Physical Wellness

Physical health is foundational for overall family wellness, balanced emotions and strong learning potential.  When parents are physically fit (there’s no requirement to be a professional athlete or an exercise guru) kids are more likely to adopt a fitness-based lifestyle.  Role modelling a healthy lifestyle has a direct impact on kids’ perception of wellness and health across the life-span.

In our modern society we have to work to maintain our physical fitness levels.  Historically, most of our ancestors worked hard in the physical domain–they didn’t even consider sitting down with a bowl of potato chips in front of a big-screen.  Nomads, farmers, gatherers, hunters and the like were constantly moving, using their muscles to the max just to survive.  Food wasn’t at their finger-tips like it is for many of us.  In fact, there were times when our ancestors went without food for periods of time, and yet they kept working in order to survive.

I am thankful for today’s modern Western culture where I have food choices and a comfortable home.  I don’t have to scour the ground for roots, greens and other delectables.  I don’t carry a bow and arrow, hunting for my protein, only to roast it over an open fire at the end of the day after I’ve walked mile upon mile.  Rather, I can go to my favourite supermarket, walk down the organic isle and find what suits my fancy.  

Furthermore, where I live I have the opportunity to have a small garden in my backyard which produces vegetables and fruit to meet the nutritional needs of my family.  Not only is gardening good for my soul, by spending time outside I benefit from vitamin D that natural sunlight provides.  My produce is rich tasting, nutrient dense, pesticide and herbicide free.  What a gift.

I encourage you to peruse our posts that support a healthy, fit and nutrition-focused approach to family life.  When bodies are healthy because of optimal nutrition and good fitness habits, other aspects seem to fall into place.  Parents and kids tend to be more emotionally healthy, because the brain get the exercise and nutrition it needs–rest assured, brains need both good nutrition and exercise to function optimally.  Learning tends to be easier for kids, lessening the stress on kids and parents alike when school is in session.

Please join us on a journey toward good family health.  We want you to thrive in every area of your life by intentionally growing knowledge and developing skills that produce wellness outcomes for you and yours!