises and lesson plans entitled “31 Ways to Champion Children to Elevate their Self-Esteem Workbook” by Dr. Joe Rubino
• 5 videos on such topics as “The Origins of Low Self-Esteem” and “How to Support Children to Create Soaring Self-Esteem”
• A 50 Question multiple choice test required to achieve certification (optional at no extra cost)
• A Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation Certificate suitable for framing (optional at no extra cost)


The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is not inexpensive at $147.00. It is clearly an investment you’re making—either for the sake of your own children and those you love, or to develop yourself.

The Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program is a true system for personal and professional development. It requires study and re-visiting of the material in order to become proficient. It will require time to meet the certification requirements.


Having a structured, tested and well-tuned program to develop personal efficacy and esteem in children is always valuable. Even if you don’t go on to become a coach, the material will benefit your parenting and your perspective on children in our culture.

Even parents of your children’s friends might benefit. That over-the-fence kind of talk that gives other adults insightful perspectives in the wake of parenting challenges is constructive. Becoming a homespun “expert” about how to develop a confident and capable child in the wake of so much cultural shift is powerful.

Coaching is more than advice giving. It’s more than good, solid suggestions. There’s method and strategy with coaching. The very best way to learn how to coach is from a master coach. Dr. Robino has that reputation, with impressive accolades from celebrities and those who understand esteem development in children.

The Final Word…

Children are our most treasured human resource. They flow with potential. Potential can be stunted if the adults in their worlds do not care for them in the way they need. Building efficacy and esteem is a sure-fire way to help them overcome life’s predictable challenges, as well as develop confidence and competence so that they can achieve their true potential.  For those who want to go one step further, becoming a certified coach for children may take you places you never dreamed of!

Click here now to develop a  skill-set that benefits children’s self-esteem and makes an impact across a lifespan! 

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Pregnancy Without Pounds Review: How Can You Maintain a Health Pregnancy Weight?

Healthy weight gain and no more during pregnancy.            Find out how.


Having a baby is the one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in a woman’s life. A new little life developing inside–full of hope, promise and unending human potential.

And then there’s the small voice that sadly repeats over in some womens’ minds…

“I’ll never get my youthful body back.”

“I’m so exhausted, I can’t even do a short walk.”

“I’m hungry all the time. Is this normal, natural and healthy? Am I going to balloon to enormous proportions and never get back to size?”

I wish I could say I never thought this way, but I did.  Thankfully my pregnancy weight gain was just baby, and I lost it all quickly afterward. However, I watched friends and colleagues put on additional pounds during that period, and many have kept it on over the years.

Do yourself a loving favour and learn how to effectively keep a healthy pregnancy weight by clicking here now.

So, what are you to do with worries and negative thoughts about weight gain?

From an emotional health perspective, keeping your focus on the positive, and centering on the joy to come is much more productive than worrying about weight gain. In the full scheme of things what matters is a happy, healthy infant.

Pregnancy without Pounds by Michelle Moss boasts some impressive results for women who are concerned about the changes pregnancy will bring to their bodies.

Changes like:

  • Needless weight gain and unappealing cellulite
  • Thick waistline and a “belly pouch”
  • Irreversible stretch marks and loose skin
  • Sagging breasts

I had terrible morning sickness for the first six months of my pregnancies. Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t gain to much weight. Many women like me, have difficult pregnancies and stop taking care of themselves. Sometimes this causes unnecessary weight gain, in addition to other problems often leading to low self-esteem, intimacy challenges and relationship strain.

Click here to develop a pregnancy plan that keeps you at a healthy weight pre and post pregnancy.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-11_08-43-19_PMPregnancy without Pounds is designed to assist women with some of the most problematic aspects of pregnancy.


  • Morning sickness and low energy
  • Unnecessary fat storage and poor body image
  • Post-partum depression and recovery time after birth
  • Urinary incontinence and an overstretched vagina

What’s included in the Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds Kits?

The Pregnancy Without Pounds Program (to be used prior to and during pregnancy) contains 5 downloadable files.

  • Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Pregnancy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls or .pdf)
  • Weight Gain Chart (.xls or .pdf)

The Mommy Without Pounds Program (to be used after pregnancy) contains 6 downloadable files.

  • Mommy Without Pounds ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Core Secrets ebook (.pdf)
  • Mommy Exercise Manual (.pdf)
  • Exercise Journal (.xls)
  • Eating Plan Calculator and Meal Planner (.xls)
  • Goal Tracker and Weight Loss Chart (.xls)


This set of programs preys on a woman’s insecurities and vanity. It claims to be built on what celebrities have done in order to shed pounds following pregnancy, making that the mark for women to meet.

While keeping a healthy weight is important in order to maintain wellness, and reducing morning sickness and post partum depression is extremely valuable, these benefits should be considered as they are, rather than meeting some arbitrary societal standard.

An observation by a customer indicates that while Michelle Moss claims the exercise routines take only 27 minutes. A more realistic timeframe is between 30 and 40 minutes.


Finding ways to maintain excellent health throughout pregnancy and post partum is extremely valuable. Feeling strong, emotionally stable and vibrant is helpful when caring for an infant. Taking care of a new baby can be very difficult. Using a program that supports health (physical and emotional) is good for momma and baby.

It is reported that even pregnancy related acne is overviewed, with some effective interventions that reduce unsightly pimples.

One reviewer stated that she found the program shortly after gaining 15 pounds into her first few months of pregnancy, shocking family and friends. Pregnancy without Pounds helped her develop a systematic approach to stay fit, strong and ready to deliver a healthy baby. She also claims that Mommy without Pounds helped her lose her baby-weight-gain in one month’s time.

The Final Word…

Michelle Moss, the developer of Pregnancy without Pounds and Mommy without Pounds is a fitness expert among other notable qualifications.  There are impressive reviews about these programs with women reporting actual benefit from weight loss after baby to acne reduction. For me, seeking to stay as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy is a noble goal. Having the result of feeling better, stronger and more emotionally stable is a solid place to be when brining a newborn into the world.

 Enjoy a healthy weight during pregnancy and afterwards with Pregnancy without Pounds!

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Talking to Toddlers Review: How Can I Get my Toddler to Stop Tantrumming?

Crying-Boy---300-x-250---Inline-Rectangle (1)I birthed two babies with such extreme “colic” that I thought I would surely go mad. Between the two of them, we didn’t sleep for five years. The first child didn’t sleep through the night until he was 18 months. The second, not until after 3 years of age. Both children would be up for hours at night, screaming at the top of their tiny little lungs.

Although this review is about Talking to Toddlers, and not about colic, the lack of sleep for my children resulted in frequent tantrums and mood regulation challenges that significantly impacted our household. Not only that, my husband and I were so sleep-deprived we could hardly manage at the best of times, let alone when our little ones were tantrum-ing.

Want to learn more about taming your toddler? CLICK HERE!

Because I am a licensed helping professional, my inability to tame my children’s temper during the “terrible twos (and threes)” was supremely discouraging. I knew I’d been effective helping other parents with parenting challenges, but I was clearly failing at times with my own children What a humbling experience!

The developer of Talking to Toddlers, Chris Thompson is touted to be an expert in parenting, certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as a noted author. His methods are reported to result in a solid rationale for his intervention strategies which are effective in calming young children’s outbursts. Based on my own knowledge of early childhood development, it appears that Mr. Thomson genuinely understands the basic premises of children struggling to communicate their wants needs prior to their ability to effectively use words.


Reviews of Talking to Toddlers indicate that there is a fair degree of psychological information that builds a foundation for this program. Psychological concepts, while appealing to some, may be unappealing to others. It may take some time to sift through the content in order to get to the meat of the intervention strategies. One reviewer indicated she felt natural “mother instincts” were ignored in the material, resulting in a less complete model for her.

For those families who have children with developmental disabilities or conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorder, this model will be lacking. Families who have children with neurological concerns would be better off consulting experts who treat particular disabilities.


Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_01-27-41_PM

FREE: three language strategies for better child behaviours

Maintaining good, productive relationships with our children is paramount. Children are created with the need to attach in a healthy manner with their parents. When this doesn’t happen, it is more difficult to gain compliance and build trust over time. When a child is particularly challenging, parents put much energy into punitive pursuits, rather than building on strengths. As Chris Thompson states, there is a single word that parents often over-use with toddlers, resulting in temper tantrums– “NO!” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find an alternative to the easy-out “NO!” directive when we’re frustrated with childhood behavior?

Talking to Toddlers may well provide many of the tools needed to help parents feel a sense of control when it appears their child is out of control. The tools and tips outlined are noted to provide insight into reasons for tantrums and develop a plan to overcome angry outbursts based on science and the experience of the developer, Chris Thompson.

Learn more about how to talk effectively to your toddler by clicking here now!

Because the material is presented in an MP3 format, it can be listened to whenever, instead of finding a quiet few minutes to open a book.

One testimonial indicates that not only do the strategies work with her three year old, they also work with the adults in her life. Helpful communication strategies, when combined with developmental knowledge can give parents the power to feel like they are working with their child rather than against them.

The Final Word…

While no system or program can be a magic wand that miraculously creates compliance in young ones, tools such as Talking to Toddlers may provide a solid basis in order to enhance parenting strategies, develop knowledge in the areas of early childhood and build lasting, positive interactions with one’s child.

If you are interested in developing your parenting potential as well as mitigating some of the tantrums in your house, this program will provide you with words of advice as well as strategies rooted in science that can assist you with your toddler.

Enhance your parenting skills and create calm in your home by CLICKING HERE!

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The Anxiety Free Child Program Review: How Can my Child Overcome Anxiety?




For most of my professional career I’ve worked with children and adolescents. I’ve worked in schools, youth custody facilities (jails), and mental health facilities assisting young people find their way through sometimes-terrible difficulties, including anxiety.

What I know from my own work is that anxiety doesn’t have to take control and dominate a child’s life. However, that’s how it feels when kids are in the midst of it. And I know from talking to parents that they become very worried when they can’t convince their child out of the panicked state they’re in. This is completely unsettling and soon it feels like a noose has constrained the whole family.

The Anxiety Free Child Program is an award-winning program (Mom’s Choice Award and winner of Parent Tested-Parent Proved). It has been developed by Rich Preston who struggled horribly with anxiety as a child, and Dr. Cheryl Lane a certified clinical psychologist.

To learn how to support your child overcome anxiety, CLICK HERE NOW!

While the Diagnostic Standards Manual-5 (DSM-5) outlines a list of anxiety disorders that a licensed practitioner can diagnose, I like the term the Anxiety Free Child Program uses to explain the difficulty—a “mental misunderstanding”. While it doesn’t mean that childhood anxiety is “all in their heads”, it does mean that the brain can help overcome the challenge.

The phrase “mental misunderstanding” is instructive and can reduce parents’ fears. Parents understand misunderstandings. What they often don’t understand is anxiety.

One of the standard treatments for anxiety concerns is called, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT. Very simply, CBT teaches people that worries and anxiety can be managed and overcome by understanding the problem, challenging worrisome thoughts, practicing new behaviors, and maintaining the change. That seems pretty simplistic on the surface. However, when programs use CBT, mindfulness, relaxation and other techniques developed at a child’s level, there is a high likelihood of success if used appropriately.

What I like about the Anxiety Free Child Program is that it invites parents into the process of helping their own child. While there is a time and place for professionals, helping parents understand anxiety, learn about the various symptoms, including physical symptoms (stomach and head aches, fluttery tummy, aches and pains, etc.) is powerful. Especially because so often parents feel power-less in the face of debilitating anxiety in their child’s life.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_01-39-42_PMEven the landing page for this program has helpful and accurate information about childhood anxiety. Although it won’t teach the strategies and skills needed for helping your child overcome anxiety, it will give you a good overview and help you determine if it is actually anxiety that is getting in the way of your child having a happy, peaceful and productive childhood, or something else you need to explore.

Learn how to help your child overcome debilitating anxiety by clicking here now.

Ultimately that’s what we want for our kids, don’t we? We seek to provide healthy food, and a stable environment for them to grow up in. We help them achieve at school and in leisure pursuits. We also need to attend to their emotional mental health needs.

While there are a lot of great workbooks, manuals and journal articles about helping children overcome anxiety, this e-book and subsequent components are quickly accessible and less expensive than other options out there. Not only do you acquire the manual, but an audio version, the Child Anxiety Relaxation and Imagery System (C.A.R.I.S), which supports a child’s ability to mentally and physiologically relax, which can be an important component in mastering anxiety. Additionally, the Anxiety Free Masterminds Audio Series, which has recordings from top professionals is available along with additional bonuses.


This is a comprehensive program that will require parents to take ownership and leadership in helping their children overcome anxiety. Parents will have to invest a significant amount of time in learning the content as they are the teachers for their children. This program will definitely be more work than taking your child to a therapist. Commitment and compassion will be required in order to see success.


When children are anxious, the people they typically desire the most are their parents. Even if there’s a measure of conflict in the home, my professional experience has shown that anxious kids still want mom or dad. Because this program intrinsically involves the parents, it is likely to “stick” if mom and/or dad pursue it doggedly. It teaches a language in the home that keeps the learning alive. Anxiety can sometimes sneak back into kids’ lives, so being able to revisit pertinent content and help your kids return to a balanced state is valuable.

Having a manual as well as an audio of the manual is a great aspect of this product. Having access to age-appropriate relaxation exercises and recording of top clinicians who assist children with anxiety are beneficial.

Reviewers express that this product is sound, and solid, giving it “two thumbs up” and “100%”. One reviewer saw her niece as well as other children overcome anxiety, giving validity to the efficacy of the content.

The Final Word…

Children who struggle with anxiety need a child-focused program to meet their needs. Adapting adult resources for children is not developmentally responsible, and you’re less likely to see results.

If your child is struggling with anxiety then download the Anxiety Free Child Program in order to lift the suffering your child is enduring. A program rather than a few tips from various sites or resources is much more useful because it’s comprehensive.

Once you’ve purchased, keep at it as anxiety reduction takes time. But have heart. By pursuing action, you will see results.

CLICK HERE NOW and enjoy the peace that comes when your child is free from anxiety, able to live a vibrant life!

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The Brain Stimulator Method Review: Is Neurogenesis Really Possible?

Brain Stimulator Method2My absolutely favourite organ is the brain. Yes, in my line of work, we talk about favourite organs. During my licensing exams I spent a great deal of time cramming into my skull the various regions of the brain–what each did and how it affects everything else in the body.

I created my own visual image with corresponding brain regions in order to remember for my exams. Sadly, I now forget that image and accompanying mnemonic, but it was sure useful at the time. What if, like Professor Wilson and Dr. Humphreys explain in the Brain Stimulator Method, I could still remember that mnemonic? While I don’t engage in brain talk as much as I used to, I’d still like to access relevant content when I need it, without going back to a neuropsychology or anatomy textbook.

So, what is the Brain Stimulator Method and why have so few heard about it? Well, it’s told that Dr. Humphrey’s who has a Ph.D. in neurobiology and behaviour worked for many years researching brain health as well as various medications to assist with conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It wasn’t until his wife started to show signs of early dementia that his work took on an urgency he hadn’t experienced in the past.

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A colleague told him about a 104 year old Professor who had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric in the field of neuroscience who might be able to help. Enter Professor Jonathon Wilson. Professor Wilson provided key and critical daily exercises that Dr. Humphreys took home to try with his wife. Some of them did seem a little unusual to Dr. Humphrey’s but he was willing to try anything. And, wonder of wonders, it started to work for his wife in a few weeks time.

One of the key components of Professor Wilson’s method was to prepare one’s mind for a few minutes every morning using these exercises. He stated to Dr. Humphrey’s, “Just as we do our teeth, wash and dress for a day, thus we must prepare our mind for he ay. The brain is an organ, much like our heart… So why on earth do we not exercise it too?”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? No more forgetting names, keys, directions, or any other such frustrating thing.  The Brain Stimulator Method boasts: no more ineffective medications or treatments for those who are truly on a trajectory toward dementia or Alzheimer’s; no more fear of the inevitable; no more worry as you enter the Doctor’s office, wondering how this slow demise will affect you, your family and your friends.

So what might get in the way of people wanting to purchase the Brain Stimulator Method?


Like many “natural” interventions, time is required to dive into the Brain Stimulator Method and make clear headway. There are over 30+ exercises that can be used, and it’s required that you spend at least 5 minutes a day to see improvement. For those seeking a quick, magic-like solution, you won’t find it in the Brain Stimulator Method. You will have to put in systematic effort.


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I love the fact that the Brain Stimulator Method is completely natural. The synthetic medications we pump into people these days troubles me because of the sometimes horrible side effects. That’s not to say that sometimes these are not required. However, if people don’t have to depend on chemicals, then so much the better.

One reviewer claimed the portability of this method is also appealing. You can exercise your brain anywhere. There are strong review about this method and people are reporting significant help with issues related to cognitive decline.

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The Bonus section including something called “Brain Stimulating Sumblinals”, are apparently a special series of brain stimulating subliminal soundtracks. These tracks apparently are proven to stimulate your brain and assists rebuilding neurons. These tracks are reportedly created by leading scientists in the field.

The Final Word…

I am fascinated with the brain. I love watching cognitive skills develop even in my children. The brain is a super-powerful organ that we’ve only started to understand with our modern science. Nonetheless, there is a significant group of researchers I am familiar with beyond Professor Wilson and Dr. Humphreys who support the idea of neurogenesis—rebuilding neural capacity.

This program excites and inspires me. I have a pretty good brain but am always looking for ways to keep it healthy and productive. Regardless of whether you’re like me and simply want to keep your brain active and healthy, or like Dr. Humphrey’s wife, suffering from early-onset dementia, take on the task of developing your brain for optimal health and wellness.

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Restore My Vision Today Review: Can You Really Chuck Those Specs?

Vision -small-productsIn grade eleven I got my first pair of glasses. I absolutely hated them, and only wore them if I couldn’t see the black-board or was driving. I had astigmatism in both eyes. As a typical adolescent girl, I was not very self-secure. Thus, having to wear glasses did nothing to boost my esteem.

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I found glasses cumbersome and wished I could rid myself those silly things over the years. Because I didn’t like the look of glasses, I eventually moved to contact lenses. However, with astigmatism, it meant I needed to wear weighted lenses that shifted every time I blinked. By the end of the day, my eyes were so weary from the heaviness of the lenses, I looked like I’d been up for nights on end. Ah, but vanity is a powerful thing and I kept wearing them.

What I’ve learned in my study about eye health is that most eye conditions, like astigmatism, are at least somewhat curable and reversible. Honestly, I didn’t believe it when I first started researching how to get rid of my contacts and glasses. In fact, I was looking into laser surgery, being told that I had just the right kind of condition for that intervention.

Sadly, the efficacy of laser surgery is not that great, with relatively high rates of infections and complications. Most people need glasses again in at least a decade after laser eye surgery. In fact, a close colleague of mine needed glasses in the next year after her eye surgery. That didn’t sound particularly appealing to me. Spend $3000.00 for laser surgery, resulting in extremely dry eyes, and needing to purchase corrective lenses again in the next 10 years?  No thanks! What if there is a better way?

Dr. Sen and Samantha Pearson are the developers of Restore My Vision Today who claim to be natural vision correction specialists. Although the specifics about Dr. Sen are a bit sparse, he apparently shared with Samantha about other cultures who don’t depend on glasses the way we do in the West. He went on to share that when glasses were introduced into the culture, the incidence of corrective lenses went up substantially from that generation’s parents. This inspired Samantha to co-create a program to assist with eye strengthening and vision correction.

What I learned from Restore My Vision Today developers, was that contact lenses alone contribute over six billion dollars to the economy. And while I’m happy to have a healthy, robust economy, if contacts are actually causing eye conditions to get worse, then I’m not OK with that. Worsening eye conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism are getting worse in the Western Hemisphere. We are so terribly over dependent on our specs that we don’t realize the impact! We simply don’t think to train our eyes to strengthen in the right ways.

Have you noticed that the more you wear your glasses, the more your prescription changes across time? And you’re eyes aren’t getting better, either. They’re getting worse. Thicker, heavier glasses; moving from single lenses to progressive lenses. Put one pair on for reading, then quickly shift to your other pair to communicate with the boss across the boardroom table. Goodness. If glasses acquisition could be dubbed an addiction, we’d be a highly addicted culture!

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The Restore My Vision Today program has some features that seem quite reasonable, and one in particular makes me curious about its verasity.

Firstly, there is a section on visual habits, which is reportedly a guide about the daily habits that are negatively impacting your vision. In addition, there are suggestions about how to counter-act these habits. This makes sense to me. I can be lazy about a lot of things, so because I think so little about daily eye habits, I’m certain this is one such area. This would be a help to me.

The second section is about vision and medicines which includes a guide on how medications  can actually worsen your eye strength and eye health. This makes sense to me too. Many parts of the body are affected by the medications we take–that’s why there are pages and pages of side-effects that we only skim over when we acquire a new prescription. This is something I would want to know more about.

The third area is diet and nutrition, including a comprehensive guide on how diet influences vision. Diet is critical in all kinds of health related conditions, so this seems a no-brainer to me. I’m curious about the one unusual food that can allegedly improve blurred vision.

The fourth area is called high definition and printable eye charts. Well sure. Exercising eyes probably includes some sort of tool in order to train eyes. If the result is as good as they say,  then growth should be able to be measured. In the up-sell there are video tutorials, which one reviewer gave a thumbs up.

The fifth area is subliminal MP3’s that apparently help you relax your eyes, resulting in better  performance in vision tasks. And while I very curious about the MP3’s, I can’t help but be a bit skeptical as well.


OK, truthfully, I wanted my vision restored overnight—hence my interest in laser eye surgery. But that’s not going to happen with Restore My Vision Today. You will have to use the exercises as outlined and take time in order to achieve results.   It will require self-discipline. The Restore my Vision program really is a program. It’s systematic and step-wise, not a magic pill–sorry. Not all the bonuses are as related as they could be, which has led to some frustration with certain customers. Perhaps it’s those curious MP3’s…


I’m a big believer in exercise, so I get that if I want my tummy muscles tight I need to actively pursue a fitness program targeted at those pesky little rolls. If I want my eyes to get better, it makes sense that I can do something about that too. When I started looking into eye-strengthening programs and simply wore my glasses less, I saw a substantial difference. Learning exercises to better vision so you don’t have to depend on glasses or contacts is a huge, potentially life-changing benefit!

The Final Word…

Restore My Vision Today provides comprehensive steps as well as diet helps and an actual training program. The price is definitely reasonable; certainly more affordable than new glasses or contact lenses every few years.

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The Venus Factor Review: How Can I Loose Weight Without Starvation and Diet Pills?

Reduce weight and keep it off for good with the Venus Factor.

Reduce weight and keep it off for good with the Venus Factor.


It started after I had my second child–the dreaded weight gain–grrr. I didn’t gain much.  In fact all my clothes still fit. But they were a wee bit snug around my waist and that drove me bonkers.

The developer of the Venus Factor, John Barban has a Master’s Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has studied weight loss extensively. It is told that he became very curious and concerned about his sister who was unable to lose weight, resulting in dangerous obesity. This propelled him to research specific methods for women in particular to lose weight.

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What John stumbled upon, was one master hormone called Leptin that speeds up your metabolism so you don’t store fat. Astonishingly, women have twice as much of this fat burning hormone Letpin than men. So the obvious question is, why is it easier for my husband to trim down his waistline than me?

Despite this additional Leptin, women can be less responsive to burn fat than men. This is called Leptin resistance. Sadly, this Leptin resistance can be observed in the worrisome cellulite found in problem areas. Interestingly, when women diet, Leptin levels drop twice as much as men. Girls, our metabolism slows right down.

What we then experience is the ugly phenomenon of rebound weight gain. Diets actually set our metabolism dials to “off”.

While John says it’s “not your fault”, it makes me wonder about the weight loss industry that pushes diet product after diet product. Who’s fault is it really?

Because we have more fat burning potential than men, we can actually reset the Leptin levels in our bodies. When this master fat burning hormone works for our benefit, we end up being in much better “shape”.

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Voila_Capture 2015-01-10_02-38-15_PM

John Barban shares about Leptin resistance.

What the Venus Factor does:

  • This program put women’s bodies into metabolic override
  • It unleashes our full-fat-burning potential particularly in the problem areas of the stomach, backside and hips
  • It offers researched and practiced techniques by using a fat loss blueprint
  • It provides information about foods that interfere with fat burning
  • It supplies information about one vital nutrient that women are deficient in resulting in weight gain
  • It provides information about one unusual herb that assists with significant weight loss

What the Venus Factor is:

  • A 12 week non-restrictive meal plan that is comprehensive and varied
  • A work out routine that you commit to 3 times a week for 45 minutes, where there is no daytime fatigue or damage to your metabolism. It includes workout video and a nutrition app
  • A program resulting in NO food cravings or plateaus
  • A program to develop eating habits that reduce your weight while ensuring you eat enough calories to maintain your weight loss goals
  • A 180 page weight loss manual

What the Venus Factor isn’t:

  • Diet pills
  • Pre-packaged meals
  • Extensive amounts of calorie restriction
  • 4 or 5 foods to “miraculously” loose weight
  • Hours at the gym or on the treadmill


There is a lot of stuff included in this program–a manual, an app, an online forum, video posts to assist with exercises and more. While this is great, for those who want a simple and unassuming diet plan, the Venus Factor is not it. Reviewers indicate it’s extremely comprehensive and requires some time to put into the learning as well as the exercise in order to digest the content and make it your own. One reviewer indicated the content is a little boring—at 180 pages, that’s understandable.


The Venus Factor is reported to be a complete life-style, habit and fitness renovation machine. It gets to the heart of nutrition and exercise making it comprehensible and doable.

The fact that nutrition and exercise are addressed in the Venus Factor make it more likely to tackle overall health needs, and not simply help someone get “skinny”.

The Venus Factor is a lifetime resource, not simply a manual with a few bonuses. Even if you’re not a 100% motivated to take action on weight loss, you will benefit from scrolling through it’s pages. You can start incorporating a few tips to make small, subtle changes over time.

The Final Word…

The Venus Factor is a comprehensive guide  for those who wish to lose weight, develop healthful habits and feel good about themselves.  Developing skills that you can use across the lifespan to ensure a healthy weight is important for your and for your family!

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