Green Tea: Good for What Ails You?

Uncle Lee's Organic Tea BagsGreen Tea has been around for centuries, and not just centuries but millennia.  And because I adore tea, I’ve decided to write about it today.

I have to confess that it took me some time to learn to savour Green tea.  It tasted, well green.  It’s not smooth like black tea.  Nonetheless, I did acquire a taste for it and once I learned about the amazing health benefits, I convinced myself to incorporate it into my life more.

So, what can Green tea do for you?  This is the amazing part; there are so many reported benefits about Green tea that I could write numerous posts– and probably will over time.  Important nutrients found in Green tea include antioxidants, both polyphenols such as flavonoids, and catechins.

Why do we care about antioxidants?  Because antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of certain molecules.  Oxidation, although a natural process can result in oxidative stress which may damage or kill cells.  Relevant research suggests that oxidative stress plays a significant role in many human diseases, including cancers.  Currently there are numerous studies being conducted about antioxidants and their role in disease prevention.

For a top-notch ice-tea brew, check out Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea–100 tea bags to get you through the season. 

At the time of this post, it is summer.  And in summer, there’s nothing better than iced tea to cool you down.  Iced tea is a simple beverage that can introduce healthful antioxidants into your system if you make it from scratch using a reputable organic product.  Because Green tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee, iced-Green rather than iced-coffee with keep you jitter-free to enjoy your day.

To make a pitcher of Green iced-tea:

  • Boil 1.5 litres of filtered water and let sit for two minutes
  • Pour over 4 tea bags (Green, organic)
  • Let sit for approximately 8 minutes
  • Extract the tea bags and discard
  • To sweeten, use 2 Tbs of organic honey and a drop of stevia

If you enjoy tea without sweetener, all the better; eliminate the honey.

Green Matcha - ORGANICIf you’re trying to lose weight, Green tea has been noted to be an excellent weight loss contributor for many people.  In fact, if you look at the ingredients on most weight loss supplement products, Green tea has a prominent place.

Studies have shown that green tea boosts the metabolic rate and increases fat burning in human controlled trials.  Of course, because Green tea has a modest amount of caffeine, it may assist in improving performance.  So, if you’re an athlete, or want to give your workout a little extra zip, introduce Matcha Green Tea Powder into your regime.

This organic Matcha boasts serious benefits and can be used in multiple ways.  Try it now for increased fat burning, superior antioxidant value and great taste.

Matcha Green Tea - ORGANIC

The Matcha Green Tea Powder – Organic can be used in smoothies, baking and lattes to name a few.  To create a smoothie, throw some organic berries, a banana, a handful of organic spinach and Matcha Green Tea Powder – Organic into a high powdered blender with ice and filtered water.

Voila!  You have a scrumptious and nutritious smoothie.  You may also want to add organic virgin coconut oil or flax oil for those healthy omegas that support brain functioning as well as other important functions in the body.  Additionally you may want to add a bit of plain yogurt or kefir to contribute to healthy gut flora.  Adding probiotics to smoothies using yogurt or kefir is benefical for digestive health.

No discussion about Green tea would be complete without mentioning the most traditional form.  That is Numi Green Teathe loose leaf variety.  Reviewers are pleased with Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green.  It is reported to have a subtle taste that appeals to many palates.  It is also a beautiful tea.  When the leaves are steeped in water, they gently unfurl to reveal their loveliness.  This bag is a full 16 ounces and will last you until you have created a Green-tea habit.

Buying in bulk is both economical and practical if you’re trying to build a healthful Green-tea routine.  It typically takes at least 21 days to build a habit, so ensuring you have an adequate amount of product–in this case a  bag of Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, will help you accomplish a healthful tea-drinking practice.

Perfect the art of daily green tea indulgence with Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green — Full Leaf, Lose Leaf today.

Green tea has been touted to be beneficial for brain health.  Of course, we’ve already discussed that it has some caffeine which we know helps the brain kick into gear.  However, preliminary research indicates it is more than just caffeine that contributes to brain wellness.  Early studies suggest that Green tea, if consumed on a regular basis may help to prevent neuro-degenrative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

It’s a good day to incorporate Green tea into your life, whether it be:

Choose one, or all three to benefit your health today!

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