Instant Baby Sleep MP3 and E-Book System Review: How Can I Get my Baby to Sleep?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-00-53_PMIf you have read my other reviews, you might recall I had  two babies who didn’t sleep.  “Colic,” was the label for my  children. “Lonely, frantic and depressed,” was my label for me.

If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia, you know how debilitating lack of sleep is. However, by having an infant who doesn’t sleep, the anti is upped considerably. Not only are you deprived of REM, you’re trying to care for a little bundle you can’t calm, soothe, or lull into a dreamful state of slumber—something you both desperately need.

During that harrowing time of sleeplessness, we tried various strategies from popular baby books. We tried naturopathy and chiropractic care, we tried old-wives tales and white noise tactics until we were blue in the face. NOTHING worked. Our babies still didn’t sleep at night. In fact, it wasn’t just that we were up a couple times for a feed and a cuddle, we were up for hours, trying to mollify a frenzied infant. The more our babies were awake, the worse it got. As the Instant Baby Sleep (TM) System states, “Over stimulated babies don’t want to sleep!” You got that right!

Had I known about Instant Baby Sleep back then, you can guarantee I would have purchased it on the spot. No matter the price, it would have become my personal property as quickly as possible!  If are in a similar situation to the one I was in, or simply want extra sleep tools in your parenting tool box.

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I’m now in a different state of mind. While my youngest is still just a so-so sleeper, he does have nights where he sleeps right through the night (blessed relief). He’s certainly not crying for hours on end like he was those first three years (thanks be!).

The reviews for Infant Baby Sleep System indicate a comprehensive intervention utilizing an effective MP3 soundtrack for baby. In addition, clear written information and strategies are provided using a downloadable guide book addressing various aspects of baby’s sleep-wake cycle.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-01-15_PMThe system provides:

  • A 60 minute Instant Baby Sleep (TM) MP3 sound track
  • An implementation guide e-book
  • 11 steps to sleep success

Reviewers state the Instant Baby Sleep System works. Not only that, one reviewer indicated he had done his own research on the product indicating valid outcomes. He also stated he had used the product with success.


While there appear to be few limitations cited about the Infant Baby Sleep System, the fact that it cannot be purchased in stores may concern some people. Some individuals are not comfortable downloading MP3’s from unknown sources. Furthermore, some people prefer to have a tangible product with clear product information printed on the case of the CD.

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The no-risk, 30 Day guarantee is clearly a benefit. While the Infant Baby Sleep is inexpensive (approximately $20.00), customers are likely looking for something that will work in the present. If they don’t achieve success, getting a refund will not be a problem.

The MP3 is a professionally recorded soundtrack which you can copy onto CDs rather than store it solely on your computer or other electronic devise. Professional quality is a must when seeking to settle an infant into sleep. Quality enhances outcomes; for tired parents, good sleep outcomes are what they want!


If your baby has a serious medical concern, obviously that needs to be attended to first.  Instant Baby Sleep  is for babies whose sleep-wake cycles are disrupted, so those with medical concerns should consult a physician.

The Final Word…

The phrase “sleep like a baby” is simply not true for many infants. Babies truly are precious gifts to be treasured and loved. But, when everyone in the household is in need of rest, it’s sometimes difficult to give them all the positive attention they need. Finding helpful and inexpensive ways to sleep an infant provides everyone the stamina to get through those “baby years” with joy, peace and healthful rest.

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Plan My Baby–Prince or Princess Review: How Can I Ensure the Gender of my Baby?

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The Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess guide has been developed for couples who want to have an almost certain way of ensuring they conceive the gender of child they desire. While many couples are simply grateful that they have given birth to healthy and happy children, there are some who desire a child of a particular gender. If that is where you’re at, then this e-book is for you.

Alicia Pennington is the author of Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess. She is reportedly a midwife of over 20 years, and has consulted physicians and interviewed couples who have practiced the art of gender selection methods for their children. Information reveals that the content of this book is rooted in science, while at the same time being very practical. While some reviewers identify repetition in the content, this really isn’t a negative aspect. Repetition means the reader will likely retain the concept as it has been introduced more than once.

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Available information indicates that Alicia invited her patients to try her methods. It appears she even had an initial sample of 117 couples, where the outcome was a 94% success rate, indicating statistical significance if her methodology was sound. Reportedly, this guide has helped over 8,000 people to date.

Today, Alicia Pennington works as a consultant rather than a mere midwife knowledgeable about gender selection methods. It appears she had such an overwhelming response to her success with gender selection with individual patients, that she decided to broaden her scope to help meet the needs of a wider audience. Hence the guide, Plan my Baby–Prince or Princess.


While there does not appear to be a great deal of negative reports, it is clear that the   94% success rate is less than ideal. How does a couple ensure they are not in the 6% unable to deliver the gender of child they have hoped and worked for?

Midwifery is an ancient art. While a number of women in the western world choose a midwife to assist in delivering their children, it should be noted that some practices are contrary to a typical physician assisted birth. Thus, if you are skeptical, going over the guide with your physician, while pointing out the high degree of success may make you more comfortable.

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Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-23-40_PM


A significant benefit to this guide is that the processes described are completely natural and will not harm the mother or pre-planned baby.   Not only are natural procedures described, it is reported that Alicia Pennington actually used the methods herself when she was trying to get pregnant, experiencing success.

Another benefit to this guide is that it is a teaching tool for couples. It discusses fertility, natural foods and healthy alternatives to the modern diet that benefit a developing fetus and his/her mother. Creating a healthy environment in the mother is critically important no matter the desired gender of the child. Good, sound, prenatal council accompanied by regular doctor visits is beneficial for strong pregnancy outcomes.

The Final Word…

If planning the gender of your baby is near and dear to your heart, then this is a book that will provide rich information about how to increase your likelihood of success. Available information suggests that even couples who are open to either gender, will find good, useful information from a seasoned midwife about delivering a healthy baby into this world.

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Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals Review: How Can I Make Healthy Meals for my Family Everyday?

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Image courtesy of KEKO64 at

Oh, how hard I try to fill my family with healthy food.  And oh, how difficult it is as a full-time working mom.  I try to have a “green smoothie” twice a week, and avocado chocolate pudding at least once per week in my family’s menu. Organic carrot, celery and pepper slices are served at almost every evening meal. Still, I feel like I need to get more fruit, more veggies and less processed food into my family’s diets. Pressure! Have you ever felt that way?

Diana Keuilian, mother of two and creator of Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals realized just how hard it would be to ensure her children received the proper nutrition required to develop into healthy adults. Fulfilling that mandate became her pursuit when she first began developing

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The recipes found in Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, refined-sugar free and tasty.  That is quite a feat.  Diana Keuilian notes how high the rates of obesity are for children in North America. Obesity is linked to all kinds of health problems. While no body is designed to carry extra pounds, for children this is especially precarious. Children need to be physically active in order to develop good thinking abilities; obese children have a hard time being active. Keeping physically healthy allows children to participate in activities that build social skills and engage them with positive pursuits across the life-span.

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals address the complexity of building health through food on a daily basis for families. In a world that is full of business and shortcuts, it’s easy to become dependent on pre-packaged food, fast food and same-old, boring recipes. Tips, tricks and pertinent information about healthy foods is provided in this collection.


According to reviews, not every recipe is as quick and easy as the endorsement states. Furthermore, being a digital download means one must work between an electronic device and the stove rather, than plopping a weather-worn recipe book on the counter. As I’m a recipe-book-lover, this is a downside for me.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-42-42_PMBenefits

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals is touted to be practical and easy to use. It is reported to have comprehensive descriptions for the recipes and discussion about why each recipe assists with weight loss. Reports state that the recipes are legitimately good tasting, which is a must if enticing young children to eat.

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Family Friendly and Fat Burning Meals provides a number of bonuses. These enhance a family’s ability to develop a lifestyle of good, healthful eating. While not everyone wishes to go gluten, grain and dairy free, having the ability to reduce these sometimes-allergens is considered beneficial for many. As gluten, grain and dairy are typically associated with food intolerances and sensitivities, it’s helpful to have a recipe repertoire that allows families to eliminate these things from their diets if they so desire.

This is a relatively inexpensive product ($37.00). With the added bonuses, the quality is enhanced. The ability to access a refund if not found suitable is also considered a benefit.

The Final Word

Keeping children healthy, active, happy and productive is a valuable pursuit for all parents. Keeping parents healthy and able to function at their peak is also worthy of effort.

Finding recipes that reduce foods associated with allergies, eliminate the use of refined sugar and invite children to enjoy nutritious fare is beneficial.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_03-42-12_PMTo enhance your ability to share the love of good food while reducing the potential of obesity in your family, CLICK HERE! 

Your family will thank you!

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Children Learning Reading Reviews: Reading Success for Youngsters

childre-readingI am absolutely passionate about helping little-brains grow into healthy, productive and successful mature-brains. I have worked in the education and mental health fields for almost 15 years, and know the power of good reading skills for children and adolescents. I have assessed numerous children and youth over my career; when I discover their reading ability is significantly below same age peers, my heart goes out to them. I know life will be more difficult for them without successful reading skills.

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When kids feel limited in their academic ability, it has a significant impact on their feeling of self-efficacy. When they struggle with things that their peers seem to achieve almost effortlessly, it takes a toll on their little hearts. Parents who observe their children struggling to read may feel powerless and even start to blame themselves for their child’s inability.

Our western world emphasizes the necessity of reading. We all know that success in the classroom requires the sequentially developed ability to read–phonemic awareness, letter and word identification, understanding context and more. Success in the real world is no different–reading is essential. Everything from reading menus and newspapers, to understanding bills for services, to comprehending sub-titles on media presentations require reading skills.

Children Learning Reading is reportedly designed by parents, for parents. The developers, a couple named Jim and Elena who have 3 children used this method with their own kids when they were teaching them to read. Thus, Children Learning Reading is a system that parents can use at home in order to assist their children develop the life-long skill of reading fluently and with understanding. According to reviews, parents absolutely love this reading program because it’s simple, practical and effective.


This program does not appear to be designed for children who have neurological impairments like learning disabilities. While it likely still has beneficial components such as sequential learning (letters explicitly linked to sounds), phonemic awareness and other reading essentials, children who have learning disabilities will benefit from specialized assessments with targeted interventions to meet their unique learning profiles.


Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-09-53_PM

Image courtesy of chatchai_stocker

This program is designed for parents who want to teach their children to read with success early in life (prior to 3 years). The testimonials speak for themselves, and parents report that even young children are building reading skills, enjoying the open world of early literature.

The program purports that a daily dose of 10-15 minutes while using this system enhances the child’s ability to read in a relatively short period of time.

Clearly, the developers of Children Learning Reading have put some time and effort into the study of reading success. They cite articles that support early reading ability and successful academic outcomes later in life. Based on my graduate level training, I am familiar with similar literature, and can confirm that early reading success indicates strong academic outcomes for children.

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While some product sites I’ve reviewed describe exceptional results, very few have research articles to support their system, perspective or product. Children Learning Reading provides a brief bibliography for parents to review on their own. This is considered a significant benefit.

Children Learning Reading is inexpensive compared to hiring a reading tutor or sending your child to a reading enrichment class. Not only is the product inexpensive, it allows parents to connect with their children in a healthy, productive activity that enhances good attachment relationships, which are known to heighten psychological outcomes for children.

The Final Word

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-20-56_PMIf you are a parent interested in accelerating early reading skills in your child, enhancing their ability for academic success, and building good parent-child attachment, then Children Learning Reading will be an excellent addition to your parenting arsenal.

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Pregnancy Miracle Review: Is There Hope for Me to Have a Baby?

A Review of Pregnancy MiracleOne of the most powerful and life-changing realities in a woman’s life is her ability to procreate, bringing a new life into the earth. From antiquity on, societies have survived because of the cycle of birth.

For women who desire children, but can’t get pregnant, there is a significant emotional void. I remember when my husband and I decided it was time to really “try”. While we got pregnant right away, we lost babies, and this was devastating.

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I was in graduate school, working multiple jobs, and trying to recover from miscarriage. At the same time, I was getting older and felt a desperation to become pregnant. I went through feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness, helplessness and embarrassment. Despite trying, I had a period of time when I wasn’t conceiving. I was referred to an Obstetrician, who did all the typical tests. She stated that although I had uterine fibroids I should be able to get pregnant as I was in my early 30’s.

I know how it feels to see my friends becoming pregnant, delivering babies, yet having an empty womb myself. I know how it feels to start looking at international adoption and other options simply to experience the most natural thing in life for a woman–her own baby.

An then a miracle happened. I conceived, gave birth to a healthy, robust baby boy. The second came along almost 3 years later. What blessings; what joys! I am forever grateful for my wonderful, rambunctious children!

The Pregnancy Miracle, written by Lisa Olson, offers hope to women who are in a similar situation to the one I just described–those who feel they have tried “everything”.  Those who’s hearts are close to breaking with loss because they don’t have their own little bundle of joy to hold in their arms.

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-28-56_PMAbout Pregnancy Miracle

The Pregnancy Miracle is not really magic. You won’t instantly conceive with some kind of esoteric secret that most of us don’t know about. Instead, it is a holistic pattern of living gleaned from scientific and common sense techniques used for centuries by women in the Orient. If you can sustain the program, it will help reduce stress and other deficiencies that can contribute to fertility concerns in women.


While this appears to be a very comprehensive program based on current scientific research, it clearly requires the purchaser to invest in products beyond the cost of the book. Supplements and specific food that you may not currently be using may be a significant part of your success in using the Pregnancy Miracle. Thus, additional cost must be expected.


The Pregnancy Miracle claims that over 137,000 women have been helped using little known tips and natural methods that positively impact fertility despite potentially challenging conditions, like uterine fibroids.

The program outlined in this electronic book invites women to follow and understand what might be getting in the way of pregnancy and what might help overcome the inability to conceive and carry a baby to term. There are numerous endorsements from happy customers who have achieved success by using this program.

Satisfied customers talk about the comprehensive nature of the material. There are holistic components, discussions about food that promote fertility, and information about modern fertility treatments that may or may not be as beneficial as physicians purport. Further, there is information about supplements that support hormone balancing as well as practical strategies such as breathing that further enhance physiological wellness in order to enhance fertility potential.

The Final Word

Voila_Capture 2015-06-13_08-28-38_PMClearly, information is power. For women who seek to bear healthy, happy and productive children, using a well-researched fertility program is of great benefit. Children are precious gifts–gifts that I know well because of my own challenge conceiving.

Consider that you will likely need to purchase additional components, such as supplements in order to complete this program. That being said, knowing you have a solid, well-research plan with many good reported outcomes will provide you a sense of hope.

All the very best to you as you seek to enhance your life by using the Pregnancy Miracle.  CLICK HERE and learn how to experience reproductive hope!

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Start Potty Training Review: How Can I Potty Train my Child?

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the concept of potty training when I had my first beautiful baby boy. I knew I’d have to do it, and I actually assumed I’d do very well at it. I am a licensed helping professional, after all, and had worked with children and youth for eight years prior to having my own children. I’d even worked clinically with kids prior to completing graduate training, so surely potty training would be a snap—at least that’s what I told myself.

WRONG! What a humbling experience!  Potty training did not come easy or natural to me and my two boys. In fact, the second son was even more challenging than the first. You’d think I’d have learned a few strategies from my oldest, but not so.

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We used the pull-up method, a staunch “no-no” according to Carol Cline the Start Potty Training developer. Who’d have thought? I just assumed I could convince my kids with my stellar logic and charm to pee and poo on the potty rather than in their diaper.

We read books about going to the potty and “being a big boy”. They loved the books; it didn’t change their potty-outcome. We rewarded; we gave consequences. Just thinking about those days increases my blood pressure.

Well, who is Carol Cline and how does she have the nerve to say she has a “proven method” of potty training that can reap success in three short days? Sounds pretty far fetched to me. OK, so my reaction may be because my blood is still boiling from the memories, and I’m feeling the less-than-positive-emotions of our not-so-long-ago potty training days.

Start Potty Training grew out of Carol Cline’s experience as a mom of four, and day care provider. Alright, so maybe she has some “potty training street cred”; I’ll give her that. With Carol’s first child, she started noticing the huge market for pull-ups. She also noticed that kids who used pull-ups potty trained less quickly than those who did not. Oops.

With Carol’s vast experience she shares about a method that takes three days to instill in a toddler. She’s humble enough to state that there will still be accidents and other “bumps in the road”, but that ultimately by using her method the main foundation of potty training is built.


For some parents, a significant limit is their ability to dedicate 3 full and complete daytime hours to potty training. This plan is for those who are committed to learning and practicing with their child. It also requires a level-headed parent who will give this program a genuine chance. If you don’t qualify, this program’s not for you.

One reviewer indicated that the potty training methods outlined in Start Potty Training are not actually new, and that Carol Cline has re-packaged already valid approaches. Fair enough. An ancient philosopher once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I’d wager a few successful tricks have been honed over the millennia of babies needing to be trained.

Another comment was that after purchasing the program, the reviewer could not get their money back despite the guarantee of eight weeks. Since this is a ClickBank product, there should be no problem with a full refund if you are within the time frame. Just make sure to request a refund from ClickBank rather than the Start Potty Training website itself.


The Start Potty Training program is reported to be thoughtful and easy to follow. Consistency is the Children's Pottyname of the game, and that is a necessary quality for any kind of parenting challenge. Start Potty Training is open about the need to have a no pressure stance in regard to night-time training. This will be a big relief to those who are already starting to squirm when considering the need for nighttime diapers despite the “three day” magic.

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Start Potty Training overviews the differences between training girls and boys. In addition, there is a section on training children with special needs such as those with specific disabilities as well as training multiples (i.e., twins). Travelling with a child is also covered, from going to the mall, to plane travel. Furthermore, Start Potty Training addresses typical fears such as potty training regression and tantrums. There is also the option of a help line. So, if you’re stuck, you can actually contact Carol herself for assistance.

The Final Word…

Maybe Freud was right. Maybe potty training is a critical point in every child’s development. If that’s the case, then my poor children! Actually, my boys aren’t any worse for the wear. Or, maybe it will all come out in their early 20’s while in therapy. Seriously though, I would caution that if your little ones are starting to feel the sting of your frustration, consider learning potty training lessons from an experienced master. Or, if you’re just starting this journey, let this teacher of children and parents lead you to a more fruitful, less unsatisfying journey through Start Potty Training.

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